Florida 2015- part 1

My trip to Florida was a lot of fun and I surpassed my goal of 50 street shots.

I have not really had a chance to go through my pictures and most are still on my laptop, but when Jill here and Restless Jo here linked me for the B & W challenge – I decided to start my Florida sharing with the B & W challenge.


Here is my B & W photo for Day 1 of the 5 day challenge.

Looking up at a palm tree.

I played with some adjustments for this shot.  I finally chose this one because of the sky – and I like the way the 4 windows in the center seem to work with the sky (in my mind at least).

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.24.54 AM
Palm Tree in FL. Linked to LULD #79.


The 5 day B & W challenge asks us to link another blogger each day – so for day #1, I am linking to Lia – who likely cannot do five in a row- but maybe she can do a single B & W post (or not).

Okay, so back to FL – my mother only sees her nephrologist a few times a year and while she was checking in – I meandered outside to take a picture of this long bench for Jude’s March challenge (here).



I turned around and this awesome fella showed up!


We had instant chemistry!

This is Mark Barker who is 89 years old and still going strong.

Priorhouse Portrait shot #350- (March 2015) “Mark”


I asked if he was related to Bob Barker (he is not) and then we talked about how people “used” to ask me if I was related to Richard Pryor (I am not).

I showed Mark some photos I had on my phone and he said he liked the composition of my work.  (very cool)

pps-350-3_2015-markbarker-4-with aide
This is Mark Barker and his assistant (Roxanne E. ) and she is from WNY and has lived in FL for 4 years now.


Then Mark was called in and his aide and I chatted briefly.

Roxanne told me that Mark Barker is aTV pioneer in FL.  Mark helped bring media and television (some info here) to the city of Orlando many years ago –

Also, it turns out that Mark’s assistant is originally from Western New York – which is where I started off in this world too.

It all felt serendipitous! 

Side note – Mark’s wife (only 72 yo) is currently struggling with Dementia – and so he had to move (give up his dog) and it has been a huge adjustment for him.  This sad news made me even more excited about a documentary that is currently being made called “bread head” – check it out here:


Beyond the wooden bench and beneath the palm trees, I found some typical Florida foliage.


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.22.03 AM

ph-fl2015-naramis texture challenge
Linked to Narami’s texture challenge


Also for Jude’s March challenge, I noticed that the Orlando airport has wooden benches everywhere. I caught a shadow in this shot.

wooden bench

When I looked over and saw “Wally” sitting on a wooden bench, I was not really looking for additional people shots; instead, what caught my eye was how he was using an ink pen.

Most people these days are on phones or using pads – so a good old fashioned ink pen was a nice sight.

wally using a pen

Wally is with Ideawild (here), which is a nonprofit group that aims to conserve biodiversity.



Thank you Wally.


Thank you Mark.


Well that does it for my first Florida post and for post 1 for the B & W challenge.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!



117 thoughts on “Florida 2015- part 1

    1. Hi Norm – they were very good quality too – which I say is about time with all the junk that is around – and nothing against Ikea – but much of their stuff feels flimsy – and well, these benches were so nice.

      also, I did not know you did woodworking – how fun that must be….

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  1. You really packed a lot into this post!! 🙂
    The first B&W picture with the windows seems to follow the rule of thirds. I just learned about that and watch for it now.
    What is there about benches that makes everyone so friendly. I have sat on many and conversations seem to start up immediately. 🙂
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if dementia could have early detection and be cured or at least treated by simple diet and activities.


    1. thanks lady sigh – and at first I thought about sharing like 20 or 25 street shots, but this post with two from the end of the trip just unfolded – hope you have a great day


      1. no – that is Mark’s aide – but I did make it in one of the pictures I took of mark – I am in a selfie in one of the reflections –
        here is one of them with a cameo of moi


    1. well andy – when gpcox told me it was chilly down in fl – I did not think much of it because at that time my family was on my mind – not so much Florida – but when I got there – and felt the humid, warm air – I took a deep breath and was glad I was visiting that state as opposed to Alaska! and so I hear ya on the comment -and wish I could send a little sunshine your way – ☀☀☀☀ even tho before we know – we will be in the heat of summer 🙂

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      1. Oh I’ll take the heat lol! at least there’s more daylight and far more to enjoy, All this dark dark is making it very unmotivating for me to get out of bed! 😛


      2. I hear ya – and daylight savings came at such good time this year –
        and one more dose of sun (from my suitcase) – headed straight your way
        ☀☀☀☀ ha


  2. Hello Yvette,

    Welcome back 🙂

    Hope you had a great time in Florida 🙂

    So nice to see this post, maintaining a very good flow, even after accommodating many a challenges …

