Standing There in the Shower (200-Word Fiction)

Hello Readers,

The Sunday Photo Fiction prompt (here) featured this shower picture today (photo credit: Fandango). The dent in the soap had me thinking. The dent, but also the bar of soap looked like an expensive all-natural blend. Then I heard that there are these Kohler shower heads that cost around 1,500 dollars (yikes).

Lastly, I have been thinking about perspective lately, the ol’ “it’s all how you look at it” kind of thinking.

  And the following fiction piece unfolded:



Standing There in the Shower (word count: 200 words)

Using twenty-dollar soap and a thousand-dollar, air-injected showerhead, I had a knot in my stomach.

“Never forget the trials that shaped you – changed you,” ran through my mind.

I was back on 5th avenue

Back in the saddle, so to speak.

But with a new outlook

Perspective with mystique.

  Humility does this 

              eating Humble pie

                            washes away pride

Hard times can sculpt new hues

                 If properly worked through


humans can easily forget

 the sting

             easily adjust to new normal

Former trials become distant memories


Please let that


               be me.

Let me stay respectful of hard times  -that left and will likely come again.

May I remember life is not power and stuff

Life is found in work, friends, and love

Please, God, don’t let me indulge my ego or forget past pain

Keep my demandingness going down the drain

You raised me up from the ashes

from depths of despair

   brought me here

               revived my soul, new road

No longer only in self-satisfying mode

          Still have “proper” self-care

                   but more others’ minded

                           living to give

                              and receive

Not consuming and merely collecting

I will       NOT        be          forgetting…

           was cleansed and shaped from hard seasons

 everything happens



different reasons












30 thoughts on “Standing There in the Shower (200-Word Fiction)

    1. Kelley – dear author extraordinaire – I am quite honored by your comment as I am a big fan of your writing – so thx – and I must share that some pics take a while to warm up or I never find a sturdy – but (surprisingly) this weird shower snippet whispered right away
      Have a good night

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  1. Life is found in work, friends, and love

    Great line that rings true. Has been on my mind all weekend. Funny when I stumble upon someone else saying what I’ve been thinking. I like the photo and where your mind/heart went with it.

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    1. Oh AB – I love when that happens – where we stumble on it and it is aligned! One time when it occurred I thought they were copying a post of mine – but then I realized I did not post it (just a draft) and so it was all their own! All coincidence (or appointment etc) but I have learned a lot about how sometimes folks ju Let have the same ideas and no one copied – just happened ((and dare I say great minds think a like)

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      1. I’ve had the same thing happen, where I’m in the process of writing something then *bingo* there it is elsewhere. That’s one of the things that I love about the blogging community– a sense of kindred spirits and belonging.

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  2. For that price, the shower head should wash you and your hair, dry you, put on makeup if needed, and provide Uber service to wherever you need to go next!! Oh, yes, and breakfast as well. 🙂

    I’m always thankful that God knows exactly what I need, because I certainly don’t, even though I often try to tell Him that I do. 🙂 Well done.


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    1. Thanks Janet – and laughing at the extras that you say should come with the shower head !
      You forgot a quick shoulder massage!


    2. Yes – let’s not Rush – but this shower is getting rather long with all that deep thinking going on- might need to get a cup of tea and go back!


      1. 🙂 A cuppa is always a great idea. Today I had a quick stop at the dentist (nothing bad), then had to return something to REI, which is quite a distance from us. Realized I was probably halfway to my favorite tea shop, so I just went on from there and spent several relaxing hours sipping. 🙂

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    1. Thanks – really appreciate that – if I were to write it over I would maybe tie in some imagery with the water running down the drain or connect back to the shower at the end – but the piece “went where it went” when I wrote it…
      Hope u have a nice day

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  3. I do not think, in all sincerity, that my porcelain tub, faucet, sprayer, and tiled-across-the-walls-and-ceiling bath area cost $1500 altogether. Probably pretty close, but I still think nah. I would say we are a humble clan, and we’re a clean lot, lol!
    I really like the bit about life found in. Life is where you make it. ❤


    1. thanks for this comment, Joey – I found it in “trash” and not even in spam – how could that be?
      anyhow, 1500 is a lot and not sure what kind of little spray heads could warrant that price – but “snob appeal” does sell at times.

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      1. Mmhm. I mean, maybe it’s a shower like no other. My friend has the rainshower head, I’m sure it wasn’t cheap. My husband LOVES it, but I’m like, “Eh, it’s a shower.” He says he likes the shower is getting so much of his body at once. I’m like, “Eh, that happens to me in regular showers.” EXCEPT AT THE Y, I dunno who those are made for!


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