Triple shot Friday – Key Lime Pie Talk (part 2)

This is a follow-up to last month’s Key Lime Pie Talk post (HERE).

I threw together a mini video of our “key lime package” that came in the mail – and synced it to Chesney’s “Key Lime Pie” song.

I actually made it as a family scrapbook video with a shorter version to share here. Special thanks to my son, C.3, for taking some of the pics and for helping to open things up.



Also, for triple shot Friday this week, here are ratings and tidbits about 3 different brands with “Key Lime” desserts (and please note we are NOT paid to review any products – this is just opinion for fun),

ONE: Key Lime Pie Co. (website is HERE)

priorhouse 2014 key lime pie review
side note – slight issue I have with this pie is that the card says award winning recipe – yet in the show it says they changed this recipe to use an original that was more natural – so it seems “wrong” to reference “award winning” if this was a for a recipe that was tossed.

bars review - priorhouse 2014

TWO: Edwards Key Lime from the Grocer’s freezer…

edwards pie - priorhouse 2014 review

THREE: Key Lime Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (website is HERE)

priorhouse 2014 cheesecake key lime review

Hope you all have a nice weekend!






30 thoughts on “Triple shot Friday – Key Lime Pie Talk (part 2)

  1. Mmm. Loves me my key lime pie. However, I don’t think I would like chocolate covered, frozen key lime pie bars. And I’ve had The Cheesecake Factory’s key lime pie cheesecake and am not a big fan. It’s too rich, too thick, too heavy. I may just have to order me up one of those pies from the Key West Key Lime Pie Company.


    1. well said Doobs – “too rich, too thick, too heavy” – and a few bites of that dense and tasty richness goes a long way – with some nice black coffee….. m.

      and if you do order some from the Key Lime Pie company, (to have delivered by your “mail-man – mail-woman- mail carrier clerk person…” ha!) well they do not have the same package deal that we got last month. I am SO disappointed to see that the “profit deal” now only comes with ONE pie and 8 bars – they switched out the second pie for a black t-shirt with a P-3 on it!!

      The former “profit deal” we got was awesome – it was TWO pies and 8 bars – and while it was a spring splurge for sure – well it was still a packed box and had enough to share. (i.e. My son’s friend was here on the second day we enjoyed this – and he was like “That’s really from Key West??? – My grandmom lives there…” and then he shyly asked- “Is their enough for me to have a piece?” – and I gladly said, “Absolutely….” – and there was enough – and that was because of the two pies –

      So really???? – switching out an entire pie for a “black” t-shirt (to then advertise for them?) well this has me baffled – if anything -leave the two pies and take out those “ingredient laden frozen bar things” (that feel like popsicles) and give us a Florida themed item that more people would want – but with older kids and years of stuff coming and going – the very LAST thing I would want coming through the front door is a T-Shirt- (((especially with a logo….also, it is likely cheap cotton with an ill fitting neck – and for the cheap cots of a t-shirt – it should be thrown in free and not replacing a pie…)))

      so if you do order one – keep checking on the changing deals – 🙂


    1. ha! = and I look forward to crawling through some of your past posts of dessert reviews = and still need to try the meringue topping on a key lime pie- have a nice night….


    1. yes, I guess if you use persian limes you are making “lime Pie” – and it is citrus-y and nice, but has to be yellowish key lime so thane that unique tanginess…. and I am sure as you know, when you have the real thing you notice the difference….. but plain lime pie is good too….


    1. Thanks Sue – and I thought I sent some with that bread – I will need to check on it – ha! and I think key lime pie is more “athlete” friendly too – has some antioxidants with those calories, not too much fat – and not too heavy for sport.


    1. oui! un grand piece for vous! (sorry – but my French is so bad – but maybe if I try reading some of your older and UNtranslated posts I can brush up on the francais foundation that is somewhere buried inside…. ha!


      1. well the second time I was forced to take French (lol) I ended up having a teacher that I needed to meet – Mrs. Mary Romano – and she even came to my house sand gave my son his first stuffed animal of an Easter Bunny – and we still salutations exchange de Noel! But I forget so quickly….


      1. FANTASTIC – and I thought you’d have a good poem – but this exceeded my expectations….
        very cool….
        Ef my old nose don’t tell me lies,
        It ‘pears like I smell custard-pies!”
        An’ nen he’ll say,
        “Clear out o’ my way!

        (and PS – I read this while in the waiting room at the ER – more on that later – but it brought a bit of lightness into the room – and maybe that is why I enjoyed it so – )


    1. or have some shipped from Florida when the deal is right! 🙂
      thanks for the nice comment and when and if we meet up someday – well let’s get some sorta citrus dessert…. hmmmmm


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