G Marlo Allen’s Chihuahua(Day 53 of 365 Days of Art) and Rottweiler

I do not know much about artist G. Marlo Allen (more of his work is here), but I occasionally see his drawings at the most random places.  Earlier this month –  I saw his nicely drawn Chihuahua:



Allen’s Chihuahua reminded me of one thing – Taco Bell!

Do you remember those Taco Bell advertisements during the 1990s: “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!”

Do you remember the Taco Bell dog? I guess her name was Gidget and the ads stopped in 2000 because Taco Bell failed to adequately pay Joseph Shields and Thomas Rinks for use of the Chihuahua character they created. The Poodle (and dog) blog have the full story here.


G. Marlo Allen does have some color pieces too, like this one:



Author update: I have another photo of a dog drawing made by Allen, this one is a Rottweiler from 1985:









17 thoughts on “G Marlo Allen’s Chihuahua(Day 53 of 365 Days of Art) and Rottweiler

  1. Interesting story about Taco Bell. I love the Yorkie portrait. I had a sweet little dog just like that one, many years ago when we were first married. Her name was Cindy. Thanks for the sweet memory. 😍

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  2. Hi! I just came across this post. My mother is actually the artist G. Marlo Allen! If you have any questions about her work please reach out. Thank you!

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