bird chirps

To join in with Kan’s “joy is” challenge this week, I had to share some bird sounds from out back.  The bird chirps were a pleasant sound when I opened the door to let in some early morning autumn air….

video deleted

Check out “all about birds” for identifying bird sounds –


The early morning chirps reminded me of a few other blog challenges this week:

There is a nature theme over at “lensandpensebysally” –

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.45.33 PM
This sweet visitor was captured thanks to having quick access to an iPhone

and this single leaf connects to NW frame of Mind’s One World Project:

the single leaf on ground = nwframeofmind one world project
go HERE for more 10 a.m. shots


and lastly, to join in on Cee’s Wednesday Which Way challenge, here are two phone photos I grabbed while walking part of Richmond’s pipeline trail (more about this nature trail here)

RVA's pipeline trail - priorhouse 2014
On part of the pipeline trail in RVA, you actually walk right on top of a pipe!

Have a great Wednesday and get out there and enjoy some nature….

54 thoughts on “bird chirps

    1. thanks Sally – and I have been meaning to join in on your challenge for a while – but even if I do not get to I do enjoy the shares that go around for your challenge –


  1. I thought I heard a dog bark also – or maybe it was just a very large bird!


  2. It’s nice to see all challenges tied together, Yvette. 🙂 I’m looking at a small red leaf very similar to yours caught in a web outside my office window right now. 🙂


  3. Nothing like beautiful bird song to cheer the day. I hope to see my robin soon…Oh I really do 🙂 Have a beautiful day mon amie ❤


    1. Hi S – thanks – and the dog bark was actually one of our dogs, Cody – he is “cool Cody” – but I thought it was funny that huxinderinzzi asked if it was a large bird- ha!

      anyhow, let’s see if that inserting works again here…


    1. I know – can you remember when a phone was just a phone… or wait, when it had an encumbering cord attached – ha!


      1. really – that must have been crazy – I have heard about it – where you pick up the receiver and hear a convo. or you’d have to wait….
        I remember “limited” phones to where each call cost. but my big memory is from 84 or 85 – when I paid my brother five bucks (woo) to install a burgundy phone in my room so that I could call Ron – who used to work the night shift – ha!


  4. The sound is lovely, and my dog agrees with me, you should see his face moving around when I played your video..oh did I hear a bark too? Nature has been kind to us to provide us beautiful joy..have a wonderful day!


    1. I can imagine – and thanks for sharing cause it shows how blogging can be a family affair – ❤ oh and yes – that bark was Cody getting in on the action – 🙂

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    1. Hi Jake – (***greeting with bow***) “Hello oh wise quote Master”
      and this Maya quote is for you:

      “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”


    1. Hi Rommel – and actually, I got the idea from Jesh Stg (here) because last spring I always enjoyed how she did a weekly post that linked many – but I think your genius too – a street genius from the streets of Cal-i-forn-i-A


  5. Y-Prior; always there at the right place at the right time ! 😀 lol
    The color of the bird you managed to capture are so beautiful and the almost pink leaf looks just as good ! Great work 🙂


    1. hey Zee – thx! and I hear some of those birds at night too – they must be busy prepping for the winter – and I think I will try and get some night footage – 🙂


  6. I´ve always wondered when I hear the birds in the morning,by the way great hearing them in the morning it´s a privilege I have and it seems you too have it, but I always wonder what in the world are they talking about. I would love to understand bird talk, they must communicate something….talk about politics, or the weather….who knows, but someone out there I´m sure know bird talk.

    Have a great weekend Mr.Prior.


    1. how sweet that you wonder like that Sir Spaniard- ❤ and some of the mating calls and warning cries are known to those bird watchers out there –
      side note – I have not always enjoyed the birds – and I even took a water feature out of the yard because the birds were making such a mess out back – horrid – but now it seems that boundaries have been established and an appreciation has set in – thanks for dropping by CP


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