28 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (come on in, nice to visit, goodbye…)

    1. laughing really good with that one Janet… and yes, you were the life of the party, my dear.

      oh and the two clear bottles are actually water bottles, the hostess had them on every table.


    1. Hi Joanne, well I went back again – three days later, and those sprouts were cooked – a little crunchy too. I dropped someone off – at the timing near when they were coming out of the oven…

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    1. Whoa – you low them raw? You must have some great enzymes in your tummy – and what do you dip the raw ones in? I might just have to try this – we actually had them baked…

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        1. Oh Jean -now we are talking – thanks for the tip – I was about to say I will
          Try it next year – but Trader Joe’s still has lots of fresh stalks and so maybe I will
          Make some next week – keep you posted if I do…..

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