Triple Double? (Deion Sanders stats and Adios April)

Okay, so over at mindful digressions this question was asked: What is a Triple Double?  

Now I know my husband explained this to me just a few months ago – but I only remembered that it was something “LeBron James does all the time….” and so for some reason – I first thought it had to do with making a foul on a 3-point shot and then getting some free throws – but you only get “And 1” and not a double  (BTW- a triple double is when a basketball player scores double digits in three areas in a single game). 

But then I thought about this term some more – and realized that a “triple-double” is ALSO when your son forgets to pack his good indoor basketball sneakers – for a far  AWAY game – that is also a playoff game – and then you have to go to the “nearest” sporting goods store to hopefully find a pair, which you then pay not double the price for – but triple!  And so even though your son played some mean ball in those rescue sneakers, you spend the entire game feeling as if you have been priced gouged.

warming up at the away game - priorhouse 2014
My son warming up in his slides – at an away game….

I also thought that “triple double” could possibly refer to a bunch of “Prime Time” Deion Sanders statistics!!

~ You know, like he played on 5 NFL teams– and had “double” Super Bowl wins with 2 (49ers/Cowboys) and only “triple” regular endings with the others.

~ In high school he was double good in the triple sports he played?

~ Or wait – TRIPLE DOUBLE could also apply to how fast Deion would run when – as a little boy – when he had to go home at night in his dark neighborhood.   It was so dark outside, especially near the graveyard, and Deion said he would wait for the lights of a passing car to come – and then run as fast as he could, you know – triple-double fast – so he could run with the illumination of the the car lights.

~ Also, in 1992- Deion got 14 triples in 97 baseball games and at this time Deion was still a doubly arrogant dude (but he would later become a triple-double COOL guy).

~ Or maybe it referred to how triple bad Deion’s “Must be The Money” song is – and then to how doubly good Deion sounded in the Pepsi Grammy commercial.

Then I moved away from sports to just think about what a triple double means to me right now.

Two more things came to mind.

First, triple double could refer to how I doubly overplay and abuse my trio of playlists.  I do not always listen to music when I work – but when I need it, I have three playlists that get me through.  The first one is a quiet classical music compilation.  The second play list is a mixed genre of easy listening songs with everything from David Crowder to Firefall.  And the third playlist that I doubly abuse?  It is a mix of  Kenny Chesney and Jeremy Camp songs.  This unlikely duo is triply good for background music – and here is one song that I enjoy:

In closing, I have one final thought for “triple double” –

It means that after a TRIPLE sucky month – the next month is going be to a DOUBLE good one.  It just has to be!

And here is my poem:


It was one of those early days in May

-where everything felt right

A new month flowing – so nice.

Everything was quiet

Outside in the world

and inside my thoughts….

A stillness

A feeling of okay…

After a series of  sour April days-

Freshness filled the room –

A fresh queue – a lucid zoom.

In between songs and work –

the flow of the day was tight

you know….

Everything was feelin’ right…

In fact, I think it was what you might call a TRIPLE DOUBLE kinda day

Where the breeze, ambience and prospect – were “Doubly Good”- I’d say

And so ADIOS April –

and welcome MAY!



Have great Wednesday!

24 thoughts on “Triple Double? (Deion Sanders stats and Adios April)

  1. Don’t hate me for saying this please lol but I don’t watch basketball, I just learned a new term now though! thanks to you 🙂


    1. oh no worries mate – and now I do not think anyone could hate you Andy? If they do they do – well the one with the problem!

      I also do not “watch” that much basketball myself – or NFL Games either – but when they are on – I am usually coming and going – and so I catch some plays – or enjoy some close game endings – or they will show me some “really cool plays” if they juts happened –

      – and even when my boys play basketball – well many of us parents go and do things – which is nice -unless it is a big game (playoff or big rivals) – but when my husband goes – he stays and watches all – because he loves b-ball so much.

      But I am more with you on “not” watching it – believe me. 🙂
      – oh and happy hump day.


      1. Thank you ^^ Yeah I don’t get football all that much either, Aside of a guy kicks the ball and whoever catches it has to run for their lives, hum! 😛


      2. and how some get millions of dollars to do that! ha! and my boys had the chance to play one season of tackle football – it was a good experience – but thankfully they chose other sports they liked better – because I was getting ready to not let them play tackle football – just did not like it for the physical risk – and some would say that Lacrosse is just as bad but it is not even close – but that is for another post (or not).
        anyhow, I bet hockey comes on a lot around you….


  2. Wow. LeBron James, triple-priced rescue basketball sneakers, Deion Sanders, abused playlists, bad month/good month, and a poem. You set the bar pretty high, Y. Nice job. Thanks for participating.


    1. haha – it was just a fun word – and believe me – I had a few other things come to mind – lol – but moved on!
      and sorry I did not get to it yesterday – I just could not get to the computer – which is a good thing sometimes – and I think your new idea is a cool one –


      1. I’m glad you had fun with it. And no worries. One of the rules is that there is no time frame. Yes, it’s good to step away from the computer every once in a while.


    1. thanks! I took out a couple choice “words” to keep it more tasteful – ha
      oh – and I really like your blog! 😉


  3. I have to be honest as well here, I have no clue about basket ball 😦 However, I like your positive line – “after a TRIPLE sucky month – the next month is going be to a DOUBLE good one” and lovely poem too! And I wish for good days until the end of the year..cheers..


    1. Thanks Indah – and we both will get those good days…. 🙂
      Hope you have a great rest of the eek too.


  4. Hi Y, I thoroughly enjoyed this! Remember when you introduced me to Georgia O’Keefe? This time, i’d never heard of Kenny Chesney, either – I’m going to listen to him some more. Thank-you!!


    1. Hey Jill! woo hop – and well, please let me know if you like Kenny’s work – I only like select country music (my step-daughter loves country – and my dad also played it all the time)- and well, the song El Cerrito Place is what brought me to this cool album (and the overused play list – ha!) 🙂


      1. I like both these tracks but I think my favourite would have to be Sing ‘Em Good my Friend – tough call though. Interesting, I’m not usually a fan of country music but these tracks both work for me. I’m going to have some fun exploring more of his music.


      2. yeah – I think we have a lot in common Jill – not to big on country either – but his material is just tasty. 🙂 I do have a handful of other country gems – and well, I can see why some folks love it. have a great weekend Jill. ❤


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