Modern Day Nativity (Day 19 of 365 Days of ART)

For Day 19 of the 365 Days of Art – I have a modern day nativity. source-google-images

Lesson takeaways for students:

These kind of figures are an example of a type of “sculpture.”

Sculptures have 3 dimensions: length, width, and depth (whereas paintings, drawings, and photographs only have 2 dimensions: length and width).  

Sculptures can be teeny-tiny (size of a quarter) or very large (like a car or house) and they can be made from different media: clays, marble, stone, wood, metal, paper, or a combo of materials. 

Sculptures can be used to communicate feelings and ideas and they can be used to tell a story, symbolize something, or add beauty to an area. 

Different clays can be used by students to make animals, shapes, or structures.  

Sculpture lessons can be used to discuss color, shape, form, and texture.

Sculpting with clay takes patience and I suggest that “polymer clay” is to be used with older students (4th grade and up). Polymer clay needs to be “conditioned” (by using the fingers and working the clay) and it can be frustrating for younger children. 


If you want to experiment this week, Salt Clay is easy to make and easier for all ages. 

I still have a salt clay ornament (angel) that a classmate gave me back in 1994.



Can you believe it lasted this long – and I keep it stored in the attic where summer heat rises.

Anyhow, if you want to make salt clay objects this holiday, here is a recipe:

Salt Dough:

Mix 4 cups flour, 1 cup salt, and 1 1/2 cups cold water.

add a bit more water as needed….

chill or use right away.

roll out dough – use cutters for shapes or plastic knives for adding lines and texture designs. 

bake (on parchment paper) at 275 degrees for 2 1 1/2 hours (ovens vary – so check regularly)

Let cool, paint, and then cover with modge podge or a different sealant.

If you want to make ornaments, the artful parent has a nice post HERE.





PS  I know that not all of us actually “enjoy” this holiday, ahem, and so let’s glean the positive where we can…



Have a nice day….




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  1. The modern nativity scene was really cool. And I loved the cartoons. Weekly art sounds good – hopefully will be able to imbibe more 🙂 have a super day

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  2. Brilliant nativity scene. Doesn’t it capture modern existence so well. Merry Christmas Yvette. May your festive season be merry, bright and filled with joy.

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