Burger (and eleven little chicken hearts???)


Burger ( #OneWordSunday )


We like to buy those whole chickens, the ones that have the “innards” stuffed inside. I usually enjoy the liver (after it is cooked) and then we grind up the rest for our dog (sprinkle it on his food). A while ago, I opened up the wrapped goodies that were stuffed inside and found ELEVEN HEARTS! I wonder if someone at the factory messed up and forgot to put them in with the other chickens and then made up for it by sticking 11 hearts into one wrap. Or was there a bit of love magic going on!  Also, with 11 hearts, the meat of this chicken just had to be EXTRA good – it might be the kind of meat that grumpy people need to eat. A little extra love in there…. ha! kidding…






29 thoughts on “Burger (and eleven little chicken hearts???)

  1. That burger looks so good. And I hope it was good, soft and juicy (at least that’s how I like my burgers). I’m guessing that’s American cheese, cheddar cheese, maybe. It certainly looks like a generous serving 🙂

    11 chicken hearts. Oh my. That is certainly a treat. Were they all stuffed inside the chicken? I don’t buy whole chickens with all the goodies still inside, so this is new to me. I am not as adventurous as you and just stick to eating the meat. But if you like it, you like it 🙂


    1. Hi M- the burger was so big we used forks – and my older sis and I shared it (with fries and shake) and could. Not finish our halves!
      But it is a fun problem to have and I was thinking about how the profit’s BBQ place in South Carolina has this signature biscuit and heard a few complaints that it was too small-
      And so I think we sometimes love the happy inconvenience of having too much – to where we share or have a doggy bag for someone else!
      And the organ meats are supposed to be extra nutritious and actually the liver can help folks who are anemic – it has many many perks for those of us who like it (and my grandparents used to make liver and onions and I have always like that – and liver pâté )
      And if you have a chance – here is a great article about organ meats:



      1. Oh wow, that does sound like a big burger and good to hear that you managed to cut it down to size. Thanks so much for the article, Y. Very interesting to read organs can be nature’s vitamins. Enlightening.

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      2. Well it still comes down to preference and taste – eh? But seriously M- I feel
        Amazing after snacking on those cooked livers and I know my body gets something potent – but not everyone likes the taste!

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  2. intriguing looking – you might chuckle at this but a bit more foodie than some is decidely oxy moron here, chicken hearted about innards outright despising liver and while knowing i adore sausage you tell me which parts it’s from i tend to frown. wanna giggle? it’ is highly ridiculous a situation.

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    1. Hi A – What do you mean-? An unprocessed bird? Gulp. I am not sure I know anyone that does that- but saw an episode of “growing up Amish” and the lady flash backed and showed us how they had go and pick a chicken from the yard- and the whole process of defeathering etc

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      1. Yes- go it.
        And I still recall the words of nutritionist Maureen Salaman (liked her books and show in early 90s) and she always said to never buy packs of chicken sections because you do not know what the rest of the bird looked like – and sadly – some meat packagers will cut off diseased sections and still sell the decent looking parts!
        Well might be way too much to think about – but so glad to find while chickens with the innards and so glad to not have to fetch and defeather my own!

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