Happy Birthday Shanna (and RIP Delores O’Riordan from The Cranberries)

This post is in remembrance of Shanna Michelle Frazee because January 24th is (was) her birthday.

Shanna was a young lady that I met in Colorado in 1995.

I met her a few months before she passed away at the tender age of 15. My post about Shanna from last year is HERE (she died after being in a tragic car accident with someone who was driving drunk).



For those that remember the post, you might recall that Shanna and I both liked the Linger song (here) by The Cranberries. It was popular that summer and sadly, a couple of weeks ago, the lead singer of The Cranberries, Delores O’Riordan, passed away. The cause of O’Riordan’s death is currently “unexplained” but I heard she had had back surgery earlier this month (?) and it might be connected to that and drugs.

And a few awesome Delores O’Riordan tribute posts to check out :

Rebel Girl made a really nice RIP/tribute post for O’Riordan (here)

Sorryless Blog wrote this: “Her linger will not go softly into that dark night. It will roar and feast on the void it has left, leaving us with all of the strength and purpose within” (here).


Saturday Night Live (here) shared this video of The Cranberries singing Zombie on the show in 1995.

The Voice (here) made a tribute video with a memorial to Dolores O’Riordan, which shows 5 of the best Zombie performances in The Voice and The Voice Kids

Cranberries on BBC in April 2017 here

In closing, I am sharing Linger – in memory of Shanna and in memory of O’Riordan, the sweet singer from Ireland:

I actually have a little more to write about O’Riordan and one of her other songs, but this is not the time. Later, I want to reflect on the “Ode to My Family” song (here).

well that is all I have for today.

Special hello to Shanna’s mother, Vicki, and Shanna’s brother, Jared.

Last year’s poem (modified for 2018):

January was cold

then I saw love in the snow

Remembering Shanna

made my heart glow


warm memories of you

STILL flow

you will not be forgotten 

this we know


Happy Birthday Shanna Michelle Frazee


Ok – one more jam – this is the song I have liked most this month…. and maybe later I can share a bit of controversy that has surfaced with this song….







22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Shanna (and RIP Delores O’Riordan from The Cranberries)

  1. I am crying my eyes out right now. I am crying for Shanna, and for all the angels just like her. The angels we do not deserve to lose.

    I want to hug you right now. But in lieu of that, I will just say thank you. And I love you. Because it doesn’t matter that I don’t even know you. All that matters is that we have this ability to understand what matters.

    Peace, and love, and angels

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    1. well somehow between your comment and my posting – I stumbled on your post about Dolores – and linked it before you dropped by – that feels serendipitous!
      and your pst was so good….
      – also thanks for your comment – I will take that virtual hug and run with it…
      and those very potent words:

      we have this ability to understand what matters.

      cheers to that and ow I am off to enjoy another new Cranberries song – I only knew the popular ones – and there are many more gems to be enjoyed

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      1. I read your tribute. I am duly beside myself right now. Angels speak of such things, I imagine. I consider myself blessed to be inside those wings right about now, tell you what.

        Peace and hugs and love

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        1. well if you need a small reprieve (but still feel it all as needed) but here is a jam that helps me lift my mood a little – (cos there is that fine line with grief – where it can get a tad too heavy – and this Judah and the Lion take it all back song was my top jam of the year for 2017….)

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  2. It is such a tragedy to lose someone so young and so full of promise and hope. I can understand why you still feel Shanna’s loss. Linger is a particularly lovely song to share here and especially poignant. I saw The Cranberries live only once, when they supported REM at The Milton Keynes Bowl back when T and I lived in England. I can still actually feel the thrill of Dolores’s amazing voice.

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    1. Hi Su – and yes – my heart goes out to her mom, dad and siblings who lost a family member – and yet I am so glad to have met Shanna.
      and I shared the linger song without thinking of the word “linger” and how well that all ties in – ha – cos it fits so well – but that was just the song we both liked a lot – we liked the line “you know….I’m such a fool for you….”: – it is a cool line….

      and speaking of linger – I can see how the thrill of the live concert still “lingers” – sorry – had to write that
      and there are some artists that seeing live must be extra special – and add in REM – sounds like a cool event.

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      1. Yes; her family carries a pain that will never completely go away, and probably worsen at times to come, when they imagine Shanna graduating from university and then marrying.
        It was an amazing concert. We were actually talking about it the other day. We’d forgotten that Sleeper and Radiohead also played. I guess they weren’t all that famous then.

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        1. yes and we are trying to put together a little book about shanna – but must tread slowly because it is delicate
          oh that was quite the concert.
          and my hubs has a friend who saw Tom Petty at his last concert – said they went last minute and now it is extra special.
          and speaking of radio head – “just” read that
          for the Oscars 2018, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood is nominated for Best Original Score – rock on…
          and I love when we catch musicians early- or sometimes “late”
          like I saw Triumph when they were sold at at this huge aud – and then saw them years later when their fame waned- at a bard with like 200 folks –
          same with Boston’s lead singer – saw him sing at a club in Florida (with his RTZ band ) but they still felt so “famous” to me….

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        2. I totally get that. We saw quite a few comedians at the beginning of their careers when we were in the UK. There was a little arts centre theatre in our town that was obviously on the circuit for newcomers just learning their craft.
          I love little gigs these days. The noise and bustle of bigger ones totally phases me.

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  3. I loved Delores’ voice and so like pretty much everyone have been listening again to her music this past week. I’m also sorry for your more personal loss, I remember your post from last year too.


  4. The judge who ruled my custody case caused me so much grief. When he got a DUI, no judge in Orange County took his case, he had to go to LA to be on trial. When I was in the courtroom waiting for the schedule of my case, I saw him falling asleep in the case prior to mine.
    A friend of mine got killed by a drunk driver who didn’t get arrested when stopped by a police earlier that night. She kept going and killed my friend on the spot.
    Drinking and driving……..
    I can go on and on…
    Thank you for the post.

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  5. Are you kidding me right now? 😱😩!! I didn’t know the leader from that band died! Ohhh that was my fav song from the Cranberries! “Linger” I’m so sadden by this news of both women! May they both rest in peace and may God grant their families comfort and strength in Jesus Name! Thanks for sharing. You be strong and God loves you! Much love from Tammy! Xx

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    1. Thanks for your nice comment Tammy- really – and I grace and peace to you too –
      also – I think the next few posts I do will have to be cheerier ones – nothing to do with passing away – lol
      hope you have a nice rest of the week and ttys

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      1. You’re welcome much! No problem at all! Lol, no more passing away posts, although most post have to get old and past away lol ok, I’m going now, lol byes! Thanks much! Lol xxoo!! 🙏💛

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