    This is the real specialty of your style, I know 🙂

    Have a beautiful day 🙂


  3. P, you have an eye for unusualness. The picture of Mark Barker told me a (human) story, then you switched to the picture of foliage (beautiful) which showed a part of the world ignored by many (given how critical green preservation is.) Wooden benches at the airport in Orlando. Interesting. I’ve been to Orlando but not to the airport. This post has captured multiple subjects in an organic and convincing way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks M – it is cool that you mention the “order” of pics – and it was actually when I snapping that foliage shot when Mark seemed to “appear” (like he dropped in) – ha! then 5 minutes later his assistant showed up –
      anyhow, thanks again for the nice feedback –

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  4. Welcome back! Looks like a great time and how charming is Mr. Barker! So sweet!
    Lovely photos too…
    Oh and I humbly accept your 5 day B & W challenge but yes, I think I’ll shake up the rules a bit!
    Thanks again! Have a great day!


  5. What an amazing and interesting post Yvette and I truly enjoyed it. Mr Barker looks like quite a darling and you will see lots of pens here as well when you do visit me one day. 😆

    Great shots. It’s truly so beautiful there. Thanks for sharing. ♥


  6. There’s so much cool stuff in this post, Y! I like meeting your friend Mark here and his assistant, although sad about his wife. You come across the neatest stuff and I always like the care you take with the post presentation! Thanks for the update here 🙂


    1. well thanks for saying that C – and I am not trying to sound humble when I say this – but most posts just fall into line easily for me – and this one is a prime example – because I was not sure how I was going to share my Florida trip – and then the invites to the B & W challenges came – at the right time – and also Indah had just done her B & W challenge with a part 2 (stories) and so the idea came from that. and then it was a matter of picking my fabs, resizing them – and maybe a little editing – but I like them raw and as-is as much as possible. but thanks again for the compliment.

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  7. Gosh! I need a bench to sit on- quick!!! So much information to digest 🙂 I love your atmospheric black and white (cheers for the link 🙂 ) and the first bench shot for Jude. Mark seems a very personable young man and I will certainly share his video. And this post 🙂 Welcome back, Yvette!


  8. My goodness, when you do a post you do it up good. Lady Blue-Ski, you have so much in here it boggles the mind. Your shots of Florida are all so good, and I too love love love the wooden benches. I watched the documentary and found it extremely interesting and yes I will be looking out for it. You did an amazing job with the post, all quality topics. Thank you for working so hard on putting this post together for us to view it. Love, Lady Rose-Ski

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  9. Kia Ora, Yvette! And welcome back. I liked the way the sky was reflected in the windows of your B&W photo. But I have to say may top favourite is your very first photo of Mark Barker. it oozes personality. When he remarked he liked the composition of your work I knew there was a story to this man – and there is. What a life, what a history!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your nice comment Jill – I thought I replied in the reader but it seems to have disappeared – with a bunch of other comments. oh well…
      and here is a snippet of an interview that was done with Mark in 2013:

      Miss Nancy of Romper Room

      Romper Room was owned by a company up in Philadelphia and they had selected a woman who was the romper room teacher and she was doing fine, but her husband was transferred so she was going to leave the show….

      Well, when I was doing that Marking Time program, I had said in one of them, “If you really want to do something, if you really, really, really, want to do something hard, write it out on a little piece of paper: I want to do this ____. And you take it with you every where you go and you keep reminding yourself this is what I want to do. In all probability you’ll wind up doing it.

      Well, I’m interviewing people and Nancy Stillwell comes in to be interviewed and we’re chatting away. She reaches into her pocketbook and pulls out this ratty little piece of paper and it says, “I want to be the Romper Room teacher.” She was one of my people that I selected and she was the one that won the final thing and became Miss Nancy for Romper Room. And she was so perfect for that part. She was great! She’s a wonderful woman….




      1. And he thinks he has nothing left to share with the world. He is an amazing person with an enormous wealth of knowledge to share with our generation. I simply love the great response to the story of “Mark Barker” Thanks so much!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you RoxAnne – A.K.A. – my former western new yorker acquaintance!
        I had 2 people email me offline some feedback too – and well, the pleasure was truly mine – and I am grateful for the timing of our meet up – 🙂 ❤ tell Mark I said hello!


