Walking in RVA – Street Portraits #3

Do you remember the walk on Dock street last week, which was a part of the Liberty Trail?

Well today’s walk highlights a different section of  Richmond’s Liberty Trail.

This part of the trail is closer to the river and has some “interesting” artwork.

While on an hour long walk, we had the chance to meet and greet some decent folks, which added to my street portrait work.

Thanks so much to Denise, Natasha, Dvid, Gerard, Jonathan & Kelly, Lorenzo,  and Amelia and her daddy! 

The video is synced to “All the Same” by Sick Puppies, which has lyrics that match the variety of people that fortuitously came my way!

Right on.


walking in rva - June 2- priorhouse 2014

walkin in rva - 3- priorhouse 2014


walking in rva - June 1- priorhouse 2014 walking in rva - June 4- priorhouse 2014


walking in rva - June 5- priorhouse 2014

While on our little walk, I decided to grab a few street portraits – and found six wonderful folks who said, “Yes” – each has some unique East Coast Flavor!




denise and marimba - priorhouse 2014
Street Portrait #1 – Denise and Marimba!  Marimba is a rescue dog from Mexico and she has cancer, but she is doing okay right now and sometimes has to sit and rest while out on walks.  Marimba (and Denise) had such sweet personalities.


lorenzo - priorhouse 2014
Street Portrait #2 – This is Lorenzo. His wife and older children were waiting to meet up with him as they enjoyed a family summer walk.
natash and her dog rosetta- priorhouse 2014
Street Portrait #3 – Natasha and her dog, Rosetta. Natasha and her parents were visiting RVA from Virginia Beach.
jason and Amelia - priorhosue 2014
Street Portrait #4 – Jason and his sweet daughter Amelia. They were in RVA visiting from Washington D.C.  Jason and his baby girl were taking a walk so mom could finish lunch. (Amelia was nap ready.)


jonathan and kelly priorhouse 2014
Street Portrait #5 – This is Jonathan and Kelly.  They are RVA natives and that had some fun stories to share!  Jonathan and Kelly were out for a summer stroll as they held hands and soaked up life together.
DAVID AND GERARD -cycling in rva- 2014
Street Portrait #6 – This is David and Gerard. There are a lot of runners and cyclists here in RVA and as I was wrapping up my walk, they came zipping by.  These very cool dudes have been cycling friends for a year and after riding 14 miles in the morning, they were now taking a cruise along the canal walk.


walking in rva - June 6- priorhouse 2014
Street Portrait Project #3 – June 2014 – Priorhouse


This is linked to Jo’s Monday Walk  – walking-logo


62 thoughts on “Walking in RVA – Street Portraits #3

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post, Y! I swear if it wasn’t so cold in the winter, I think we’d be right up there with you! Have a wonderful summer and know that you and your posts will be missed! 😀


    1. Thanks so much Linda – and I know what you mean! But also we need you right where you are so we can see your neck of the woods – especially all of the cool art from Rollins College!


  2. Wonderful post. I love your street portraits, the photos are great with lovely back stories. You must have had a super time on your walk. Hope you enjoy your summer break. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Katie – and I never had the chance to use your cool photo with the “30” – but maybe another time – and I really love your work – the word ELEGANT is what comes to mind when I see many of your shots – even if they are of a bus stop roof – ha!


  3. I really like your street portraits Yvette! So, you just strike up conversations with people you meet and ask them about themselves? Very cool. Enjoy your summer break. Will miss your eclectic posts and thoughtful comments!


      1. darn autocorrect is “too helpful” these days….

        that words was supposed to be
        Pintxos – 🙂 and for those that have not been to your post about it yet….
        Pintxos are amazing snacks….
        (pronounced PEEN-tchos)


    1. amy – I can’t write much now – but I still have a small little post to toss up – and it actually has a tiny thank you to you – so please come back and top on by tomorrow or later this week if you can…. Ijust ran out of time this morning – ❤


      1. well the “thank you” post did not happen – and can’t rush it sloppily – so I will thank you right here dear Amy –
        first, thank you for making the second half of my blogging year come alive – with your cool PS projects – (as the Digital O’keeffe) and especially with your bird posts – between you and Sonel – well I fell in love with our avian friends and just soaked up a bunch of nature – which then trickled into the walks with Jo and other posts – so huge thanks. ❤


    1. thanks so much – and BTW – I really like your photography and am glad to have encountered your blog near the end of my first year – 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Sue – and when I caught a shot of some cyclists – well you know the “Slaght Duo” came to mind.
      I was hoping to get footage of a runner or a teenager that day – but that did not happen. I am learning that with street stuff like this – well one can only plan so much – then the rest just unfolds. ❤


      1. I smiled at the cyclists too. 🙂 As one who likes to be in control yes these outings don’t always play out as one expects, often better or just different.


