Front Garden and Single Hibiscus

Last week, we were shopping and we offered to help this lady out – she had bought some clearance garden chairs (large ones) and was trying to figure out how to get both of them home.  She lived right down the street and we offered to toss them in the back of the hubs’ truck. We followed her home and gave her the patio chairs.  

Here is what part of her front yard looked like. Whoa. So nice….


The lady was nice, but quite eccentric too.

She started to show me around her gardens (and offered us a beverage), but we had to quickly run out of there because mosquitoes started biting and there was a horrid cat smell. ha!

But she was super nice and glad it worked out where we could help.  

Another view of the door- showing the single Hibiscus






Hope you have a great day

31 thoughts on “Front Garden and Single Hibiscus

    1. thanks YC – and this was the largest Hibiscus I have ever seen – and quite odd to be out there all alone like that (even though another bloom was hiding behind it. i wonder if this will emerge into a little shrub for her….

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    1. Hi Mabel – I think she had standing water some place because they came swarming…. it was also dusk – who knows – but the girl with me was bit 4 times and I had 2 bites – in a matter of minutes – yuck


      1. well I like the vibe of that M- and have heard that certain “blood types” are more delicious – have also heard that folks with certain internal flora attract them more than others – and some say beer drinkers attract them more…. hm –
        i did have some essential oils on – and maybe that helped a little….

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  1. We get the neighbours’ cats visiting, trying to sneak up on my birds, methinks. We must get the odd tomcat around by the smell, some mornings. I love taking photos of the light shining through petals so I really enjoyed the back view of the hibiscus.

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