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It is week three for Color Your World (Here). The colors this week are asparagus, aquamarine, gold, chestnut, plum, manatee, and silver. Make that – the colors this week are Crayola’s versions of those named colors.

I decided to connect the Crayola colors with images of some fiber art pieces from Richmond, Virginia.

I see some touches of asparagus, aquamarine, chestnut, and manatee.
I see asparagus, manatee, and silver
I see gold
I see chestnut, plum, and gold
I see many colors in this colorful fiber-wrapped tree (from the net), which is linked to Becca’s Sunday Trees (here)


Sunday Post Part 2:

Travel with Intent’s One Word Sunday is VIEWS (here) and to join in, I have a view of some white sand from Destin, Florida:

Trees can be turned into posts…

Sunday Post Part 3:

And if you are in the mood to read a short piece of fiction, here is an entry for Sunday Photo Fiction (here):

The Cabinet (Fiction word count: 200)

The alarm rang as Maryann tried to exit.

Two undercover police officers escorted her to the back.

She was told she was in trouble for taking photos.

Maryann insisted that she did NOT take photos inside the museum. She merely texted her mother, twice, and then checked the time – that was it.

“Ma’am, we have you on surveillance.”

“I think you are mistaken,” she confidently replied.

Grabbing her smartphone, she scrolled the day’s photographs: bacon from breakfast, selfies in the park, bus selfies, subway selfies…

Then, there it was – a photo from inside the museum.



Maryann curiously pulled the phone closer, “What the…?”

She shook her head in disbelief.

There, on her smartphone, was a photo of an old cabinet. Well, the lower part of the cabinet – hand-carved trim and pewter figures.

Maryann sat back speechless.

“Ma’am, may we look at rest of photos?”

“Yes, of course,” she answered.

The officer scrolled the photos, looked at Maryann, and then spoke in Chinese to his colleague. Many sentences were spewed until he finally stopped, opened the door, and said, “You may go. Have nice day.”

Maryann grabbed her phone as the officer commented, “You take LOT of selfies.”

Maryann left in haste.





44 thoughts on “Art & Micro Fiction Fiction

  1. Haha I like the names of those colours, really creative names..oh and your short story is lovely! Esp the photo in it, a bit like inception with the photo within a photo 😄

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    1. Hey Sha – thanks for the nice comment…
      that inception analogy was fun – and would you believe I have not yet seen the entire movie – I have seen bits and pieces many times – but still need to sit and watch from start to end.

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      1. Hahaha, inception was a movie that made me think and wonder throughout the whole movie..I was still confused when it ended but I thought that photo was a pretty cool idea to include..haha 🙂

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        1. my step-daughter said she her hubs went and saw the movie a second time immediately after the first viewing – just to try and make sense….
          and I have had things explained to me but think I missed the charm – hm


    1. Ken – your comment nailed it – and maybe I should have titled the piece “Millennial Maryann”
      I was not even thinking of cohort, but it was that generation exactly

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  2. Pretty art pieces. I have seen the knitting covering lamp posts. They do it during winter season or around Christmas time, I think. I think it is a cool idea. They bring more colorful to the area. I think wrapping around tree trunks is more challenging (and more time consuming) for sure.

    That is a good story. I can feel the fear as I read the story. It is interesting it took place in China or Chinese speaking country. That even makes one feel more scary. I am wondering why she was not aware she has taken a picture but at least then ending is happy.

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    1. Hi YC – I agree with you around the time consuming effort wrapping those tree trunks can be – and what color it brings to the community – although I am sure some tree purists would say “leave the bark to naturally emit beauty – 🙂
      and regarding the story – I was trying to indicate that she did not know an accidental picture had been snapped – with a little swipe as maybe she put away her phone – and they believed her because looking at her photos they saw no other ones – and then the one in questions was blurry and “off” – and not to put down the quality of the image for the sunday photo fiction for that week – but the first thing I thought of when i saw that blurry and half-chopped picture was that it was accidental or just hurriedly taken.

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  3. I love the names of the colors! Also, I love reading your short stories; you have a wonderful imagination. ❤


  4. I keep trying to post comments, but I’m not seeing them appearing. I hope this one gets through. I love your short stories! You have a fun and vivid imagination. Also, I love the name of the colors.


      1. After talking to another blogger who had the same problem, I figured that’s where my comments were going. I think the problem has been rectified now. Thank you and you’re utmost welcome. 🙂

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  5. Loved all your photo features, especially the fibre wrapped tree and the tree stump before it. I just don’t get this craze with selfies – or perhaps that because I look so weird in them 😀

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    1. hah – thanks for the comment and the part about selfies – good point – some folks do look better in them than others – takes practice and a really long arm – my eldest son if always the one we ask to snap a shot when we take a group selfie – he is so good at it

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  6. Great photos for the challenge! I didn’t get to it this week. Love that story. My imagination took off when she had what I take to be an accidental partial photo and the museum guards were Chinese. Could have had another ending. Like what you did!

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    1. Hi Lind a- thanks for your synopsis – and I hoped it came across clear that it was “just an accidental photo” – that maybe clicked when she was texting her mom or checking the time. And they realized that when they scanned her photo library
      I thought about adding it in – and then taking out another line to keep the word count (and I personally HATE when folks go over word count limits – one of the charms of flash fiction is keeping the word count – it is core)
      anyhow, what kind of other ending do you think would have fit??
      I am curious….

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      1. Not sure how it would have fit but I thought… gee, that was close. With her being in a foreign country and never quite knowing what to expect, I thought there was a good chance she might get arrested! 😛

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    2. and regarding getting to the CYW challenge – well we both know this – but too many challenges to do them all – and if we try – then it gets watered down and loses the fun –

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  7. Undercover museum guards – now I’m worried 😉 I have been known to take the occasional forbidden museum photo 😉 But no selfies, that’s probably why it was easier to get away with it.
    I love that tree in its knitted “outfit”, it’s so cool. 🙂

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