Marcel Rebuilds (Friday Fictioneers)


Marcel Janco 

Marcelle knew there were better days ahead.

This long, dry season had to end.

It had to.

An inviting colorful sky reminded him of times when his world was not so muted.

When his paintings sold.

When his woman respected him.

When his children enjoyed his presence.


Somehow life got murky; clouds set in and never left.

But now – a second chance waits.

“Come back, let’s try again,” she said.


Pushing forward, like a Louis L’Amour chap,

Marcel dug deep to tread the path.

thirst and regret were overshadowed

by drizzles of hope

       Over that horizon he will rebuild.

(word count:97)

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less, hosted by Rochelle and photo credit to Danny Bowman. To read other entries go here.




I had to jump in on this Friday Fictioneers post after visiting numerous other bloggers who participate (thanks Dale).

I saw the photo that Rochelle selected for this week and that sky was so inviting. Then I saw the path leading up to it and imagined someone thirsty. But who?

Well last June I had the chance to buy two pieces of old art from a thrift store in Canada. One of them was signed “Marcel” in cursive and so later, I spent many days trying to see if I could find out more about this artist. I did not. But I read about at least 20 other Canadian artists named Marcel. ((And my Marcel might not have even been Canadian, ya know?))

Anyhow, one of the Marcel’s I read about was Marcel Janco and ebay was selling a painting of his (last July), which is included in the image above.  It reminded me of the photo prompt by Danny Boweman for this week’s prompt (sky, mountains, etc.) and so I made my thirsty, walking man Marcel Janco. Please note this is not true and has nothing to do with the real artist with this name.

Also this year I have had the chance to FINALLY read some Louis L’Amour books. I was at the used book store (in late winter) and there was a pile of softcover books for a quarter each. I grabbed five. Wish I grabbed them all. I never would have read this genre, but I have been wanting to read this author since at least 1994.  The books are old and tattered –  the first one fell apart after I read it (it was old, but the sauna didn’t help). Anyhow, I will post again about L’Amour’s books, but the name of Janco felt like a character name L’Amour would pick.


update – thanks to Dale for her note about the spelling of the name – correction made 9-7-17

and thanks for the Janco info


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      1. De nada preciosa, al no ser que sea buen precio te seguire llamando preciosa……. try to translate all that!…. Eres una persona muy maja por eso te llamo presiosa, o, tambien hermosa, me has ayudado en mi poesia, eso lo aprecio y tu eres tan grande como un gran dia.

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        1. well I knew de nada
          and buen
          and used Google for the rest –

          You are a very nice person that’s why I call you a presiosa, or, also beautiful, you have helped me in my poetry, I appreciate that and you are as big as a big day”
          and gracias for that –
          and now your book – lets get it out there dude

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        2. That google thing is f…ked up, but I got the translation and about the book, lets go for it and not saying “tomorrow”, and yes dudess, with your help, I can do this thing.

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        3. We shall, once I get to know how in the world I do that, as you know I’m not a technological savvy person, to say it preaty….hopefully next days I’ll figure it out

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  1. I loved this, Prior! And so very glad I inspired you to write it. 🙂

    By the way… Marcelle would normally be a woman whereas Marcel is a man in French anyway. Mind you, there are no more rules to spelling of names!

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    1. oh – I should have asked you – Quebec, yo…
      thanks for that feedback – but I did find French male artists with the name spelled out long – now I am curious…
      but I wonder if my artist is Canadian – the piece was bought an hour from Toronto – but it does not mean the piece was from there. I think it is between 50 and 100 years old….

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    1. Thanks and I see u published another book? Is this three now? I have so much catching up to do and I look forward to catching up – need to pace it tho – ha – ttys

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      1. This is book number two – the first, Seasons of Imagination, which I put out mid-winter, is a book of short stories. This one, The Fireborn, is an urban fantasy novel based on Celtic myth and legend, but based today.

