From my inbox…. 3 things


I don’t have much time to post today – so I am sharing a few things from my inbox this week:

First – this song from the 80’s “What People Do For Money” –  and even though I used to have this on cassette tape (lol)- this week was the first time I ever saw the vid  – (gotta love youtube)


fifty dollar sneakers and you’ve got no job…. tell me how you do it… when times are hard…


Second, an “interesting” video from Root Simple (with a 2 pound bread recipe here) –



Also, an interesting picture of this t-shirt came in (thanks C-)


t-shirt with facebook saying - priorhouse 2014
may your life one day be in congruence with what your Facebook depicts


Lastly – not from the ol’ inbox, but here is a photo of some of the bread we tried this week – simple and plain – yet oh so delicious!


bread loaves priorhosue 2014


Have a great Wednesday –


musings sister - priorhouse 2014
What a small world – a fellow blogger has a sister who was in the 1984 pop video for the song (above) “What people do for Money” – how cool!


23 thoughts on “From my inbox…. 3 things

  1. OMG my sister is in the video of What People Do For Money!! She is at 3:46. and in the dancing sequence at the end. Parts were filmed in my hometown of Teaneck NJ!!!!! Thanks for posting!


    1. how awesome – well later I have a few questions for you – but how cool is that – and the video is loaded with things that screams 1984 – wow – also – did not know it existed until today – so to have this blog connection w/ the vid is even cooler –


      1. someone posted it to my sister’s FB page a few years ago when it was first “uncovered” we couldn’t believe it. I had forgotten about it until today!! crazy!


  2. Some people would do everything for money indeed. Those bees certainly enjoys the Mochi. Now what happens if you want to eat that stuff? Wonder if the bees are extra. LOL!

    Oh yes, I love that T-shirt and that is exactly how Bragbook is. Some folks can be really irritating for sure. They must be the type that believes in : Fake it till you make it or they have good visualization skills. 😆

    That bread looks soooo delicious! Wish I was there. No, don’t wish I was there. Simba and I would have left nothing for any of you. hahahahaha

    Great post hon! Have a great day! ♥ Hugs ♥


    1. I wondered the same thing – about consumption – and the lady rolling the food was so calm! and we would have shared with you and Simba of sho- ! ❤


    1. I agree – and while I guess it is all “okay” – it just “feels” unsanitary – and like you noted – maybe even hazardous – yikes. 🙂


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