Thursday Doors- teen with a jeep

I took a quick photo of this fun jeep door (yup, while in South Carolina last month) and the teen was inside watching me grab the photo –  and then gave me the peace sign.  I talked to him after we all had our lunch and what a nice young man. He thought it was cool that I wanted to take a photo of his jeep door.  I ha more of a close up of the pattern images, but a few were a little inappropriate – so the distant view still shows the flair (I hope). 🙂


Anyhow, this is my entry for Norm’s Thursday doors (HERE)

detail for YC


and my thought and prayers are with everyone enduring Hurricane Matthew, which looks like it is staying a bit off the shore now…. but death toll is up with more than 250 lost lives in Haiti.  😦


be safe…..






20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors- teen with a jeep

    1. Thanks dan – thought I replied but it is not here-so I apologize if this is duplicate! But he really enjoyed talking about his keep! The windshield had a sticker that said, “You wouldn’t understand – it’s a Jeep thing.”

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  1. It’s fun to see people personalize their belongings, and for a teen to have a jeep is a big thing! Thank you for your kind comment … am seeing a little bit of the artsy old Yvette come back (kidding! it’s I who is the old one:):) )

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    1. Hi – and this teen said he ordered the plastic patterned piece online – it was Japanes I guess!
      And I like satchel page quieted on age –
      But also – as you know – there is chronological age – psychological age – and then life outlook and staunch age! Ha so many differences to where I like blogging because we can overlap age groups and cross some social lines…


    1. Hi – I added a bit more of a detail shot, but something irritated me about it – very subtle things….which I left out but like body parts and almost swear words- a bit unwholesome….

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