ABF- September (Ship in San Francisco)

It is time for September’s After-Before (One Photo Focus) from Visual Venturing. Here is my post processed version of Stacy’s ship image taken in San Francisco, CA:

For this month’s ABF, I first applied a “transfer” filter to the image. I then added some layers of water to give us a bit more water in the foreground. I wanted to add in scuba divers again this month, but the underwater divers seemed out of place and so I changed the divers to have them coming up for air. It seemed to work. I added in a distant moon on the horizon and left the darker tone in the moon to maybe work with the tone in the verticals on the ship. I also like the triangle shape in the water foreground and feel like it works with the distant shapes in the Golden Gate Bridge and the shapes in the ship’s mast area.
After and Before: Original photo by Stacy Fischer


Go HERE to see other entries, go HERE to see Stacey’s guidelines for this challenge.


Here are the scrapped versions:

This version was getting closer to my final, but the moon was a bit too big…
prior-abf-2-september 2016
This version now had the right dock (walking path), but the scuba divers felt wrong)- and I wanted to add a moon (for our pet Cody, RIP April 2016).
This version had an experimental pier – or walking path. I liked the gritty feel – but then didn’t…. I also knew I needed to change the scuba divers and maybe bring them above the surface. 
abf 3-prior
In this version – my first attempt – not sure what the heck I was thinking…. lol –

And check out the comics below for a bit of humor today.

comic-3 comic-4 comic-2

I especially like this one on perspective:


Have a great weekend.






17 thoughts on “ABF- September (Ship in San Francisco)

  1. Yvette? Your name is Yvette? Didn’t you ever wonder why I never called you by name? Anyway, yours is one of the images I noticed when I first viewed all the photos on Stacy’s post. I love the addition of the extra water and the piers. One day I will learn Photoshop. I wasn’t sure what the two objects were in the water until I read your explanation, but that might be because the images are small on your site. Overall, your is one that stood out in my mind as being very imaginative and I enjoyed it.

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    1. well I am HONORED! and yes, Yvette is my name, and sorry you never knew – but that is likely because I prefer to go by Y when online. or prefer my last name.
      and i have to keep the images medium size because my blog loads better – and on a mobile device they can be enlarged easier – maybe I should have the feature photo larger though….
      anyhow, thanks again for the really nice comment. I am still learning photo shop too – it is a complicated beast – and so I do a lot in iPhoto and with filters elsewhere too.

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        1. Oh – now I fully get it – and yes – that is kind of what I was thinking when I placed it – and here is the image I pulled that figure from (credit to Barefoot Five Blog):

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  2. I like your experiment of the photos. It is interesting I happen to like your first attempt (the last picture). I like the composite of different objects that blend well together.

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  3. I really like what you did with that photo. I’m glad you chose to go with the divers just surfacing! Love your joke on perspective! You’ve been on my mind lately. Hope all is well with you and yours. I’ve been temporarily pulled away from my blogging but am trying to catch up on some visits and responses! 🙂

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    1. thanks for the comment and thanks for including me on your blog visiting rounds my friend – and I also have a temporary blog break coming later this month….

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    1. thanks so much Tina – I could have tweaked the final photo a bit more, but I try and limit how much time I spend on blogging – especially with photos like this – can be s time sucker – and so at some point I say “ok, close enough…”


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