Sweater Weather

It is almost sweater weather again here in The States. I guess I am ready…. (sniff)


Linked to Del Monte Y Mar’s Tuesdays of Texture Challenge Week 40 of 2016


And why not… a bit of humor for a chilly Tuesday….




Hope you have a nice day.





53 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

    1. Ha! thanks Debbie – and I am sure you know – just “dress in layers” when you do not know what to expect. But again, with your travel experience I am sure you pack efficiently and effectively.
      When I lived in Denver – folks who visited us there were always surprised at how chilly it got at night- even in summer – and I lent out plenty of sweaters (or hoodies – ha!)


  1. Here, in Ontario, not yet, however, I’m flying to Latvia in 2 days, so it’s going to be fur coat weather over there, maybe not that bad, but fairly cold and rainy.

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      1. Well I used to use that one way too much – and it is a common stock emoji on the phone!
        Here are some of the other ones – just for fun….
        And bit of trivia –
        I guess the most used one in 2015 was this:

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    1. Thanks Narami! Well I wish I had a photo of the entire sweater – I actually took the picture for the LABEL- to show my friend Nesa – (and the designer on it is the same name but nessa with an extra S) then later I saw how pretty the texture was – hm – I did buy a sweater that day, but a silver-white ish one – anyhow – hope u have a great week

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  2. Haha! You really made me laugh with those cute dogs jokes, Yvette! 😀 Thank you! 🙂 P.S. It´s sweater weather alright around here too 😦 But I´m prepared – I knitted shawls all summer long 😉 Have a lovely weekend! xxxxx

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    1. I did not know you knitted – I guess i think of your drawings and all – but what a cool talent – make that “warming” talent –
      My step daughter had a scarf business when she was young – she and her sister knitted scarves and well – not sure how it dissipated – but they made the prettiest scarves and they were ahead of a trend with the fuzzy yarn they used with a mix of silky stuff (beautiful) – a few years later those fuzzy yarns were everywhere !
      Happy knitting 💨

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      1. Haha! A “warming” talent! That´s very well said, Y.! You´re just awesome with words and pics 😀
        Oh, how lovely that must have been for your step daughter, having a shop like this and inventing a trend! I love knitting but I´m not very serious about it, I mostly knit scarfs and wool hats 😉 But I´m planning to knit a sweater this winter!! And socks! There are just so many beautiful yarns to buy that you´ve got to make something with it all 😀 Sometimes I catch myself thinking how awesome it must be to make that yarn…! 😉 Which implies of course having my own sheep etc. Ah, well, that´s me, always looking for creative things to do, I guess 🙂
        Wish you a very beautiful weekend! 🙂 xxxxx

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    1. Oh I know I know – and when you say it like that I welcome it more – and we have a fire pit (propane one so it is easy) and it is way better during sweater weather – or “layer weather”


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