Photos from the GardenFest (PICK A WORD IN JANUARY)

For today’s post, I am using photos from December 2017 for Paula’s pick-a-word-January.

The photos are from Richmond, Virginia’s Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (here) at their GardenFest of Lights (9 images):


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Here are the words Paula gave is for her pick-a-word photo challenge this month:

candescent (glowing with, or as with, heat.)

algid (from the Latin word algēre, meaning to feel cold.)

angular (having angles or sharp corners)

auricomous (having golden hair; yellow-haired)

festive (pertaining to or suitable for a feast or joyful, merry mood)


Go HERE if you want to join in or see more.

The pics above were in a slideshow, but I am also including them below for those who cannot load the slides:

candescent (warming fire)
unicorn in the cold (chose this for algid because most of the photos from this night remind me as to how cold it was that night)
auricomous-ish (inside one of the buildings they had local artists displaying some of their work – and this photo is for Woolly)
auricomous (this had hair-like qualities)
festive and cold (this colorful photo reminds me of one thing – how cold it was on this night. We went in December – before the arctic cold came – and it was still extra cold that night)
festive and aligned
festive and colorful (not the traditional holiday colors at this display)
festive and fun (this young lady walks around like this for fun – it is part of her lifestyle and she let me take a few photos of her….)

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    1. Thanks so much for the feedback – esp about the slide not working – that was so helpful cos I wondered if it was still the case – so really – thanks – and appreciate your visit – have a nice day sb

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    1. thanks so much – and I added a few extra photos for P’s pick a word because a few more were needed to give a feel for this nice light show
      have a nice day


    1. thanks, they had a literary theme throughout the park – charlotte’s web, fables like tortoise and the hare – and then legend stuff like “how the mouse stole fire.”
      it was “different” and very colorful

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