  10. Welcome back! Lovely photo of Mark, I can see why he liked it, it seems to really express his personality and nice to have a little background history. Look forward to see some more FL shots. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Katie – well he did not see the ones of took of him yet – I was showing him other photos on my phone – 🙂 and then he told me that his son was a photographer and just shared some information about his photo taking too –
      and I saw a photo on twitter that I wanted to show you:

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      1. Yep, just seen it, it’s a really cool pic, sad to see all those poor telephone boxes though. They’d probably be worth a fortune, since loads have been decommissioned they’ve been popping up in people’s gardens and theme parks. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

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  11. Welcome back Y. I rushed to your post when I saw it pop up in my RSS feeds and what a great one it is. So much variety. Jude will love those benches and so do I especially with Mark sitting on one and I love how you call the lovely vibrant young woman with him ” his assistant”, it sounds so much better than carer…
    The b& w is a good composition and I spy a little man standing on the roof with a homburg hat on!!!
    Now that video puzzles me a bit. It sucked me in and it was well put together BUT did I miss something? He was asking us to help, but how???? and I was expecting some ground breaking revelation as to what is actually causing Alzheimer’s. It is a very sad thing to happen to any one. What a lovely caring person the young man was.
    You must have enough material to keep you blogging for weeks Y (but don’t forget to live… ), I’m looking forward to more of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pomme – and thanks for the nice comment – ❤ ❤ – and I do have some nice blogging material – I have about 50 street portraits that I asked for permission form the person – and then a about 30 pictures I took from a distance with people in action. And I know I do not have to pots them all – so right now my plan is to just do the next 4 entires for the 5 day B & W challenge and add some Florida pictures as the second part – and after that I think I will have had more than enough of the sunshine state! HA!

      and with the BREAD HEAD video – well I can see why it seemed confusing – and I will clarify…
      the video is actually from a fundraiser from "kickstarter" and this project was started by a guy named Max Lugavere and his mom came down with Alzheimer’s and I guess that after he found out there is a major diet connection to Alzheimer’s prevention – he started this fundraiser to help pay for his documentary – – and he almost doubled his fund raising goal (which was 75,000) and so the video I shared is the original one he used to get funds. But now he is moving into making the documentary and doing the research – and I guess one doctor referred to Alzheimer’s as type 3 diabetes –

      and when Mark's assistant (caregiver ❤ ❤ – who really was amazing) well she said that mark was a little depressed because even though his wife (who is 72) is still alive – there is a great loss because she has Alzheimer’s – and I guess he moved out of his mansion and into a high rise – and also had to give up his pet – and she is not somewhere else getting full time care and can not remember this and that. truly a sad thing to lose your partner this way….
      anyhow, here is a link to a podcast interview with Max Lugavere about his doc


      1. Thanks for clarifying the video Y I will check out the other link. I think our diet has a lot to do with our health so it would be a break through if they can discover a cure via our food. Sad for Mark to loose so much as well as his wife’s company. I love your street portraits idea, what a good way to interact with strangers and then you become friends for that moment in time.


  12. Well, missy miss. You certainly did have an excellent adventure. The photos are fun. Mark is marvelous. The selfie is super, and the documentary is touching, heartbreaking, enlightening, and scary Welcome Back, as they say in – ah – Welcome Back, Kotter. 😉

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  13. I enjoy reading your story along the images Yvette! It’s funny how Norm said about the wooden bench at the airport – not because I am a woodworker 😀 – it was also my thought at the beginning! I don’t recall to have seen wooden bench inside an airport! Good catch!
    I was laughing when reading this – “I asked if he was related to Bob Barker (he is not) and then we talked about how people “used” to ask me if I was related to Richard Pryor (I am not).” – so funny! But maybe – who knows?? You always make new friends where ever you go, I am sure I will enjoy the whole series of your 5 Day Photo Challenge. I am looking forward to it!


  14. You do have a great eye for photography, hey, that Mr. Barker…89? I don´t believe that. Look at him, he´s as fresh as a 40 something. Glad you had a good time over there. Very interesting story and accompanied with the photos always makes it a great read.

    P.S. Can you really get the name of Mr. Barker´s assistant….she is kind of cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well guess what Sir Spaniard – I DO have her name and contact info – (her name is Roxanne and I am going to send a few prints of Mark’s picture to them) – but I am not sure if she is single or not – I can let you know – 🙂 ❤

      also, my next post will have a special shout out to you amigo – because while in Tampa – I looked down and saw "Spaniard" – and thought of CP4 – ha!
      I will link it to your blog so you should get a ping back… peace out


      1. I was going to say that you should have shown her that picture you have of the bullfighter that you doctored it and put my face on it, that would probably make her leave her husband in a hurry.

        So a Spaniard in Tampa, seems I´m everywhere.