    1. Dawn – well you are so sweet – and am actually amazed at how much I enjoy “doing” street portrait stuff (and thanks again to Richard Guest for the inspiration) – and in this one (project #3) well I actually was only going to highlight Denise and her dog – but there was something in the air that day — and I talked to a small group that were there making a music video (but I did not think to get any footage) and then when sweet Jonathan and Kelly came walking by — with their huge smiles and a bounce in their step = well it just fueled the rest.

      oh and just taking a summer break – like to change up the ol’ routine – but I will be checking in on a few blogs – especially yours – to peek in on the differing windows you seem capture as you do your art photography and writing… 🙂


    1. Well Amy – thanks for coming back and for leaving a comment – I appreciate you including me in your blog rounds my artistic and traveling friend – ❤


    1. thanks so much – and I look forward to following your up and coming street portraits – because when you titled Fidel as “#1” – well that signaled that more would be coming. 🙂 ❤


    1. thanks so much – and I was not turned down once! and the part that amazes more than that was how much I gathered in one hour – also, I am LEARNing so much – like people want something with the blog name on it and so when I get project #4 – I am going to have something prepped to give them – along with a big thanks.

      oh and I enjoyed your untidy electric wires post – your pics were so culture rich!


  4. This is sensational Yvette! Love the music, love the vid, love the shots, love the people! I’m just sorry I didn’t see this until this morning. I didn’t get a pingback and haven’t been in my Reader. What a way to go! Thank you so much. Have a wonderful break, doing all the things you want to do. Hugs! 🙂


    1. well thanks dear restless one – and it will be hard to stay away – but breaks are good at times too – ya know…. and BTW – hurricane Arthur turned out to be very mild – and we did not even feel it here in RVA – but the kids still lost some camp time and some in NC had power outages – I will be checking in on your august walks –
      🙂 uściski przyjaciela!!


  5. Super idea these Street Portraits of yours Yvette, put to music and everything. Very cutting edge I must say! Really love the vibe and the whole scene man 😉 It’s so great that you can get so many wonderful, interesting people for your photos and vidlog like that. I wonder if anyone around here in my sleepy Somerset town would be so willing, haha! I love the urban feel too, just gives rise to so many back-stories of people’s different lives, their hopes and their dreams, Wonderful entry for Jo’s Monday walk and having just read your summer break post I just want to say I hope you enjoy a truly restful, refreshing and fun summer. I miss the summers when my kids were young and off school and how it was just so great to hang out together. Still, I get to have my boys home a couple of weekends this month and then birthday celebrations for Aspie D in August (my summer girl 😉 ) so got that to look forward to.
    Catch up with you soon mon amie…and Happy, Happy Summer to you…Hugs to you my dear 😀 😎 ❤


    1. thanks mon amie – and I was thinking of you writing 3,000 words – to then pause for a cuppa – and then cracking back your knuckles to write some more!!! ha!- you “ecriture machine”
      and well this is my oldest son’s last summer before he starts college – yikes – he leaves in five weeks – ****and sounds cheesy – but I always looked foreword to the day we’d go walk through Target and fill the shopping cart with dorm room crap – even though now it looks like Kohls has the set of stuff he wants****

      and girlfriend – you should start getting some video footage – and I wish you you have gotten some at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (HERE) – like maybe a quick snippet of the person with the vintage Airstream (filled with Veuve Clicquot) O_o
      And I am still just getting a feel for this – but it has been a refreshing art outlet!
      Hugs ❤ ❤


      1. Haha! Love that image…but not today, still procrastinating o_O But the day ‘ain’t over baby, LOL 😉
        Oh I remember those days and I ADORE Target…miss it so much…but don’t know Kohls 😦 I’ve been away too long, obviously!
        You enjoy your precious time with your son, because Yikes is right! A wonderful time but also keenly felt in the transition…I’m right there with you…
        And yes, maybe I will give vidlogs a go at some point, but I’ll leave all that to you for now my friend…you are far better than I could be and you have started something quite unique here, which is wonderful…
        Been great chatting with you…enjoy your summer days and catch up with you again very soon…
        Hugs right back at ya mon amie … ❤ ❤ ❤


