Traces of our Past (Bears fans at a wedding)

Enjoyed a September Wedding this weekend.  We ran into some old friends – who happened to be Bears fans. I couldn’t resist grabbing this photo of our matching key chains – well matching in style. I guess the Broncos and the Bears do not play this year, but sometimes it is fun having friend connections where we relate by knowing our NFL teams.

And no matter how old it gets, I usually greet all Bears fans with “da Bears….” (for those who don’t know the past story with “da Bears” see the SNL transcript here).

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Ok, that is it for my Sunday Photo Challenges,

I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will be back later to share a part 2 from Swan Lake.





da Bears!


14 thoughts on “Traces of our Past (Bears fans at a wedding)

  1. Ha! you are Bronco fan … The B&W picture but the flowers near the window is awesome. The lighting and the placement of the vase are just great. The only color object in the picture just draws you attention there.

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    1. Thanks YC – and I am a Bronco fan and Bills fan – although I am not “that” into the games – I can be at times, but I can take it or leave it – ha! but it is part of the culture here and so…. well – it can be fun.

      thanks for the feedback on the flowers too – 🙂 and I hope you are having a nice weekend ❤

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