Sum of Many Parts (Micro Fiction)

Happy Friday Readers –

Had some fun musing over this week’s Friday Fiction Photo:

Warning – I am going for an abrupt twist here – so when my piece switches gears – It was my attempt to show how this is sometimes a part of life

Here is my fiction to go with this image (photo credit Sandra Crook):

Sum of Many Parts (word count: 100)


Sum of many parts

Human body needs minerals, enzymes, and flora

Cars need oil, plugs, and gas

The earth needs bees, bugs, and fungi


In rainy seasons, this holed wall allows water to freely flow

In the off season – birds nest and insects come and go

I once saw a man singing here

Said the clay pots carried his yodel with harmonious echoes

And for me?

This wall is where I hide my gun

I am all about fun

But come after me?

And You’re gunna gonna run….


Sum of many parts

Boundaries in place



and grace!



Author Note:

This was inspired because a few more friends of ours are now concealed carriers.

This post was also inspired by this sign:

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41 thoughts on “Sum of Many Parts (Micro Fiction)

  1. Well, you’ve written a piece that nicely describes the links, hidden and obvious, between natural things, machines, and acts of joy. Why spoil it with a gun, which is neither necessary nor joyful?

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    1. Thanks for your feedback Penny
      I was exactly going for a fiesty and abrupt twist – and whew – did NOT mean to pick the gun topic necessarily because is is close to being as bad as religion and politics for stirring up emotions –

      And just musing here but I wanted to go from beauty to ugly cos sometimes this is what happens in life – and a recent local event occurred where a man came
      All the way from New Zealand to Goochland county and tried breaking into a house (he was online chatting with a 14 year-old) and the mom shot him and he went to hospital and in his bag was duct tape and misc
      – anyhow – I know this topic is controversial –
      Thx again for the comment


  2. The twist is the author’s note to me that the story was inspired by concealed carriers. The sign is funny and it just goes well with the story and the inspiration of it.

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    1. Thanks YC and I can see that is a twist too! I also later realized that when people carry it is a decition that was made from the “sum of many parts” –

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    1. Susan 0 honored to read that – thanks so much and it is fiction – and I was going for a big twist – new for me – so thx again


  3. Feels very real, the contrast between a love of the natural world and caring, and then using it as a place to hide such a destructive force. Well done.

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    1. Thanks – and I was kinda going for a bit of humor –
      Either way – I had a lot of fun with this prompt – maybe my Congo one last week was too serious –
      Hope u Have a nice week


  4. Really like the voice of your narrator. Their blase attitude is a contrast to their initial deep thoughts.

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    1. Hi – many thanks!!
      at first I thought “this is not staccato”
      but looked it up again and well – maybe it is

      Staccato sentences can be used for a variety of effects in writing; they are, by nature, short and often emphatic. … Staccato sentences are concise and focus the reader or listener on content because there are no unnecessary words to obscure meaning


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