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  15. Oh I love Mark, what a wonderful man! He’s the kind of person I could talk to all day! Sad about his wife though. Great post Y, welcome back, and love the energy in your posts and of course your great photos. Wally looks like a nice chap too, as you great to see someone with a real pen and paper 🙂 Great you tied in your wooden benches for Jude’s challenge too, I did the same with my B&W today, but only one photo. Now to your next post… 🙂 😀


  16. My mom suffers from dementia, so I found the video and project really interesting. So sad that Mark has had to give up his dog. 😦 He looks like a very friendly man.Loved your Florida scenes, and the benches of course. You really packed a lot into this post, Yvette. 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much S – and I am not sure the whole scoop about giving up the dog – but I think Roxanne said the downsizing was not due to hardship $ – but was practical and more so he he could be closer to her treatment center – but his new place does not allow dogs (even though that seems cruel – to lose your honey and your pet in the same period of time – and most places usually allow small pets – under 32lbs) – so maybe they had a big ol’ dog – or who knows – but I pray for strength for him and that in his remaining years he will continue to share a bout of his essence – like he did that day with me outside the docs office….
      and healing wishes to your momma – ❤ I am so sorry about that – ❤ ❤ – and let's see what Max uncovers – very interested.
      have a nice day

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  17. My favorite bit about this post is the Mark Barker story and photographs. They are really lovely images and the supporting story brings them further to life. I like to shoot street but do most of it anonymously so that I can capture people in the moment. What I like about your approach is the story behind the photograph that you uncover and share.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much – and I like the point you make about catching them in the moment – and now that you mention it that way I see that some of the really special ones are just that – they “capture people in the moment” – have a nice Thursday and thanks for dropping by –

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  18. Yvette, It was so wonderful meeting you in Florida. Mark and I really enjoyed chatting with you and being your subjects. He is doing his best to adjust to his new world and I try to keep him laughing. He is such a handsome fella and takes a great picture. I will be sure to share them with him on Monday. Thanks again for helping Mark smile! Its my mission!! Rox


  19. I went by Marks today and showed him your pictures. I told him he is a star! He and his sons enjoyed them so much. Thanks. I just realized you caught a shot of my mustang in the reflection. Very cool!


    1. woo hoo- thanks for doing that ❤ ❤
      Also, that colorful Mustang is yours? how nice – I also have another shot of it – I will share it with you later…. in the meantime, I hope you guys have a nice day
      and please tell Mark I say hello


  20. wow, as in bob barker of the price is right?! . . .. there’s a funny little song about him and rod roddy ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrFNYiSWr9o ) . . . . what a fantastic day of photographs you’ve had, i love the people sharing the benches and themselves with you. very awesome. wally rocks with an ink pen . . . . that’s how we had to write all through school, first with pencil then fountain pen, which was not fun during exams if you didn’t have a few extra ready and ran out of ink!! still remember being amazed at the ball point when i first got to use one. so glad i saw your post today 🙂 happy spring to you~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – thanks for your visit. And I made this little sheet to show you the two different famous Barkers –

      but I Bob Barker was the host of the Price is Right and the charming fella that I met was MARK Barker, who was a TV Pioneer down in central Florida and he has a fascinating story about the adventure it was helping to make this happen starting int he 1950’s – a nice audio interview with Mark is archived here: http://dc.ocls.info/memory/topic/channel-6-television-pioneer-mark-barker-0


    2. and side note for some of the Breaking Bad fans – here is Jesse – um, I mean Aaron Paul – meeting the other Barker, Bob (not Mark) on the Price is Right


  21. I swore I looked at this post before, but I guess I never got around to commenting. I love that 1st image of Mark. He looks so so joyful. In each of your posts I love meeting the people you come across. You must leave such an impression on them as well.

    Also in reading the comments above – me and my boyfriend just finished breaking bad – he’d seen them all before, I’d seen a lot of them, but we watched every episode all the way through, so I love seeing Aaron Paul on the price is right 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well thanks so much for coming back – and thanks so much for the interview questionnaire – we need to share that with more people because I think more people need to know about that inspiring idea that helps preserve a person’s legacy

      Liked by 1 person

    2. yes Jen (sorry I missed the full comment because I read this in my reader and did not realize it was a longer comment – ha)
      but yes, I guess he was on the price is right and also heard that he was supposed to be on BB for only one season, but they kept him on as the story developed. I would love to hear your take on BB. And side note, i am getting ready to post my review about better call saul, but I had to stop because it was becoming an “angry slam” of a post – so I chilled and will revisit it when I can be more injective – but I just did not really care for it overall – especially as a show that was riding the coattails of the great BB. more later and thanks again for your comment. xxoo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t know they only planned to keep him for 1 season. So glad they kept him on. Jesse was by far my favorite character. I think his character helped balance Walt’s. Walt dove full into his crime. He became the person he needed to be to be successful, to be the best, in his chosen business. Jesse however, was only in it because of his blatant admiration for Walt and due to that same thing, he was easily manipulated and thus had his whole life ruined. He was emotional where Walt was not, and I think it helped shed a fuller light on the concept of diving into a life of crime. The pros- Walt, the cons- Jesse. I could go on and on…I also love how unique the show is artistically. How each of the characters have their own, very specific color scheme, how some of the filmed shots are filmed more in an aesthetic sense, than a furthering the story sense, etc.

