Thursday Doors (bricks… and linkin park’s in the end)

Hello Readers – for Norm’s Thursday Doors this week (here) I have some doors surrounded by old bricks (all from Richmond, VA).



Maybe a stately feel here- the recessed door – and then spikes on the left fence vs. the flat stones on the right….?


And to end this post – I have some art with the bricks and door –

This photo reminded me of Linkin Park’s song, In the End (here) – because the lady seems to be high a bit elevated – she is “in the air” – if you look closely you might see her feet are off the ground. When I downloaded and looked at this photo – weeks after I took it – it was right around the time Chester Bennington died (suicide here).

I grieved with the many fans and then soaked up the social media circle of remembrance and suicide prevention plugs that emerged (like Twitter’s  Lifeline (@800273TALK) and then listened (on and off) to the many Linkin Park songs that played). I only know a few Linkin Park songs, but whew – a couple of them are masterpieces.

When my youngest son was little – like 7 – he made us all sit down while he sang and jammed to “In the end” – bah! It was so cute and we still remember him singing/jamming it. However, a little later that day, frustration ensued when we corrected him on his words. You see, he was singing “in the air” and we told him it was “in the end…” – but he was not hearing us. He was stubborn by insisting it was “in the air, it doesn’t even matter” – and we tried to reason with him.

Maybe it ruined the jammin’ – or the meaning (even though at any age we sometimes don’t even pay attention to the meaning of every lyric and so at that age age just enjoyed the beat and singing).

Anyhow, as the 2000’s moved on here at the Priorhouse – a few Linkin’ Park songs would make it to some CD’s – and those CD’s would linger in the cars as we all moved to digitally streaming music (where CDs became obsolete).

I remember one road trip – a few years later – maybe 2009 – driving in the hub’s truck – tossing in an old CD – and having five little tweens (my kids and their friends) – seatbelted in – and jammin’ (mouths moving) to a loud-playing In the End.  It was fall so windows were down and as I looked through my rear view mirror – I could see those tweens “rock rappin” to In the End:

“One thing,

I don’t know why
It doesn’t even matter how hard you try,
Keep that in mind

I designed this rhyme,
To remind myself of a time when
I tried so hard
In spite of the way you were mocking me
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought with me
I’m surprised it got so



the way they were before
You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me in the end…”


Nowadays –

my back seat is empty most of the time as older children do their thing.

But the memories are fresh and alive.

The essence of those many “years together” remains with me and in me (til’ the end – and it does matter) – so through photos, through warm recollections that fill the soul, and through hit songs that were integrated into our lives – I make the most of the next phase life brings my way.

RIP Chester, and to those of you reading – try to enjoy the day for what it has.

 Remember – that YOU are needed – by many! 

If you know anyone that needs help – here is the suicide prevention link with more info:

Ok-  let’s part ways on a lighter note….

Have a great day and see you tomorrow with a FRIDAY FOOD post….



Author Update 9/10/17

Thanks to Christy B for sharing about how the World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed September 10th to be annual World Suicide Prevention Day. The WHO sponsors this event with the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

Her Post is HERE: World Suicide Prevention Day: In a Minute You Can Change a Life by 



Here is “in the air” photo” #2

39 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (bricks… and linkin park’s in the end)

    1. Hi BB- well it was an accident – I was trying to get a shot of the door with the art – but the light was off – I took two photos and this was the second – only later did I notice she was “in the air” near the “end” of the hall…. ha

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    1. Hello Jo!
      Yeah – sad and I started writing about the six kids he left behind but that did not feel the time to mention – this was all unplanned to write about – just started with the doors and bricks – but this is also what I like about blogging in the moment (as opposed to scheduling – which has a time for it – but is so much of a different approach) anyhow – cheers to jamming to the same music 🎶🎶🎶😎

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  1. Pretty heavy text for a little boy (when he was little). This is what happens when our kids grow up, we are left with the memories! Although the “kids” have ’em too. One of the things of the Renaissance I like are the Grecian pillars (but the horizontal focus not so much).
    I’ll alert you when I post that 10 x 17 feet piece, but not yet, because the canvas is filled, but it doesn’t mean that it’s done. Right now am taking a break by painting some small plein airs, so I have a new fresh look on it to finish.

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    1. Well I don’t think he was paying attention to deeper meanings in the song – even adults half get it – they just liked the rock and the rhyme “one thing—/ and I don’t know why…” etc. and even now my spouse and I chat about songs we sang in our early 20s not really paying attention or noticing lyrics – like a song came on Spotify and we were laughing – and I guess it is another reason to watch then music we are exposed to (or immersed in) – I actually have a story to share about the band Ratt- but perhaps another time.
      But quick story about another song that had the wrong words use was the one by newsboys – my son sang “24 seconds – He watches me” and the real lyrics are 24 – 7 – he watches me” big difference – lol
      Thanks for the art update – 😉 and for taking the time to comment

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      1. True, most only listen to the melody or the beat. Maybe I’m more aware of it, because my two youngest had the biggest discussions (in their teens) on whether a song was good or not (according to their beliefs what a song should be).
        Haha, cute mistake of your son (hope he’s not too embarrassed about it now)

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        1. oh know – it is fun to remember all of these little things.
          and we joke about how some lyrics we don’t know and we make up words. Like we used to sing “lots upon a chonno” for “lights are on but your not home”
          and one more example – a while back – we heard the end of a Zeppelin song and joked around about what he meant with giving every inch” of his love – bah

          ” way down inside
          I’m gonna give ya my love
          I’m gonna give ya every inch of my love
          I’m gonna give ya my love”

          anyhow, thanks for coming back to follow up –


    1. HI L- I just realized how well maintained that house is… and I
      was shocked about C too – and one of the lady reporters had just had her teen meet him backstage earlier that week- they took a photo and her sharing was chilling – I pray that anyone wrestling with depression gets help and that strongholds are broken – seriously – and I could ramble – but won’t – thanks again for chiming in – xoxo

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  2. I like the house/door/window in the 3rd picture down from the top. That metal frame is a piece of art!

