joy is… a trip to the store

To link to Kan’s challenge this week (HERE), I am sharing a couple of photos from a trip to the store. We were able to see Speedy again (here is the first post featuring a street photography shot of him).

speedy - in rva

At the store, there was a lady from Maryland in town – and her car had such an artsy feel because the leaves on the windshield matched the logo – and with the deep red color of the car it just had this rich fall feel!

cadillac car with

Also, I had just seen the commercial for the Cadillac 2015 model – where the guy is walking down the street in an artsy shirt that matches the Cadillac logo – and so maybe that is why I noticed the vibrant colors and logo on this car.  I am sharing the commercial here – but for the record I have heard that these Caddies are not the quality they used to be…. and also, I personally do not like such a loud color for a vehicle:


Joy is… a quick trip to the store – seeing Speedy again and then just not being too busy to notice rich colors in every day things.

And here is restless Jo’s Joy is post — check out her splashes….


46 thoughts on “joy is… a trip to the store

    1. yeah – and we have heard mixed things about their different models over the years = and the reason I would not drive one (even if the price was right) is because a Cadillac is just a little too showy for me. It seems to draw attention…
      Also, we have heard mixed things about the quality of certain models as Cadillac falls under the GM brand- – I think back in the day they were made way better – but I do think Cadillac has an artsy logo… lol –


      1. mmmmmmmm….true true, the moment you mentioned GM i had the O.o look. I do remember driving my ex gf’s 78 cadillac seville though! what a ride lol!


      2. funny because I have the same look when the name GM comes up O_0 –
        and oooo the 78 seville – I bet that luxurious beast was steady on the road too!


    1. well so do you dear Pomme! and I think when we start taking pics and blogging – well it keeps us all skimming more – I know it keeps me altered (at times that is…)


      1. I agree, since I started blogging I definitely have a different mind-set for taking photos, as I look at every thing with the idea of “I can use that for a post”. When I go any where I start looking for photos to tell the story…


  1. I thought I visited your old post when seeing Speedy’s picture 🙂 Yes, I remember him from your previous post! Lovely day with nicely decorated Cadillac 😉 Must be busy this week for the Thanksgiving preparation! Lots of shopping then?


    1. actually not too busy (which is nice) – 🙂 – and we bought all of our viddles last week – we are trying a “fresh” turkey this year – caught a nice sale on some natural ones – hope you have a nice week Indah! –

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr. Prior, I got to say that you are definety not a boring person. You find joy even just on a little trip to the store! And look at Speedy over there, look at that guy, happy happy! That guy has to be a character….in the good sense of the word


    1. Thanks CP4 – and you are so right about Speedy – his greetings are one of the warmest receptions – and truly what a special guy – and I think he is having his 70-th birthday this month – so I hope to see him again on a store visit – but ya just never know — anyhow, Sir Writer – hope your November writing is going well 🙂 ❤ whew!


  3. My pommepal Pauline has been following you and she knows what I like.
    Why didn’t she tell me about you Yvette?
    If it had not been for you leaving a comment on my post I may have missed all the fun.
    I am just like speedy I smile a lot and ride a bike.
    But I have to admit I am more like that positive thinker in the Cadillac add.


    1. thanks so much dear Jack!!!!!
      Oh that is super funny you should mention the Cadillac ad – there have been jokes and spoofs made about it – (and too bad those cars are not the quality they used to be) and well…. even though I follow you = I actually came to your blog last week through a link on Pomme’s side bar – or I might now have made it there either – and I was not sure what too expect – but I felt the same way – it had “lots of stuff I really like….” 🙂 have a great day

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    1. Thanks so much T – 🙂 ❤ – and hope you have a great Thanksgiving too – and yes, things here were nice. We had a fresh turkey this year and there really was a difference – and actually, I say it is the best turkey I have ever tasted. and I despise those turkeys that have "solutions injected" because it usually is artificial flavors and junk… so this nicely priced fresh and all natural was a highlight – 🙂 –
      and regarding speedy – I did interview him that day, but I am not sure what I want to do with the footage- maybe nothing, but I am letting the idea rest. 🙂


    1. thanks Que – I only go to that store about once a month – but I think he goes there in the evenings – this store is like a small whole foods and some people go there for their health food dinner buffet….

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