Thursday Doors (South Carolina Flea Market Part 1)

While in South Carolina earlier this month, I had the chance to go to the flea market (right off of I-95).  I have not been there since maybe 2008 (and back then they had Labrador puppies for fifty dollars and I bought an antique iron rest).  I wanted to try and make it there this year, but it was “ok” if we did not get to squeeze it in. However, we were able to go late on a Saturday and I bought an old cast iron iron (will show a picture later).  

Anyhow, we arrived around noon and most tables (and doors) were closed up. However, there were still some vendors waiting for the latecomers.

In my next post (part 2) I will share a few things we bought, but for this post – I bring you five doors from the South Carolina Flea Market (cinco de mercadillo…):



5 doors in the slideshow:

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Have a nice day – and for more doors – check out Norm’s blog here.






23 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (South Carolina Flea Market Part 1)

  1. These are interesting doors. Also, the old bottles are strange objects to be sold. I am wondering why most people will them. I am sure some will do for very particular purpose.

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    1. Oh UC – I wonder that too! I know some people have old bottles like this that have soda still inside.
      Annd I have to share a few more things that folks were selling – like golf balls (old and dusty) in an egg Carton tray? I will share that in part 2.

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  2. I think I like the green one the best! Now you make me curious about the iron!
    Fleamarket … oh, the last one I was at was in ’97(?) (they’re harder to find in the LA area). But maybe I should go, because I always save bottles:)

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    1. Hi Jesh!
      Thanks for the feedback – green checked for you!
      And guess what – speaking of LA – in the 80s I went to the flea market in Compton a few times (with my cousins) – yo!
      Thanks for dropping by for my doors post.


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