Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word November (chicken wings and colored hair)

Hello blog readers.

For today’s post – I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip to Buffalo, NY.  And to do so – I am linking to Paula’s Thursday’s Special Pick-a-Word for November (here if you want to join in) and the words this month are ascending, idleness, jaunty, whiff, and luminosity.

For the time in my life, I decide to get some color highlights – jaunty and fun….
On one of my last nights in Buffalo, I was winging it with my schedule and somehow ended up going out with my nephew – the night was win-win-win – because we caught fifty cent wings, some local and national sports, an amiable environment, and time to just chat a little.
Now even though, yes, I did grow up enjoying many kids of Buffalo wings, I have never had Smitty’s spiced wings and I have never had Southie gold. Some of the best ever….
I used to walk past this place when I was in elementary school. I recall walking by this place – after cheerleading for a basketball game…. I think this restaurant was called something else…. standing outside had that whisper of yesterday that John Sapiro recently wrote about.
Caught a musician walking by and I liked the down view – the luminescent lights and waving flag….
When eateries have fresh flowers – it is a sign of excellence.

Have a great Sunday and be back later to share a post with some combined challenges.

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14 thoughts on “Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word November (chicken wings and colored hair)

    1. thanks for saying that Deb….
      that really made my night.
      and side note – I am glad you are hosting challenges again, looking forward to it for the rest of 2016 and into 2017.

      hard to believe there are only 48 days left in 2016


  1. Is that you with the jaunty hair? Yvette, thank you for this post. I am very happy that you found it challenging enough to make an entire post for it 😀 Like your idle view!

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  2. I think you look cool with the slight of different colors of your hair. They are not too much with one tones. They are just enough to have fun and still blend in.

    Ah, wings part 2… the $.50 wings of the names of them hmm.. good.

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    1. thanks YC – and that is what I was hoping for – to not have too much color. Kind of a leap for conservative me, but glad it worked out.

      and when my nephew took me to this place, I told him that I might want to leave. I am kind of picky about eating at places and had a feeling it would not be my thing. But it was an absolute highlight of the trip – from the service to the food…

      have a great day

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  3. Such an enjoyable post Y – I felt I was there alongside 🙂 The streaks look good – but then I think you would look good anyway – have a good day!

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