Memory Lane (Friday Fictioneers)

Memory Lane (fiction word count: 100)


Slow down…

That dock is where I learned the clove-hitch knot.


The instructor sucked at teaching; I thought I didn’t have the dexterity for knots.


        Funny how some of the experts in a field cannot teach very well.


All he had to do was tell me to cross the loops into a pretzel-like shape…

Hard to believe it was more than 30 years ago –

like seeing a ghost.


        Wanna dock for a while?



But can we stay a few more minutes?

I have that inner swell of a gut feeling that comes from memory lane.


        Like a stomach knot?

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65 thoughts on “Memory Lane (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. ‘I have that inner swell of a gut feeling that comes from memory lane.’ loved this line.
    Isn’t it amazing how a function of the brain can still trigger a physical reaction after decades?! Wonderful story that makes me want to be more grateful for this life as human beings and the precious gift of memory.

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    1. well said, Moon.
      and the sentence you quoted – well I almost edited it twice.
      First, I was going to take out swell or gut feleing and have one or the other ?
      and then I was not sure if it should have been
      “on” memory lane or “from” memory lane.
      anyhow, you noting that sentence was extra nice

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      1. On another reading and escpecially of those last two words , I feel like you may have actually meant it was a part of the memory in the memory lane that the narrator would have actually deleted if it were possible. 🙂
        Is that correct?

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    1. hi isadora – well this was fiction – but I do know some knots and have had some shoddy teachers – so that part was connecting –
      and how fun that you taught a group hw to make knots – nice to know they still learn these

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    1. thanks so much lain – and if it were a longer piece I might have had other knots come in – like Knots referring to nautical miles per hour- but for 100 words – I think it was close to cheesy to even have the two refs –
      but thanks for the nice feedback

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    1. that is exactly a point I was trying to layer in – totally different set of skills –
      and I see it a lot with artists (musicians, painters, etc.) -if they want to teach – they need to not show their portfolio – but need to show you a lesson plan – ha
      and thanks for the feedback

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  2. I just did a pretzel knot (should have a technical term that boy scouts use) at the women’s retreat when we used the beads to make a bracelet to remember what we learned. Yes, if we use the language that the students understand, it would be easier to make the association.

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  3. Love the image of a pretzel helping with knot tying. And clever use of words – stomach knots. A lovely nostalgic tale.

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  4. I hadn’t heard of clove hitch knot so I looked up stomach knot as well 😉 😀 Hahaha. I could actually see you grinning at having successfully pulling my leg – cheers

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  5. You mirrored the leisurely pace of a holiday on the water with your writing. No hurry, no wasted effort, just easy understanding and conversation. Nice work, Yvette!

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    1. well you said it even bette r- sometimes the not so expert rock the lesson plans – 🙂
      have a nice day (and I like the name you chose- jelli is so fun)

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    1. oh the puns are flowing in and it is super fun!
      thanks for your have knots….
      and hope you have a great rest of your day


    1. thanks M… and that line you copied and pasted – it helped me see more layered – like aren’t certain memory lane trips a little haunting – especially if it has been decades?

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    1. haha – that was a pun, I mean, fun to read comment.
      and I guess memory lan can have a haunting feel at times – especially if it has been a while – and in this case – 30 years

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