In Memory of Blogger Paul Curran

Hello readers. A great light has gone out in the blogosphere, author Paul Curran passed away last week.

Paul was a regular commenter on The Doobsters’ blog, he was friends with many bloggers, he wrote frequently on the Cordelia’s Mom, Still blog (here) and wrote a Sunday column on mark bialczak‘s blog. 

Well actually, Paul’s light is not fully extinguished. Paul’s light will linger on through his friends and family – and through his writing.



Here is my response to Paul’s passing:

Paul’s essence will be with us.  

That is just the way life goes – you know – when we open up and share with others – it creates this bond – that leaves a connection inside our souls.

When we share with others – via social media or in everyday shared geographical space, we connect as human beings – and the social overlapping amongst us becomes this web of intrinsic meaning. It is what makes us feel alive – and so many of us are grieving the loss of this blogger friend because he connected with us and added to our life.

This writer from Canada. 

This commenter who liked to encourage. 

This man who liked people. 

This dude who had to endure dialysis in order to make it through another week. 

Paul, a fiction writer, who used words to give us a slice of past and present allowing us to ponder societal trends and human experience.



This was the first image I made with a shout out to Paul (last February- here) when I paid a tribute to the blogger formerly known as The Doobsters at the now shut down Mindful Digressions blog.


Mark Bialczak noted (here) that Paul Curran had “an impressive view of our world”  and shared (here) that Paul’s loss is:

“Sadness, yes. Much sadness. He was smart. He was worldly. He knew a little bit – or a lot – about most things he saw chose to click upon here on WordPress. He was not shy about sharing that knowledge. Ha! I look to the north right now and say words of praise and love for Paul Curran. You will be missed very much, good sir.”

Mark also shared this:

On America’s Father’s Day in 2015, I published The Chief, which I considered the bookend to Paul’s aforementioned piece on his mother, two complicated and fascinating looks at growing up and thereafter.

Afterward, he began regularly contributing to Cordelia’s Mom, Still, and my friend at that fantastic blog created a glossary of Paul’s WordPress work.





If you knew Paul and want to share a Paul story or just leave condolences, visit Mark’s blog HERE. And I am linking this to T’s weekly smile to thank Paul for the smiles he brought us all


And remember – life is precious.

Each breath that you breathe is a gift – so let us all make each day count.

Let us all share with others in ways that matches our style – remembering the effort we make to connect is worth it (it is!) – we need each other – yes, we do – and I am truly grateful to have known Paul Curran in blogland.





18 thoughts on “In Memory of Blogger Paul Curran

    1. Well G – I am surprised you did not know this kind man- because you have such a wide circle of blog connections and I thought surely Paul made his way to the pacific paratrooper site!!! But guess. It…. and I did not know him super well – but I feel the loss! I actually thought about asking him to guest post for me earlier this year, but it never worked outa d he was busy with his other posts!

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  1. I only knew Paul through his guest posts on CM’s blog and a few exchanges of comments. I am sad that he has passed away. I will miss the truck-driving stories, his wit and the experience he shared with us.

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    1. Hi D- well I did not realize the Paul wrote so often on CM blog – enough to categorize them!
      And I also remembered in 2024 when the Doobs would tease Paul for not having a blog!

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    1. Thanks Amy -and I think you would have liked some of work – he sometimes created some nice scenes with his words – I also just liked him for his kindness – thanks for the comment 🌺🌺💕


    1. Yes ma’am! Take it ! And the airplane picture in blue was the gravatar image he used for a while.
      Anyhow – sending condolences especially to you and Mark B because I know how close you all were. You were a sweet blog friend to Paul – to share your space and give him a platform – shows your wonderful heart CM!
      Be over soon to leave my thoughts on his page!


    1. well I really did not know him as well as other bloggers, but we did share here and there – and I really like him – and so i am the better for knowing this kind man. thanks !

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  2. Hey Y, I’m not sure if she has been by here, but someone of the name Pénélope Charbonneau visited me talking about Paul. I did share one post about his passing, but I think she found my site through this post. I hadn’t thought of him in a long time, but he did touch a lot of people. Isn’t that something to aspire to, to touch that many people in a good way? Anyway, thought I’d mention it 🙂

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