Patriots Diner – kinda hate Christmas (Micro Fiction)


Today, I am joining in Friday Fictioneers, where you write 100 words to go with a photo prompt.  This “Patriots Diner” Photo (from Roger Bultot) is the prompt this week and I imagined a couple, maybe one with adult children, sitting in this diner while enjoying an early morning Christmas breakfast:  


I don’t want to say hate, but I kinda hate Christmas.

Me too…

I like the way we do this holiday.

You mean endure?

I mean found our peace.

Not withdrawing; instead, joining in with balance – boundaries – and a love for people.

Still sucks though: expectations, hype, disappointments, pressures….

Can we go away next Christmas? Withdraw to a beach holiday?

Sounds good.


May I have another piece of your bacon?

Sure, but thought you gave up bacon.

I did, but joining in with balance – boundaries….  a love for taste.

both laugh

I like the way “we” do Christmas breakfast.


word count: 100



Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  The prompt is here (© Roger Bultot) and the InLinkz is here.


Hope you have endure a nice Christmas and have some bacon to make it better and I will be back in a few days with my “weekly digest” for the 365 days of art.  It will feature “balance #2” and will go over the EOA a bit more. 






23 thoughts on “Patriots Diner – kinda hate Christmas (Micro Fiction)

    1. Hi Marsha! Thanks so much for dropping by and for all those book post tweets – I had fun looking at the different ones – and thanks for including me – you have a nice way of promoting others and best wishes to you and your blogging endeavors in 2017!!

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    1. Ha – thanks for sharing Sue…. ha.
      My meltdown came early – a few days before Xmas when my so (home for the holidays) threw away some stuff without asking ….
      But after overreacting I got it together and Xmas eve and Xmas day were smooth…
      And hubs was in charge of breakfast – 🍳 eggs came out perfect too
      (Still laughing at your comment)

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      1. Glad Xmas eve/day went smoothly. I’d like to say I only had one meltdown, but given that a huge part of our day was spent travelling … that wouldn’t be strictly true!


  1. Liked this a lot! It was me some years back; but, now that my daughter has taken over the reins of ‘Christmas’, and I can sit back and just enjoy ~ well, I’ll be in that any day… Oh yes, there are some benefits associated with passing on the banner… 🙂

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    1. Hi Carolyn, it sounds like there are some benefits in passing on the banner – and I bet your daughter appreciates your yielding. And would you believe that I have traveled or went somewhere for a good majority of my Christmases…. four different states where family lives – and only in recent years have we dropped the anchor to stay out – and by the way – this current Christmas was maybe one of our favorite ones…. well except no snow –

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