Art Digest #3: Uplifting Flow (Days 55-63 of 365 Days of Art) VALUE

Hello Blog Readers. It is time for Art Digest Three. I originally planned to leave you with an old masterpiece to “break down” – but I want to end January and start February with a “digest post” that has color and some light flow.

Saturday 1-28-2017 Day #55:

Looking into the window at an antique store last year. They were closed for the day, but it was fun looking at the bric-a-brac. The grand vase has so much rich design with the curves and detailed floral work.  I also really like the little doll — tucked away lower right – and the little hand of another doll can be seen as well.


Sunday 1-29-2017 Day #56: Art on a Paper Towel

A cute little girl gave this to my spouse after he played some songs (on his guitar) at a cookout…



Monday 1-30-2017 Day #57: Recycled Art (to show Mustang Koji):

Cigar box turned into a keepsake cedar box. Not sure who made it, but I like the beaded handle. And the little heart button is a clasp that the dark beads wrap around.



Tuesday 1-31-2017 Day #58: Art Can Edify 

The little phrases decoupaged on this metal doll art shows how art can sometimes hold uplifting messages for the mind to feed on.


Wednesday 2-1-2017 Day #59: Plastic Sculpture

Ok- so this sculpture is cheap and cheesy – but I ask – What would an art digest be without an under the sea item? So let’s appreciate the cheap plastic art beauty….



Thursday 2-2-2017 Day #60: Throwback

I am sure glad I never had to dress in this kind of ‘rib squishing‘ attire (just sayin’)…



Friday 2-3-2017 Day #61: ART in Everyday Objects

Linking to Colline’s “Grateful Project” for Day #61….


I am grateful for art in everyday items, like Laurie Gates’ designs on coffee mugs.  I am also grateful for online stores that offer replacements – what a nice day and age we live in.  I was actually looking to replace some C&B white mugs, but started looking around at all they had and saw Gates’ different sets.  We have part of this set (below) – a few mugs, six square plates, and a few misc. – isn’t the light teal nice?



Saturday 2-4-2017 Day #62: THREE featured bloggers:

A. Sarah at the Secret Art Expedition (here):

Sarah posts ideas and cool art projects. In her collage, I am sharing her origami earrings directions (right). I think I am going to make some later this year.


B. Digital Artist Josephine R. Unglaub at Lemanshots here has some digital art that is always so diverse.


C. Robbie, from Robbie’s Inspiration, uses fondant, chocolate, and sugar to make lively ART.  She also has some children’s books and fondant tutorials.  Her Colour Palette of Dreams Poem is here.



Sunday 2-5-2017 Day #63: VALUE

Let’s wind down this third Art Digest with a mini lesson on value.

Value refers to the range from white to black or light to dark.

High value is on the light end of the scale and suggests tinting.

Low value is on the dark end of the scale and suggests toning.”

If you want to work on value, make ten little boxes and try to make as many different shades as possible – move from darkest to lightest –

The next image is of a watercolor painting that I showed students to provide an example of value.

A local Virginian artist made this a while back (and I think that is a view from Charlottesville, VA).

It was also a nice piece to talk about brushwork (notice the diverse foliage) and to give an example of a piece using value to show depth.  The colors fade in value to show distance.

One starting phrase for young art students was “near = larger and darker; far = smaller and lighter.”


That value painting above reminds me of Amy Maranto and so I just had to share one of her posts from last week (here) where she described some nature scenes as “The Greatest Work of Art in the World”  – ahhhhhhh – so true….


Hope you enjoyed ART DIGEST THREE….

I will be back on February 6th (next week)  with some daily art posts.

Thanks for joining me with the 2017 art challenge.

Have a nice day. 









19 thoughts on “Art Digest #3: Uplifting Flow (Days 55-63 of 365 Days of Art) VALUE

    1. well thanks for that – and I guess you can tell why this was the week to feature your blog. It fit right in….
      but your soldier fondant that was recently posted would have fit in with a different post – but the time was now…
      have a great week and thanks for the tweet 🙂


    1. guitar is his main one but he grew up playing many – first chair trumpet and dreaded piano – his mom was a piano teacher for many years- thanks for asking…

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, dear Yvette!! 🙂 I´m perfectly thrilled and love the collage! I also love the whole post – the water color is amazing and I have to say, I quite like the dolphins 😉 Going to share it on Facebook 🙂
    Wish you a wonderful Sunday and a very lovely week ahead! 🙂

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    1. well thanks Miss G – and I might actually feature the earrings again later this year because I still have to share this origami mobile that was hanging at a local store….
      but thanks for the comment and fb share.


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      1. I look forward to see the Origami mobile!! I think it would be very nice to make one myself 🙂 And don´t forget to post your earrings too!! I´m sure you´ll have lots of fun doing them – I made so many I had to give them as presents to all my friends 😀 Especially the red cranes fit very good a black outfit. xxxxxxx

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  2. What a beautiful post Yvette. I think mt daughter would love that statue of the dolphins. It is lovely your husband received a note from an appreciative member of his audience. Those kiddie notes always make a person smile. I know I love receiving them 🙂

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    1. thanks, C. and those are my favorite kind of notes too-
      and someone noted that the dolphin sculpture looks like one from their aquarium… and that would make sense if this plastic piece was for that purpose .


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    1. thanks, Amy.
      and the little girl was super cute. the house we were at is owned by a lady who has all these essential oils – and so this little girl had a stuffy nose and we went through the essential oils and she (and I) made a “breathe -easy” blend and put it on napkins and in baggies. she was the cutest girl….

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  3. I liked the antique shop window with such a beautiful collection of items. The ceramic or bisque vase was colorful and I liked the doll, too.
    Sarah’s picture with her ceramic creatures was so cheerful.
    The watercolor painting was stunning! I would put this up in my apartment and love looking at it! The photograph with sun golden and the thistle was beautiful. Your art post had all kinds of things to “ooh” and “ahh” over.

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    1. well thanks very much…
      and the ending photo was amy’s – her link is there – and seriously – go check it out because she has an even better photo right after that one – that made my eyes pop- but I chose that sun golden one because it was the one she had the nature art quote with.

      and thanks again for your comment – the vase so large in real life… and I am not sure I would want that in my house – not my style – I bet that the original owner had it displayed in a way where it was talked about and enjoyed.

      have a nice day…



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