Warren Buffett-Jimmy Buffett QUOTES and RICH LIFE talk (RIP Anthony Bourdain)

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Today is Day 2 of a 3-Day Challenge. (Day 1 is here)

Two quotes for day 2 – from two different Buffetts:



“Sail the main course in a simple sturdy craft.  

Keep her well stocked with short stories and good laughs. 

Go fast enough to get there but slow enough to see.”

Jimmy Buffett


“I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think.”

Warren Buffett



My photos today are more from the salvage yard.

These “scrapped treasures” were only out front of the salvage yard for a short while. I am glad I stopped to take a photo because the images (more here in the Thursday Doors post) remind me of the fleeting nature of possessions.

((Looking for a good book – check out John Ortberg’s When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box.))

Thoughts on Material Items

Material items will come and go and so let’s keep this in mind as we do what we do (whether that be rat-race striving or alternative path stuff) –

keep in mind back accounts, possessions and “stuff” is all fleeting and only intrinsic things can truly satisfy a human being. 

Further, because of a thing called “relative deprivation” – when you amass certain material items – your goals tend to escalate and may always seem to need a little more – a little more. 

And sure, we need stuff to live life and I am not saying to live the life with nothing or the extreme minimalist. 

But I am saying to watch your goals – watch what you put all of your energy and effort into – 

and do not forget that humans need connection, laughter, time together, good stories, tasty food, change, hobbies, time with nature, make that time touching and seeing nature, acts of service (doing and receiving), giving back, etc. 

It is not about stuff and should not be – and so let’s all stay mindful of this as we live our life. 

Connecting to the Quotes

Jimmy Buffet’s Quote 

In summer of 1992, I worked at a nice beachside place in  Cocoa Beach, Fla. The weekend bands played Jimmy Buffett songs (ie. Cheeseburger In Paradise, Margaritaville) and my husband said that some of Kenny Chesney’s songs (Flora-Bama, Key Lime Pie, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, etc.) remind him of Jimmy Buffett’s beach-party themes. 

Jimmy Buffett, the singer, always felt like “all things beach” and I kind of thought of his songs with party vibes and shallow thoughts (sorry…. but just how I felt).

However, his quote above shows depth!

“Sail the main course in a simple sturdy craft (do not need to over do the “boat” folks – simple is A-Okay – however, we do need quality and sturdy – for safety reasons)

“Keep her well stocked with short stories and good laughs” (um, yup!  It is not material items and lots of alcohol – it is ((as Jimmy says)) “shared stories and good laughs” – amen to that.

“Go fast enough to get there but slow enough to see.” (ahhh – slow down and make good use of time, but,  Why rush? – Why the hurry? Ask if you are moving at a pace where we no longer “see” or bask or pause to be? For some folks, this empty shallow life has lots of stuff (esteem, money, etc.) but they are missing out on what really satisfies (and likely have body imbalances from poor diet) and then they wonder why they are depressed or feel empty and dissatisfied. 


Warren Buffet’s Quote

Once, years ago, a student wrote about how Warren Buffet was his hero – their idol – I yawned and was like, “Whatever.” It felt like another young man lusting for massive wealth and using incorrect benchmarks to shape their very individual life goals. (Different options for every person and so we have to watch what we strive for in regards to all of our unique life circumstances.) 

I did not know much about Warren Buffett at that time, and I guess he is a very laid back and wise billionaire who started buying stocks at 11 years of age.  “Good for him,” I thought – and the, “Whatever.”

However, years later I found that this Buffett, the Warren one, has some very rich messages about a satisfied life (contentment). His messages are about being human (just Like Bill Gates and the Humanities investments he makes). Warren Buffett noted how especially in the world of “business” – the folks forget to spend down time with periods of just thinking and being.

I also saw “fruits” of Warren Buffett’s business essence – it was a nice feeling. You see, we know people by their fruits, and the essence I felt of his business did not feel all angst-ridden and bottom line profit kinda thing. It did not feel like over-striving to mass accumulate.  There was a healthy vibe of doing good business with win-win-win alignment for the company, workers, and customers. Just the way a good business should be. 

I still know very little about Warren Buffett, but I do like the suggestion he made about making sure human beings have “a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think.”

I think we define “a lot” in different ways – and I am not sure every day would work (or even be needed) for the majority – (( not sure every single day is needed for deep thinking – do you agree?)) – but we do need to get in the habit of slowing down and having introspective times. We need to learn how to spend hours just sitting and thinking and reading and pondering. It is good for the soul. 

Tapping into cognitive processes that need to be tapped into for grow. 

Tapping into simple, quiet pondering activities that fuel humanness and make life come alive. 



A rich life is NOT found in building an accessory empire (RIP Kate Spade), although that is a wonderful accomplishment and Spade’s trademark items enriched lives. 

A rich life is NOT found in having a successful food show that involves lots of alcohol consumption and exotic travel (RIP Anthony Bourdain), although that is great achievement and Bourdain’s show was cool. 


A rich life IS found in being able to enjoy intrinsic things (and I know my faith in God has been the source of hope, richness, and much joy – and folks – that is priceless). 


Let’s see how a rich life is connected to these two Buffett quotes.

Jimmy Buffett and Warren Buffett remind us to have:

  • a simple, sturdy craft 
  • short stories, good laughs
  • fast enough pace yet live slow enough to see
  • lots of time  to sit and think

And yellow cable added:

 good and healthy debates of all topics are great flavor in life too.





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  1. Sounds like he was a very wise man. I have come to learn as well that it is not possessions that make a person happy, the the people and love that person is surrounded by.
    Thanks for passing on the challenge to me Yvette. I will work on it for sure once school is out and I have time to reflect on whom I shall quote 🙂

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  2. I really like going fast enough to get there but slowly enough to see and I love (and need) time to sit and think, time to think that doesn’t include being on a device! But faith is the bedrock beneath all I do and am. Put those three together and life is good. 🙂


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    1. Yes yes yes – I am going to add that in, dear YC –
      oh the spice and rich flavor of life that comes from
      a good and healthy debates of all topics are great flavor in life too


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    1. Hi Dan, and the amount of time really does vary per person – eh? and maybe life stage?

      too much time for that deep pondering could also make some of us go batty

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  3. Such an excellent post. I’ve learned to let go and be satisfied with what I have. That doesn’t mean I stop striving to improve my life. The only thing we take with us from this life is the love and relationships we’ve made. So why spend all that time and energy trying to accumulate worldly excess. Nobody gets to take a U-haul with them! 😇😉

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      1. (EN) Welcome Y.Have a smiling day😊
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  5. OK, so I did get a notification, and I read the post, liked the post and apparently commented on the post. Apologies to WordPress.

    As for an explanation, I’m taking the fifth 😉

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    1. well thanks so much and it might be because I staggered the posts (most do them 3 in a row and mine was not) and just FYI – I would have specifically invited you but I was not sure of your blog patterns – I think you have a set flow and regular schedule – am I right?

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