Can you guess what this is for Tuesdays of Texture?


This is an acupressure mat.


Linked to Del Monte Y Mar’s Tuesdays of Texture Challenge Week 41 of 2016

I actually have the acupressure foot board (well it is plastic – and it has magnets) and here is what it looks like – my mother gave this to us on her last visit in June  – and I think it designed to “stimulate circulation”  and bring oxygen flow throughout the body. We have not noticed any differences at our place. This kit had a “thumb acupressure” piece, but she did not have that anymore so I could not try it out.


Here are the sheets that came with the acupressure foot board:




Well I think we all prefer the old-fashioned. classic type of massage!


foot massage – credit: bizarrocomics
sensitive spot – credit: G

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10 thoughts on “Can you guess what this is for Tuesdays of Texture?

  1. I have never seen anything like that in my life and I think if anyone tried to treat me with something like that, I’d run in the opposite direction. It looks very … ouch!
    Thanks for sharing this curious texture with us!

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    1. Thanks Nanami = well I guess if you lie down on it – it will touch certain acupuncture spots – and it was on one of Oprah’s lists so I guess she liked it.
      Not too sure, but the foot board my mother gave us only feels ouch – feels like spiky plastic – ha!

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  2. My mum has acupressure slippers – I almost got holes under my feet they were so sharp. I wonder if it is meant to be like that? Nice cartoons and loved your signature 🙂


    1. ha! well I think it is used in sessions and then you can stop using it – and so you could still have that foam mattress topper…. 🙂


  3. It actually looks painful, but I bet it does the trick! I had to laugh at that cartoon about the ‘sensitive spot’ – I have one on my neck where and odd nerve is out of place and I have been known to go through the roof like that if someone touches it! 😀


    1. thanks for your comment on that particular comic author Di – because I know two people who have exactly what you described – and to hear that you have that too makes me glad I added it in..



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