Windows in RVA

I was waiting for my son.

I got out of the car for some fresh air.

When I looked around – here are a few of the windows I found.

linerging look at windows june 10 - priorhouse 2014
These windows are in “The Fan” area of RVA

This is linked to Dawn’s lingering look at windows, week 26. The one to the left was so unique, the birds are admiring my ride, and the CPA office building is classic RVA….


Also, tomorrow is my one year anniversary (of blogging regularly) and I have a couple of posts to share before my summer blog break.

See you mañana!

40 thoughts on “Windows in RVA

    1. Hey Mamma-joy – let’s clarify something – you just love photographing everything and anything – because your lens is always scanning….from windows, doors, and buildings – to dirt, tattoos, and smiles – ❤ ❤


      1. You BUSTED me, Yvette!
        You are so right…I take photos of everything. Even my husband recognizes “the look” and will say, “NO, we are not stopping again to take a picture of the fence post.”
        Now, regarding tattoos…I’ve not ventured into that yet, but can see the artistic appeal 🙂


      2. haha – cracking up with what you said about the hubs. and with the tattoo – I was thinking of your recent post with that guest couple – who had those cool tattoos….
        but I guess you did not take the photo — 🙂


      1. baha – andy – your wit is fun – and when you do drop your anchor with someone again – (the right one) well you better make sure she appreciates your humor – or she will be missing out on a major strength/gift of yours – 🙂


    1. Hi Doobs – well it looks that is another thing we have in common – which brings it a total of TWO.
      – ha! jk – happy anniversary to you too.


  1. Looking forward to what you have planned for your one year anniversary, Yvette 🙂 I love the graffiti of those birds on that brick wall. Is that Woodstock?


    1. Hey Kan – I think it is woodstock – 🙂
      and I do not have anything special planned for the anniversary post. I tried to have a special post for my 200th post and nothing happened. ha!
      So I think I am going to share a soccer story (cause we have been watching the world cup on and off all week and soccer/football is on my mind) and then I have a walk with Jo (few more street portraits)…

      anyhow, I love all the changes you are making w/ your blog look – two thumbs up Kan


      1. I loved what you did for your 100th post Yvette. Looking forward to your soccer story. We’ve been watching a lot of soccer too… Can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of the world cup. Thanks! Glad you like the changes.


    1. thanks K – and I literally pulled into the alley to just wait for a few minutes and when I got out – it was a pleasant surprise 🙂 ❤ TTYL


    1. thanks – and there is a little story to go with that short time I sent in the alley – for another time maybe…. but when I got out of for a breathe of fresh air = albeit hot and humid = well the tweeting bird art on the brick was a happy find – 🙂


    1. Hey Sue, I really do not not know – but there are windows all around RVA like that. In this case, I am going to say that they were closed off to make an apartment building. This area – called the Fan – is a very unique area in RVA and the diversity is huge – which includes grand estates to tons of affordable apartments – and even though I like parts of the fan, I would hope to never ever live there – not my thing at all….


  2. Great mosaic of windows. Window are the eyes of a house:) You have captured some great examples here and I really like the once in the red house, wonderful with nice contrasts in colors.


    1. Hi 🙂 thanks – and well said – and I just noticed that the red one is missing most of the shutters – lol – maybe they are just finished with the new red paint job!

      and your comment about the eyes of a house reminded me of one of my favorite poems from elementary teaching lessons:

      by Aileen Fisher
      Houses are faces
      (haven’t you found?)
      with their hats in the air,
      and their necks in the ground.
      Windows are noses,
      windows are eyes,
      and doors are the mouths
      of a suitable size.
      And a porch—or the place where
      porches begin—
      is just like a mustache
      shading the chin.


    1. thanks so much – and have a nice summer – be dropping by for some fresh water when I return – and thanks for dropping my here ❤


    1. so nice to see your gravatar pop up! I kinda think of you whenever I see that blue ceramic tile of Lisboa – funny how certain things remind me of different blogging acquaintances! Hope you have a pleasant summer also – 🙂 and thx for dropping by trifocal.


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