B-Right by Jarrow (#AtoZ 4-2-2018)


Letter B

B is for B-Vitamins

Let’s start off with noting this is NOT a sponsored post. 

Today I wanted to mention one of my very favorite supplements – a b-complex by Jarrow:

B-Right® by Jarrow (here) is a carefully-balanced, low-odor vitamin B-Complex formula that is biologically active.

People do not store up B-Vitamins and during stressful times we use up even more. Most food is lacking the B’s and a lot of folks have absorption issues.

So, in my humble opinion, I think folks should consider trying this product. A bottle of 100 lasts a long time. 

Oh and I do not want to sound like a broken record, but please remember that any tips or suggestions here are just for educational purposes. This is not medical advice.

And if you are rocking the health area – keep doing what you are doing. But if you are scanning for ideas on what might improve your health – well keep reading. 

I have tried MANY B-Complexes and this is the absolute best one – at least for my body. I have shared some with folks and they like it too.  

I usually take one a day – sometimes a second one on extra busy days. I was once on a road trip and had a few hours to go. I was tired but was so close and really wanted to get home.  I did NOT want coffee…. (make that – i did not want any more coffee – had enough… but other times – “let there be coffee” 🙂 yes, please… 

let there be coffee

Anyhow, did not want coffee and so each hour I took one B-Right capsule – chomped some macadamia nuts and some water – and I had steady energy. 

Steady energy and alertness – with no crash when I safely arrived home.

(not sponsored, I just like this item)
Please note that I am not necessarily saying to use these B-Right caps for “energy boosts” -This is not like the expensive nasty energy shots that use a few select B-vitamins, caffeine and sugar.
Instead, this is about cellular support and body functions.  Remember – you are NOT what you eat… “you are what you absorb from what you eat” and sometimes we need supplemental help.  I know I sure did….  And B Vitamins are water-soluble, and so any extra that you take that are not needed will be eliminated via urine.
Okay – there are other good b-complexes out there.
COSTCO has an excellent one as well.
Experiment – but just watch the chemicals and fillers that are added – they are no bueno. Oh and I really like the sublingual B-complex – so do try some brands and LISTEN to your body.
Also, Jarrow’s B-Right has the “Methyl” B-12, which is the best (Methylcobalamin is better absorbed, retained and utilized…). You can also get your b-12 from beef. Beef can add vitamin B-12 into your diet. The body stores small amounts of B-12 in the liver and we need that B-12 to form new red blood cells, nurture brain function, etc. Some supplements include some liver powder to help fortify the blood.

B-3 (Niacin)

I do not want these A to Z posts to “be” too long and so I will only mention this briefly. But did you know that Niacin, or B-3, was used by Dr. Hoffer in the 1950s to help people heal? I first heard about Niacin flushing when a guy named Joe used it for helping rid mercury from his body. I have been using Niacin on and off for years and will maybe share more about that later.  But do not use the time released or flush free – it is not the same.  Go here to read more and here to read the book review.  Dr. Mercola writes:  “Dr. Andrew Saul’s new book, Niacin: The Real Story is co-written with Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D., who published over 600 reports and articles as well as 30 books. Dr. Hoffer’s early work led to the use of niacin for schizophrenia and as an cholesterol treatment and successfully treated many thousands of patients with high doses of niacin. The authors present some very compelling evidence to support treating most psychotic disorders as a Vitamin B3 deficiency. Considering it is very inexpensive and has virtually no dangerous side effects, niacin would certainly be worth a consideration for anyone who has a family member with this mental health challenge. I highly recommend picking up this book and learning more about its use.”

Dr. Saul reminds folks to use Niacin with a low-dose B-complex (like a b-25) and my suggestion is to first get your health restored — and maybe work up to doing some flushing. Take breaks and also (if you have heavy metals to flush) consider using EDTA (I like Source Naturals or Arizona Naturals).  

Oh and did you know that people use Niacin flushes to pass drug tests?





Someone sent me a link to a site that had some side effects from “a” b-vitamin. And my reply to that could be longer, but short reply:

  1. B vitamins are to be taken as team – they synergistcally work together – so be very careful before you take individual B vitamins. (Maybe b-12 would be an exception – or adding extra B’s for hair, skin, and nails –  but many good companies combine items because it is always about absorption and synergistic utilization!)
  2. Be very careful before you read about study findings. Too often we let the mere mention of a finding sink in like truth. For example, last year there was a finding going on about how coconut oil was bad for you – but the science was sketchy and they used refined coconut oil and that changes things.  Further, the sample used had many limits and the findings did not generalize to everyone nor to those using organic unrefined oil. But it was circulating by a government agency – the same one that says a low-fat diet is good (when a low-fat diet is dangerous and it really robs of nutrients)- but we need to stay away from industrial oils – like canola and vegetable –  and the same agency that argues we need more grains (no, the human gut does not do well with all those grains).
  3. I believe that, Yes – we do need to consider working with our doctors – in tandem – like my mother does when her nephrologist “okays” a supplement. But she trusts his judgment (he is open to being teachable and he knows everyone’s body is different and he also has seen the powerful healing help of supplements).  Also, she needs to work in tandem with him because of her past health history.  However, my serious issues with this whole “dumbing down and brain-washing” of “ask your doctor”  “ask your doctor” is that they usually are trained to only manage symptoms. So please please please start to think for yourself and do a little research.  My best advice came from those who healed and shared what they did. I then went with my gut and tweaked things for my needs and waited – prayed – assessed – tried other stuff. The problem with the whole over dependence on doctors is that it leads us too be disappointed when they “don’t know” – or make mistakes – or prescribe drugs and then we are still not where we think we should be. A young actress from the sitcom Modern Family was just bitching on Twitter about how her doctor is letting her down.  I am not sure if it is the same actress that complained-tweeted about CVS at the holidays – but what I saw from this actress was lack of empowerment and blaming the doctor for letting her down. We have to fight and advocate for our own health and we need to learn to be empowered. If not – it is only a matter of time until you will have bunch of prescription meds – which would be not too bad if they worked – but they do NOT usually get to root causes. It is not the way allopathic care works.


Okay, so let’s wrap up the letter B post with this reminder to be bold, be true, be kind, and be you…












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  1. I’m afraid I rather neglect my body, and never take any supplements, vitamins, etc. But I understand than some can be helpful. Your post was interesting and helpful!

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    1. Thx and I should have noted there are some other excellent b-complex out there – many good brands – but some bad ones too and some have horrible chemicals like propolyne glycol – or they make folks shake – or have odor (which is not always bad)
      And almost all give Bright yellow – it is jus the excretion of Riboflavin, also known as B2 –

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  2. I would add it back in for everyday support – it also allows the parasympathetic nervous system pathways to rest and digest betters – 😉


    1. Well not the norm and that just means your healthy so if all
      Is well – let it be – let it be…
      I think one of the things I had working against me was strong antibiotics at the age of two.
      I had scarlet fever – it messed up my flora in the gut —
      Anyhow – keep doing what u are doing – but you ur friend Rosie might need some vitamin D3 in the winter

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