        Better Call Saul, while also wonderful artistically – red for evil, blue for good (I can find you the links to the color stuff for both shows if you wish), and an intriguing intro, it was much dryer than breaking bad. At this point in the series it really cannot be considered the same genre of show by any means. It is interesting to know Saul’s back story, but I guess I’ll just have to keep an open mind and see where it goes.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. oh wow – I did not know about the color stuff – and Yes, I would love the links to follow up with it -(thx) and that makes sense because now I see why some of the BCS shows felt even more diverse ( the color stuff hm -)
        and regarding the characterization of Jesse and Walt – I like how you noted it -and I also like how each of the characters cover a plethora of human emotions and changes – which is hard to depict in a series – but they nail it – with depth – and it is believable.

        Also…. watching BCS (and being annoyed) actually made me appreciate the writing and story line in BB even more – and I found that my criticisms of BCS were sometimes developed in comparison to BB – which is expected because it was a spin off show, but I had to stop and way – new show news show!

        Also, I like how you point out that “we will just have to wait and see” with BCS -even though I might not be back for season 2 – or if I do it will be binge watching on holiday (maybe). but I feel like the entire season was so busy laying larger foundation that they forgot to give us enough richness in every episode. I liked some of the story and thought Mike and Jimmy had some great acting scenes – also glad there was soft pron…
        but Only 3 episodes I felt were really good, and the others were disappointing. I felt like I was eating at my brother’s restaurant trying to talk up the appetizers because the entrees sucked. During the least episode of BCS my husband finally agreed that it was really missing much. now sure, a fine show, but not great- not great like BB. and there is a difference in the superlatives – – fine, good, above average and then great! BCS is fine.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Now that you mention it, I don’t think I fully formed an opinion of BCS until the last episode either. I was trying so hard to give it a chance, and not that I’ve given up on it, but you’re right, it was all about laying a foundation – not a lot of stand alone story lines, etc. It has potential I think, but it needs to be better developed. BB definitely nails it’s characterization which is the biggest thing that keeps me watching shows.


      4. thanks for sharing that (took a deep sigh to read that – cos it really is what we felt too) – and I guess there is one more thing to consider with BCS – which you know so well being an edgy and highly creative artist – well sometimes the creative process has flops – or has things that we thought would click but end up feeling anemic – and it is just how the process works – the average stuff sometimes gives birth to the next great thing. hm

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You have a point there. I am wondering where they’ll take BCS though – will it end right up to BB? My BF seems to think that it will end with us seeing the backs of Walt and Jesse in Saul’s office, which could be interesting.


      6. yes, I was thinking they were going to introduce Jesse and Walt as well – but did they really have to take this long to even give us Saul’s name?? and then if it is a foundation building season, who had the idea to “mention” the unrealistic way that he went to law school. It did not fit in with the party hustle man of Jimmy – to secretly go to law school and then never give up on passing the bar. insulting the way they threw this into an episode as an aside and they missed out completely on maybe showing his law school days with adventure –

        I watched the interview with the writers on the BCS website and the way they were talking in a way that seemed a bit grandiose- like maybe they thought the show was so good and forgot to have a panel give feedback. sometimes that happens when you earn awards and start so high – you might forget the value of rich feedback.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Riding on the coat tails of BB probably won’t get them as far as they hoped. Seeing his law school days would have been quite interesting… ah, who knows who knows. If you don’t watch next season let me know. I assume we’ll end up binge watching it and I’ll let you know if it picks up at all.


      8. well someone told me they were looking at 2016 for next season. And we will probably watch it – but not expecting much – and well, after our sharing here – I will definitely whip out my BCS post this weekend.

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Thanks, you too. I wanted to mention that that little pig you sent helped inspire a nightmare gif/ image set I’m planning. I know it sounds roudabout, but it got me thinking about pigs and then I saw a creepy pig head at the toy story and the rest is history. The little pig will just be sitting on a nightstand though. Anyway, I’ll send you the link whenever I’m able to finish it.


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