17 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday – Virginia Beach , VA

    1. HI Tony – it is not the upscale beach 9whatever that means) but it is “our” local beach and so we try to enjoy parts of it – it is kind of touristy too so there are times when you are not in the mood for that vibe


  1. One day I need to visit Virginia Beach. My grandparents lived in both Newport News and Hampton in my growing up years. We spent several weeks with them each summer…without air conditioning. It’s just as humid as where I live in NJ. I miss the James River, Williamsburg and Jamestown. I went fishing for the first time off Red’s Pier near the James River bridge on the Newport News side. It’s been years since I’ve been down that way.

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    1. Wow – you have such a connection to this area. My mother’s family is originally from Newport news as well.
      And you are right about the hot and humid here – soooooooo glad to now have air conditioning.

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