Throwback Doors (building slice in Shawnee, Va)

This piece of storefront is located on Shawnee, Virginia


I took the photo from my vehicle – and the doors are a bit dark from this angle, but those are working doors on this slice of an old building – door knobs and a lock??? see next photo
This is grainy because it is just a snapshot of zooming in on the above photo


I don’t know much about it, but there were some locals I spoke with up the street, and one man told me this is all that is left of a very old store.

No signs were around, but snapped this photo for street location:


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11 thoughts on “Throwback Doors (building slice in Shawnee, Va)

    1. Yes – and parts of the foundation are there – I wonder what makes it special – would like to know more someday – like maybe it was part of Underground Railroad 🏡

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    1. Thanks jesh – it does look low – and quite new – so obviously the building had updates over the years –


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