Saturday Street Shots

Hello everyone – time to share some Street Photography. Sarah (at art expedition) is celebrating her blog anniversary (3 years) this week – go here for more info. It is a seven-day challenge, done in black and white –

which I am unable to do both this week (added one black and white).

So my goal here (hoping it is okay) is to join her with a “Saturday feast of photos” to at least connect with her third day of the week-long street photography challenge. 

Please join me today for an eatery theme:

This DC restaurant felt European to me. The sun was beaming down and washed it out a bit – but i like something about this shot – ?


Now the rest of the photos are from the Richmond, VA area. I call this shot “GENERATIONS” – see all the different ages of people? And note that an old man (right) and old lady (left) help frame the shot.
Is this a “doll” face? Porcelain skin….


I have to pause this post to eat – be back soon. (kidding)


Cool waiter dude… (notice the Virginia beer brochure in his pocket? – Virginia pride, baby)
This is my Black and White image to join in with Sarah’s Day 3


Last week I shared a photo of a bartender with a frown (here) and below:

but she did smile – and this photo here shows it:

Shopping bags and then a quick Sit in the shade…



Two Street musicians (upper right)belted out songs from Train (yes, we gave them our eatery leftovers and they were grateful – and we were grateful for the acoustic background music)
The man in the truck has his drink on the run – as he delivers Maryland Cookies to our area. I like the summer blooms surrounding his truck and the little details here (shadows, lines, sky, etc.) feel layered. Even the bit of two chairs add something – hm….


Thanks for viewing

These photos all from July and I already have some NEW streets shots from August and hope to share them later – and I will follow the rules better and have some black and white ready to go. 


Oh and here is one of the Train songs that the street musicians played:









26 thoughts on “Saturday Street Shots

    1. Thanks Linda and that bread she was carrying was good but I regret eating it – might be the last time I have white flour bread –
      Just done ✅

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  1. Nice shots! I love the first photo for it reminds me of those sidewalk cafes in Paris.

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    1. That is what I thought too!! And I get that is what they were going for because that is sneaky constructed eatery (across from a big ol new Wegmans store) and it is all about “experience” these days

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  2. From one Viriginian to another! ( my place name is similar to the American state.)
    People shots are always so entrancing. It is like telling a story! Thanks for sharing, Yvette.

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  3. The D.C. eatery really does carry a European feel, Y. Oh, wait, I’ve never been to Europe. But that sure is how I imagine it!
    I really like the photo with the two-plate carrying server smack in the middle. It is quite cheery to me.
    Have a great Sunday!

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  4. Wonderful shots, Y! There’s a definite European feel in the first one, I think it’s the arches, they’re very Italian looking. And I like the generations shot! And that’s definitely a doll face with perfect porcelain skin.😊 The waiter dude pic is really cool, I like the dynamics in this shot! Happy photographing! 😄


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