Friday Fictioneers: On the way to the Beach





Okay – if you did not get the full story from the mock texts – here are my 100 words to go with this photo (credit Al Forbes).

The little slice of teal water reminded me of sitting in tons of traffic while on the way to the beach. 




Is that the best photo you can take? I want to see the sea!

I want to see it too.

Can you get a better shot?

There’s congestion blocking my view… ugh.


Look at the old beautiful cars…

There’s an antique car show at the beach this weekend.

I guess they are nice.

They’re beautiful…

but I want the OCEAN!

Me 2, but don’t miss beauty along the way,,,

Like this beauty

1906 ford –

and see the plate?

BF 19??

Best Friends –

19 years – us!

Thx for making me smile


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21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: On the way to the Beach

  1. That text made me smile, Y. There is nothing like a casual banter between two friends and what you say to each other, you can get away with. Oh, to be stuck in traffic…no one likes that and I am sure you don’t 🙂

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    1. Hi M – no- don’t like traffic – and the worst traffic I have ever been in has been in FLORIDA! the second worse was Pennsylvania turnpike – and then some California places.
      and glad I shared a smile with you 🙂

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  2. Pennsylvania Turnpike is to avoided at all costs. It’s the reason I started taking the train to NYC to see my sister. Love your creative texts.

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    1. thanks, Ruth – I have had some great drives on that turnpike – esp coming home from Upstate NY – but on any holiday – um, no thanks.
      and yes, I can see why you take the train…

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      1. The rolling hills, fall leaves and the scenery can be wonderful but those trucks bearing down on you, ugh.


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