K to the Two: Interview with Kelvin M. Knight and Why He Writes

I was visiting Lillie-Put blog (here), who was joining in with Cee’s Fun Foto challenge (here) when a post from “K to the Two” (Kelvin Knight) came in.

It was a post that unfolded from our comment chatting about “Why Writers Write.”

K to the Two, a.k.a. Kelvin M. Knight (here), said he writes because “he cannot not write…”

Here is a snippet:

‘I write because I cannot not write.’

This rather unconvincing reply played on my mind, made me ponder: I know why I started writing, which part of the United Kingdom I was living in when the literary bug nipped me good and proper, and I can regurgitate my personal statement from my university application form to begin this MA journey, but why do I continue to write?

Over the years I have tried to stop writing, had a week off here and there, even a couple of weeks, but in the end, the beginning, and more often than I would prefer, the middle, catch up with me.

There is a compulsion, bordering on obsession, to spend all of my free time (and substantial chunks of my working life and family life time) jotting in my notebooks story ideas, plot lines, and interesting traits for characters. These notebooks multiply like frogspawn especially the ones I reserve for metaphors and similes (Raymond Chandler would be impressed; however, this transformative addiction could, if I am not very careful and observant, metamorphose me unto the keys on my keyboard (and I am shying away from a Kafka style keyboard, here). I even keep a notebook for those quirky snippets of conversation overheard in the street, on the train, the bus, in the shopping queue, at the school gate (although not so prevalent now but fertile ground at the time). These notes I regularly sift through, and when I can untangle my web of spider scrawl, I find stories breaking free then flying tandem with that fantastical amalgamation of conscious and subconscious mind: the imagination – of which I am both blessed and cursed.

Thanks K for the comment chatting and mini author interview 🙂


And I guess I will share why I write:


I write because writing helps me grow and stay grounded.

Writing helps me make the most of life.

Like when life brings us this:


and this:

writing lets us process, adapt, connect, and live with color:

I also write because it makes my insides do this:

ooo la la 

(thanks to my blog friend Diana for her gifs earlier today, which made me want to share these gifs)

Now back to K to the Two:

I invite you to check out his post here, to read about why he writes.  And be sure to check back later because he will soon (hopefully) have some flash-fiction tips to share. His tips might “not” suggest the title should involve an arduous decision (we shall see…) 

In closing,

K’s writing has an energy all its own.

Like here are words from his recent “Why I Write” post:


(is about)



working life 



breaking free





and then this line says so much: 

“unquenchable thirst to share this (writingmagic…”

Did you get that last line?

All about sharing his craft – to connect, edify, and be edified –

’nuff said about his post – go check it out. 











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    1. Thanks B.B.- and I eventually will have a post just for you- it is in the queue – maybe when K K does his Tips post I will get out a long overdue Bush Boy bantering kinda post! Ha


  1. I shall! 🙂 🙂 I just said to myself one last post because we have viewers coming and the house needs a good clean, but you persuaded me. Happy weekend, Yvette!

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  2. That is a great inspiring picture. It just reminds me of a picture that I had. In stead of a reflect of an airplane, it had a man was taking a dog out a McDonald’s.

    I really the reason to write because of you can’t write. I think that is a very good reason.

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