Monday Walk with Jo (street shots, bread, and Jim Gaffigan clip)

Someone reminded me that I had a sticky note, with some words on it, stuck to my arm.

“I know,” I said!  “I put it there because I am about to write a poem….”

You see – that is what bloggers do sometimes!

We get ideas and have to scratch them down right away!

And a few lines came to me while I was waiting for the Keurig Brewer to warm up (yum).  Now if you have the model we have, you know that it does not take very long to warm up – and so these words came quick – and well, they could have left just as fast…. so I jotted them down.  Not because it’s Poetry month, but because I like a bit of poetry now and then.

Sometimes poems are the perfect way to say something quick – with a little flow – especially for those on the go.

Which ties into today’s post – my walk with Restless Jo…. Well not literally walking with Jo – but will you join me with my take on her challenge?


First, when we went to the store- yeah, the same night that led to my cheesy “Me and My Beau” poem – well when we walked into that store – I spotted this couple and it reminded me of Richard Guest’s cool blog.  You see Richard photographs street portraits (cool one here) and while I do NOT want to start doing this, I will grab a shot when inspired.

I didn’t get their names and I didn’t tell them where they could see their photo (oops), but I did get their permission and had the pleasure of sharing smiles.


monday walk with jo-priorhouse_


Next,  One of the things we bought here was some bread.  The apple cider looked cool, so I am adding a shot of that too – but some old-fashioned white bread came home with us that night.


monday walk with Jo-2-priorhouse-april-27

Sometimes a loaf of plain white bread is just refreshing!

Plain white bread may not be as nutritious as Spelt bread or a hearty wheat – and it may not be as tasty as sourdough rye – but it rightfully has a place in this world!   Just like iceberg lettuce can be enjoyed at times.  I know iceberg lettuce gets slammed for not being as nutritous as darker greens like spinach or kale, but sometimes I just want to enjoy some refreshing iceberg lettuce!   And it is not a waste of time to eat (as my mom suggests).

This also ties into what has been on the television at the Priorhouse – our favorite comedian Jim Gaffigan (link is here)!  Now even though I actually love the taste of Kale – both raw and cooked – well I enjoyed his funny comments: “Can we stop with the kale propaganda?  That stuff tastes like bug spray.  I was looking at a can of bug spray and it said, “Made with real kale.”

snippet here:


Third, after the store trip, we went for our little stroll (and I refuse to add those pictures that I took for the travel theme “glow….” because if you want to see them, you know where to go)- but here is a cool crosswalk I wanted to show!


monday walk with jo-3-priorhouse-apilr27


On a different day – I walked in to discover something delightful.

You see, my older son and I started a few seedlings last week.

It is a bit late to start them, but at least we got to it!   Now my boys have not gardened with me since they were young (you know, when they “had to”- ha!) and so this added a special touch.

Anyhow, we then accidentally left the starters outside overnight – and it was cold out! brrr…. Then – we both forgot to water them – not once, but twice!  Now I, am not sure if you garden, but most seeds are delicate and sensitive – and the chill can zap them.  Also, the starter soil is so thin that it does not always hold water.  So I decided to place this little neglected project inside the house for good, on my little 1950’s chair, and I let it sit!  I was getting ready to go and recycle the peat pots- or add fresh seeds to the slots – when I walked in to a nice surprise.


Most of the seeds had endured the cold night out back- and had endured dehydration twice – and they were now – full of LIFE.

monday walk with Jo-priorhouse-april27

This was even more invigorating to me because I have been fighting something off through this month of April – which took patience and strength – and I too was now starting to feel full of life again! Whew! It was the best feeling looking down at the surprise sprouts!

Resiliency is amazing – and so is patience for things….

And of course this reminds me of a Victor Hugo quote:

“Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.”

And people are like seeds, we can be delicate and sensitive – but we can also be tough and resilient! Oh yes we can!


In closing, I then walked in to an email from Karin – with an updated photo of their house, as they patiently wait for it to be completed.

karins house_april update-2-priorhouse

Hope you have a great Monday –

If you are enduring a trial or waiting for things to turnaround – hang in there – and remember that “this too will pass” (Thanks Marilyn for that one – as she gets a gold trophy for her strength!)

Also, I have said it before and I will continue to say this – Trials have much value….. they do….! And so do you!

For more walks with Jo – go here.




43 thoughts on “Monday Walk with Jo (street shots, bread, and Jim Gaffigan clip)

  1. Just loved this post Yvette and great shots hon. Loved that clip about Kale. LOL! He sure is funny! So glad those little sprouts survived and it’s true what you say. We are like seeds – most of the times. 😀

    Your friend’s house seems to be sprouting as well. Can’t wait to see the end result. Tell them to build faster. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing this great post and have fun for the rest of the day. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥


    1. you made my day — and here is what I call a “9412 hug” just for Sonel…. ♥ – well that is because 9,412 is the approximate miles from the Americas to South Africa – so it really is a power hug…..


