Lens-Artist & Sunday Trees (Umbrella Red, Yellow, Blue)

I was thinking of the Sunday Trees Challenge while at the pool the other day.

I looked up and saw vibrant color.

The lens-artists challenge this week has the theme of “color” and so this post is connecting to both challenges.

A few of the trees were whispering that summer was winding down.

A bit of yellow could be seen amidst the leaves.

But it is still August – at least for a few more days.

We still have plenty of blue sky

and the sun’s warm rays….

All this color reminded me to enjoy my days –

To not let gloominess leave a lingering haze

To enjoy the calming, healing green

while embracing colors, when they can be seen

And yes, some days feel all black and white

and that is natural – quite all right

but the colorful times

can be quite sublime

especially on a Sunday

in the summertime….


Happy Sunday everyone….


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Miriam also did an end of summer take for the lens-artist challenge – and I think it inspired me









27 thoughts on “Lens-Artist & Sunday Trees (Umbrella Red, Yellow, Blue)

  1. Lovely colorful umbrellas! Yes, use them to cheer up us while they are useful for summer days before we put them away. Excellent post, as usual, Yvette!


    1. oh you are so sweet – and your post was sorta on my mind as i approached the challenge. I love mono and black and white themes – but sometimes color is so uplifting

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    1. and our conversation from your post continues – which also inspired this post – I should have linked that post – isn;t it fun how it all comes full circle –

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  2. (EN) Wow Y! Primary colours and a Mondrian-like logo! Artistic post 😊
    (IT) Wow Y! I colori primari e il logo alla Mondrian-like! Post artistico 😊

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    1. well i did think of you forthemo – even tho you post about a lot of artists – I have sorta connected you with Mondrian lately –
      thanks for the comment and hope you are having a nice day

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    1. Hi Gilly – the words were quickly written, but not meant to be a poem – although I did change one fo the words to fit better – but this is just a normal flow for me – if that makes sense.
      thanks for the comment


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