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  2. I like the cloud formations in the picture. The slight glow of light far away makes it very interesting spot of the picture. A nice capture.

    The story makes me want to learn more about the future of Marcelle.

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      1. Indeed that was a very very long break! I am thinking about doing the same, to draft new material and because things are getting more busy for me 🙂 but I’m happy you’re alright there 🙂 HUGS!

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        1. Thanks Andy – and the first few weeks of a break is the toughest for me – but then a new mode unfolds – and I just realized that my breaks in 2014 and 2015 were 3 to 4 months too (kind of in teacher mode and that was why p took off then) anyhow – this last one was important for me and here is the biggest takeaway – is I came back when I was ready – I think in 2014 I was grumpy and forced blog mode when I needed a longer break – does that make sense? For example – I was so aloof to one blog friend I think it severed something – I still feel bad!
          And lesson learned-
          Then I thought TV shows have off seasons for reasons – for the writers – the cast and crew – and for viewers to pause and get ready – and maybe some bloggers need this pause – some don’t – but I sure do….

          And on your pause you can put your manuscript together / xxoo


        2. I sooooooo agree with you on the TV seasons, when there’s nothing to watch I also tend to write more and with game of thrones done again? yep I’m back at it lol

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        3. Would u believe I have never seen game of thrones – feel like I’m missing out – and think they had record views for season finale – maybe some year I can binge watch ! I still have season 5 of sopranos to watch – hopefully soon.
          And glad you are back at / it is an ebb and flow 🌈

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        4. I look forward to it – and I’ll let you know when I start it – hopefully between now and next spring – (how’s that for a goal) – but I might have some questions – hm

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    1. Thanks for reading dear author amigo!
      And spell check actually had me reverse those words – and I changed them back! So it is funny you mentioned that specific line!!!
      The grammar check suggested “drizzles of hope were overshadowed by thirst and regret….”
      But I specifically wanted the order reversed – I know you are a writer who placed everything strategically – down to the comma on certain pieces – ha – and so surely u can relate 😉

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      1. 🙂 Thanks, amigo. I’m learning 🙂 Funny how spell/grammar check reversed those words, changing the meaning and confusing the narration.

        So looking forward to your post about L’Amour’s books.

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        1. Ahhhhh – I still need to send u the Louis LAmour sheets I have for u- sorry! And it is a post that I look forward to – I grabbed another one of his paperbacks and again – only into three pages I was shaking my head at his masterful writing. The first two books I read of his felt long at the end- and so far it seems like he starts the first 1/3 with a different style. I dunno – but I will know more when it is time to create that post about him.

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  3. Yvette, congrats on your art finds! I always enjoy the peek into your artist and writer life. Have missed them! This photo – so evocative. It makes one thirsty just looking at it, which I didn’t quite realize until I read your fiction. Good work squeaking in under 100 words – that’s tough to do, so short. Nice post!

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    1. Do you join in on Friday fiction? I know it is not everyone’s style and my current issue with fiction writing is that readers sometimes think it is autobiographical – I can see why folks use pen names – one might need to in order to have some writing neutrality – ???
      Oh and I skimmed a handful of the entries for this week (trying to read more and will skim them all tutus weekend) but it seems many folks used thirsty or hinted at the travailing on that road.
      I think some photos are more inspiring that others –

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      1. Hi Yvette! No, I haven’t joined Friday fiction. I do know others seem to really enjoy it. I find myself a bit overwhelmed with different opportunities, so I dip in my toe cautiously so as not to be found floating down the river of contests and opportunities, face down (figuratively). But I really enjoy the weekly photo challenge. Often bloggers will add an observation or story to their entry. And, you have a good point about the assumptions readers make regarding the autobiographical nature of it. Good point! 🙂

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  4. Dear Prior,

    Knowing nothing about this particular artist, your story put me mind of a friend who is also an artist. He refers to his art as his lover, someone who will never disrespect or leave him. Nicely written.



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