Not sure…. (Friday Fictioneers)

“Not Sure” (Friday Fiction Word Count: 97)



This is it?

Honey, I’m not sure….



        I can live here.

          Not sure we have a choice right now.

But you said Los Gatos??

I thought it’d be way different – maybe a Doogie Howser kinda pad.

           I only saw the place from the front. Think of how much money we could save –

          living here while we decide what to  do next. Don’t forget that we were sure this state was where

                 we needed to be right now.


… um

maybe it could work….

(looks at building)

… at least it has a fireplace.








21 thoughts on “Not sure…. (Friday Fictioneers)

        1. yes- that was not my intention – but you are right – does stir up gratefulness – for like windows and a clear pathway without a double fence – lol
          and seriously – for shelter in general perhaps

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    1. really appreciate your comment author Mahesh!
      and I almost tied this flash fiction into another Marcel story – but as I pondered the photo for a fourth and fifth time – that fireplace kept calling to me – it just had so much interest – and so that was how the snapshot came…
      but maybe we can pretend they hustle and pimp this baby out – white furniture – gray/blue hardwood floors – all new remote control windows- with sleek shades and cream sheers – 😉 oh and they were going to get a gas upgraded double-side fireplace out in = but kept the original fireplace just for fun

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    1. ahh – so you are the realist.
      and you could be right – I give them a month and they either remodel or find a better place
      (thanks for the comment)


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