    I am not a fan or hear much of Linkin Park but I like this lyrics. It is very nice of you trying to help prevent suicide. It is sad to hear anyone ends that way.

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    1. Oh I agree – suicide is rough – and I guess this musician chose the date of his bf’s bday and took his life the year before (something like that) but ugh!
      And after your comment on that trim (gingerbread) well I realize how well kept up that home is. I believe it is part of the historic district ….

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  3. I like the doors, it’s a nice collection,
    I love the drums in When They Come for Me. I love the whole song, but those drums!!! So many people struggle, daily 😦 I’m glad you have this jammin memory in your archives of happiness. You’ll always have that. 🙂

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    1. Well thanks J- and that song is very cool (when they come for me) I did not know it and you are right about the drums and the sing overall (Chester had some great pipes- and in most of their songs even his bandmates added much with all their background chants and harmonizing) earlier today we listened to “numb” and that is a good jam and the video has a nice message (maybe antibullying)

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  4. Yes her feet are off the ground. And these lines from the song:
    “…things aren’t the way they were before
    You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore
    Not that you knew me back then
    But it all comes back to me in the end…”
    The suicide prevention links. Encouraging post!

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    1. Gracias – and when I find the other picture I have with that lady – I will share it – but I took two trying to get the art and the door so I would have some doors for upcoming posts (always thinking of my blog – well sorta – hah!)

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  5. I am always saddened by deaths of creative young people and only wish they were wired differently. My son and one brother say they sometimes live minute to minute. Both have ended up in the hospital due to a suicide attempt (or two.) Sadly, we must defend, care and love them more fiercely after these famous people choose to leave us. My brother said when Robin Williams died, he nearly lost it. He repeated this sentence, “If Robin freaking Williams cannot be happy with his family and all he has, how can I hope to be happy?!” I just listen and hug, saying to almost anyone I can: “You are more special than you realize.” Great subject, cause and well done!

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    1. Oh I am so sorry – thanks for sharing –
      and my thoughts are swirling on the topic because it is so darn layered.
      but you hit an artery here as well –
      the love
      the love
      the love
      and i could feel the warmth emitted in your hug and edifying words.

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      1. Aww, thank you for sensing the love I try to reach out and connect to not only my family members with. . . You never know if you may be the last face someone is seeing before they leave this earth. Sadly, each of my children has known a teen or twenty-something year old who chose to commit suicide. I babysat a loner, who walked out of the high school a few years after we had been connected, crossed the football field and jumped into the path of a moving train. I wrote his ten year tribute/memorial on my blog.
        Yvette, his parents were a nurse and a professor who had taken him to counseling and loved him. My son went camping with them for a few years. No real problems, on the surface. No bickering; which my son thought it was a nice, fun family to hang out with.
        “Once upon a time there was a boy who liked dinosaurs and wild animals. . .”

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        1. ugh – that is some heavy stuff – but thanks for sharing (and I am not going to go there with religion or anything – but for me I am glad that this world is not “all” there is – because the hope within is a steadfast anchor for the soul… for sure) thanks again and I will be by later this month to check out your post – peace to you 🙂


        2. wow – right after I left your comment, my reader had a post come up from MakeitUltra – (here) and it was linking to Chibueze’s blog post about practical ways to tackle and transform depression, for example:


          Depression is often accompanied by a critical, self-destructive mentality that interferes with and distracts us from our daily lives. When depressed, people tend to accept this negative identity as a true representation of who they are. Many people fail to recognize that this sadistic point of view is actually the voice of a well-hidden enemy within, what could be referred to as the critical inner voice.”
          more here (just in case anyone wants to peek)

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        3. Thank you, Yvette! This is really nice of you to send this link and when I get off work today, I will read it with more attention and time. Have a lovely and happy Monday! 😊

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  6. Beautiful post, my friend! And I am thankful for the update you made to it in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day. Hugs and love ❤ You are helping spread the message!

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    1. well I have a part-2 for bricks coming next week –
      and just checked the dublin doors and it wonderful.
      and i actually grabbed a photo – sorta similar but smaller scale – it was of a small framed poster with 3 doors (and 3 windows) from Italy-
      here it is :

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  7. Great shots of doors, Yvette. I’m so glad you mentioned suicide prevention because this is such a serious issue and a lot of people tend to avoid it or pretend it doesn’t exist. I really think that woman is walking with her feet in the air! Have a lovely week xxxx

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    1. My apologies, your comments were not coming through…
      thanks for taking the time to chime in author Di!
      and thanks for the point aboit how people want to think suicide doesn’t exist.
      A long time ago I found a blog that only had a handful of posts – think it was a school assignment for someone – and they wrote about all the deaths on the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge – and how the cases get ignored or kept out of the news – further keeping the issue hushed. I know there is an appropriate time for heavy subjects – but maybe we can speak of it a little more – so thx


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