      1. Glad to hear that hon and WOW! That is a big hug for sure and you just made my day and that sure is a lot of miles! Thanks! 😀

        ♥ More Hugs ♥ and lots of love! ❤


  2. Loved this post Y, and yes I totally agree, sometimes there is nothing like white bread, especially when straight from the bakery like this!! Mmmm, I’m so hungry now, lol 🙂 Love the photos and also your message – resiliency, oh so true. Great analogy for the ‘sprouts’! I used to love getting the kids involved with gardening and planting. Can’t say they are too enthused these days but maybe when they have their own homes…I used to detest gardening too but adore it now! Have a great day my friend 🙂


  3. He might be funny, this Jim, but I actually think kale-soup can be delicious! It’s all about the spicing! As in so many other matters…. and in food off course… 😉


    1. I agree- I just discovered how tasty Kale can be – and so dense with nutrients…. but have never tried the soup – sounds good….


      1. I read about it, that it was even more nutritious when cooked. And so it is sometimes with vegetables. Not all is at its best when its raw.


      2. yeah, I head that too – about cooking certain vegs –

        and last fall I met this cool lady – we talked while our boys were in drama class. And get this – her dad was Victor French from Little House on the Prairie – and she has his curly hair!

        She said two things that changed her life was adding kale and cocoa powder to her diet. well not together –

        but she said eating daily kale made her feel stronger – and adding a 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder to her morning coffee – no sugar – just the cocoa – well it made her feel satiated, more awake and more pleasant to be around. That sounds win-win-win to me! ha!

        Anyhow, I now have both – not every day like her – but muy bueno!! 🙂


  4. I loved reading this post with its snippets of poetic language.
    By the way, I agree with you on the iceberg lettuce – at times it is refreshing. Right now it is getting a bad rap. Who knows beliefs may change in a few years (like those on avocado)


    1. Hey Richard – I totally thought of you and your shots when they came strolling in! I still want to check out the other blog you always link on your posts – but whew – so little time to explore the many great blogs. anyhow, thanks for dropping by – and see you on your blog. 🙂


  5. Nobody could say walking with you isn’t fun, Yvette 🙂 I love your couple and his silly (oops sorry, smart 🙂 ) hat, not to mention the cider and that lo-o-ong pavement. And you’re so right! Now I’ll have to go and see you Glow! Many thanks for joining in 🙂


    1. thanks Jo – and your challenge is one of my favs of the week – have fun on your trip this week – woo ho 🙂 and be safe….


    1. well thanks for finding cohesion here – lol!!! because it felt more hodge podge – but that is what I like about a personal blog – we get to do whatever we want – and that has a fun element – and is still a bit new for me (well since July 2nd….) anyhow, thanks for taking the time to comment – you have such an artsy filter in your head…. ha!


      1. “Artsy filter” is a good description. 🙂 Art History major here and since I can’t draw or paint my creative outlet is now blogging and photography. 😉 It’s fun to do what I want with a personal blog!


  6. (EN) Nice post. I could name you” woman of first,second and third” 😉
    (IT) Bel post. Potrei chiamarti ” donna del primo,secondo e terzo” 😉


  7. Really inspired by all of the work you put into your posts Yvette. Beautiful pictures, poems, links, and insights. I can tell you put a lot of love into each of your posts and think it’s great. Keep it up and thank you so much for your support on my site. Take care!! 🙂


  8. Hi Y…. Loved walking with you and was so pleased those tiny seedlings survived, after that start in life I’m sure they are going to be winners… 🙂 Now about kale!!!!!! I have heard all the hype about how good it is for us but have never yet tried it. Can you recommend it?????


    1. hi!! and thanks for dropping by. 🙂 and yes, highly recommend kale. well I heard it is better when it is lightly cooked –
      and I found a s simple recipe – in a small saucepan add olive, diced red onion, and a bit of meat – hint of salt – and it is so good. But I also like to snack on it raw – or we add it to a quick morning smoothie – please let me know if you come across any cool recipes – but even a few bites can do a body a load of good…. POTENT stuff.
      and thanks for coming by for the walk! 🙂


      1. well the good news is that it is cheap too – but for some reason not all stores carry it. We used to buy it in the big bags from BJ’s – but it spoils kind of fast – like it lasts less than a week and I have tossed some out a few weeks week in a row.

        I found smaller bags of kale – at a store down the street – and while I hate bouncing around to stores – this is worth going to because their kale is tasty – fresh – and the perfect size bag is two bucks. I grand a few other things while there as well.

        but this superfood has loads of digestible vitamin K – and it gobbles up free radicals and well, I guess it also has lutein for eye health – and the natural fiber – which is good for so many things!! 🙂


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