Three Modern Artists (Day 50 of 365 Days of ART)

Hello Readers. For Day 50 of the 365 Days of Art, I am featuring two reference links and three artists. 


 New York Times What do you see in Art?  Nearly 50 People Told Us – link is here



Visual News Featured the Top Fifty Art Blogs link is here

Here are two they featured:

17. Cool Hunting: A daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture, and technology.

16. Street Art News: Featuring pictures of things painted on walls since 2009.


The next three artists are being shared because they are so DIVERSE – and I want to celebrate these differences.


Over at, Dennis McGeary paints some interesting contemporary paintings and I like his use of line the most. link is here 




Bush Boy shared Kim Brereton’s Art website (here) and from what I have noticed so far, she has a very original take on figure art. I like her minimalistic feel and how she splits the plane. In this sample image, she leaves the wall half painted, and the blue value (dark to light) moves left to right- almost giving a stucco feel where the wall color leads out and in sync with the energy – arms up, etc.. (So original and just doing her thing….)




Patsy link is here – is a modern artist who is “mostly self-taught” and she primarily paints with watercolors and acrylics – but she also creates with graphite and colored pencils.

Patsy made a Fox painting for Sherri Matthews (here) and that is how I found out about her original work. 

Patsy’s paintings feel “graceful” to me – and I like her dancers and sea turtles the most.

When my niece was here over the holidays and I drove her back…. we made up a story that centered around sea turtles.  We did the “perpetual story” – where one person shares for a few minutes and then the other takes a turn and adds to the story. Slowly, the story grows and changes as each person decides what to add next.  It is a lot of fun with 2 people… 5… or even 10.  We told our story for more than thirty minutes and Patsy’s sea turtles remind me of our story. 



Happy Monday








10 thoughts on “Three Modern Artists (Day 50 of 365 Days of ART)

  1. So interesting to hear the comments of the 50 people on art. McGearys paintings are interesting pieces for sure and I’m trying to understand contemporary art. We like Brereton’s figure art. It was great hearing you tell of story time with your niece. What is so funny is we play the same game on our road trips. We spot something like a town name and start our story about it. We’ll just ramble on and let our creative juices flow. So much laughter as we can imagine happens when you play it.


  2. Those are great pieces for “What do you see in Art”. I think art is very personal thing. Any thing goes if you like a piece or do not like a piece.


  3. Hi mon amie! How lovely of you to feature Patsy’s beautiful artwork on your blog…I love her turtles too, all her art! But especially the Red Fox 🙂 And we have often played the perpetual story game too, over the years, it really is a lot of fun! I clicked over onto the street art in Brooklyn, really incredible. Great post with lots of links for anyone wanting to read more, thanks Y! xoxo

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  4. Hi Yvette! Thank you so much for sharing my art and for your insightful comments! So good to see such a diverse palette of art presented in your blog!! Kim X

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    1. Hi Kim, thanks for your comment – and that was exactly what I was trying to do – present diversity. I am doing a year long art challenge and another one of my goals (besides variety) is to post NEW and FRESH things that I have not posted in past years.
      have a nice week and peace to you


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