      2. and Kohls is almost exactly like JC Penny’s (to me at least) – so nothing too fancy…
        and thanks for the compliment on the vids – ❤
        and one suggestion – even if you do not plan on making vids – at least get some footage – because later you will be glad you did – and even if you do not want to make videos later (cause it truly is not for everyone) but later you can still just toss the footage into a quick movie and you will be so glad you did. So just when you think of it – try to get a few minutes here and there of this and that – Like I know you said you like the sound of a V-* engine (ha!) and the next car show – just grab a few video bites… or just capture everyday family shots – like you do with photos or words – because you can always delete the video footage if you do not want it – but ya never know…. 🙂


      1. vous etes les bienvenus!
        and wow, I am finding it hard to not blog this week. Like a Throwback Thursday post would take only 5 minutes…. and a from my inbox post takes even less time – but I also know that breaks are good – and I really want to have some weeks off to then come back to this evolving blog – (with some fresh eyes) to think about the aims for my second year…. 🙂


  6. Followed the link from our friend ‘the restless one’, and glad that I did. What a lovely video and music! Everyone seems so friendly! I’d be far too embarrassed to do street photography/vid, but glad you did as I like street art too – just not random graffiti vandalism. Have a great summer Yvette 😎
    Jude xx


    1. Thanks Jude – and speaking of our restless Jo – I also got the restless Jo bump – because my views have been up – and I had over 2,500 spam comments filtered – when prior to Jo’s linking the most I ever had filtered was 1,000. And well thanks for taking the link over – and thanks for the compliment – 🙂 and your Lake District post from June was so enriching – the art stairs were my fav. ❤ TTYL ❤


    1. Hi Colline – well I do not know too much about them, expect to say that they are part of the flood wall and so when shut, they are water tight. If/when I get more info I will let you know. Thanks for the visit. ❤


      1. also, I saw the fight club movie but did not even realize the meaty quotes – like this one your shared:

        “You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your f***ing khakis. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.”
        ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club


    1. and so are blogging friends – thanks for dropping by K – lit up to see your gravatar – ❤ – and I shall be over to say hello shortly


  7. This is something I should try, street portraits… Looks cool 🙂
    But I know, it’s really demanding, people are, all, not the same, right?
    Again, beautiful selection of music 🙂


    1. well you said that right – people are not all the same – ha! and I feel like some of your work already captures people – maybe not in the posing portraits, but one of the things I like about you work is that it does have an everyday people feel – for example, the guy with the pants rolled up with the monkeys – the two shots you gave us really gave us a raw and candid feel for this man –

      – and I just went to your blog right now to look up an older post of yours to give another example – but I was sidetracked by your latest “container” post (HERE)

      because it serves as another example of how you capture the human essence in your work – the blurred image of your cousin (? – think it is the cousin) well the soft focus in his face (which sits at the perfect angle) lets us feel much about him. I will leave a comment over there a bit later, but my point is that I think you are already imbuing a human essence through your work –
      lastly, tanks for complimenting the music – the song is old (but not tired) and it had some acclaim from a “free hugs video” from years ago – I will try and link that hugs video if I can find it. Peace out b-m-p!! 🙂


      1. Thank you so much for this grand reply, Yvette 🙂

        Hope you had a nice little break, or , you are still in the middle of the summer hiatus ? Anyway have a great time, here it’s raining cats and dogs 🙂

        Yea, you are absolutely right, I do have people and faces in my shots but, It’s a different story altogether when you plan for portrait shots, right?

        You should know the person/studied the person to come up with the best image of him/her, I feel.
        My next challenge 🙂


      2. de nada! And I am still on summer hiatus from blogging. Enjoying the time away actually. 🙂 but still peeking in on blogs. and raining cats and dogs where you are – well we finally got a little rain this week after some very dry July days for weeks – not super hot – just dryyyyy – and so the day of rain was awesome.

        and yeah, I think it is different when you “plan” for a portrait shot – even though when it comes to the the street portrait shots I take I prefer to not know the person. Have you been to Richard Guest’s blog? It is here:
        well his work inspired me – His “raw” and impromptu street portraits are tasty – and well, that is where our artsy side comes in – we add our feel to what we do with our lens whether it be a portrait shot or any other subject/image. hmmmm
        well thanks for dropping by b-m-p!


    1. well thanks for reading – and noting that – but I think the owner said they were trying some sulpher supplements to help with any health issues – MSM – and well, she is in a loving home now.


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