artsy soap – (photo challenge)


My oldest son and I were at our local Whole Foods store the other night – and when I looked down, I realized that the homemade soaps not only smelled wonderful – but they also had vibrant colors and swirls that were SO ARTSY!

homemade soap_looking down_priorhouse_2014


And then looking up – on the way out – the row of hanging lights had a bit of charm as well.

Looking up_lights at whole foods market_priohouse_2014



This is linked to Sundays in My City and to Debbie’s Look Up-Look Down (week 33) 




indigo wild_myrrh-zum-bar
Frankincense and Myrrh Soap (ZUM bar)


31 thoughts on “artsy soap – (photo challenge)

  1. Soaps? Wow. Fooled me! When I first looked at that top picture, I thought I was looking at a display of fudge chunks. I remember small shops at beach resort areas along the east coast shores. These places specialized in all varieties and favors of fudge…chocolate, caramel, strawberry…and would have chunks displayed under a glass counter. Some also sold salt water taffy. Yum. I was sure that’s what your picture was of until I started reading your post.

    Well, it’s only 5:20 a.m. where I am. Too early for my eyes to properly focus. And of course I couldn’t smell the soaps. I’d prefer the aroma of fudge, I think.


    1. Thanks for the comment Mr. Doobs! and well, I totally see how it looks like fudge as well – especially the colors of the top row – and I like how you describe the homemade stuff sitting under the glass – and I can imagine some warm batches begin tossed on a marble slab

      I also prefer to smell of homemade fudge – even though there is one soap that I think has one of the best smells around – it is one from Indigo Wild and it is a simple goat milk soap with FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH –
      and guess what? it is also looks like fudge…. I will post a photo later to show ya.
      have a great day – oh… and keep us posted if anyone out your back door invites you over for a cookout one of these days. O_o 🙂


  2. Finding art where you are! and capturing it?

    Great Yvette! Thanks for all your visits and likes on my blog. I appreciate your comments, too.


    1. Thanks so much Ruth – and well – I have to tell you that the VARIETY of your photos is what keeps me coming back to your blog — you just never know what you’ll get over there – from guest photo submissions – to your differing street shots – to artistic doggie cookies – lol – 🙂 have a great Sunday –


  3. (EN)…and what did your oldest son say or do? I’m trying to visualize:colours,scents,lights, up, down and front(your son).Nice description 🙂
    (IT) …e cosa ha detto tuo figlio maggiore? Sto cercando di visualizzare: colori,profumi,luci,alto, basso e di fronte(tuo figlio).Nice description 🙂


    1. hi – well my son and I actually split up – he was looking for a specific item on his list and we ran to the store an hour before they closed. I ended up talking to some people near the chilled probiotics- lol – my son and I met up later and then we enjoyed a quiet drive home with some light snow coming down – so it was just a little down time going to and from the store together.
      thanks for asking. 🙂


    1. well the next time I come across the yummies I will be sure to grab a blog photo – because they are so similar in color and shape and texture….. 🙂 thanks for the visit.


    1. haha ha – was laughing pretty hard with this – and I bet the soap smelled amazing even though it looks like bugs! so funny – and you are so right – not very appealing…. but at least you tried….
      and lavender is SO amazing for calming the body – like a veda offers a travel size calming oil that has saved me on trips (like if visiting stinky places)
      but I also grow lavender – in a pot – because it always dies in the ground – and just rubbing some between the fingers has taken away a headache at times – 🙂
      thanks for the visit and for sharing about your soap specs… 🙂


  4. I think I will go with the first word I came up with: “radical”, and add the word “beautiful”, and then add an exclamation mark … ! Great offering, this post. Keep going. Thanks for your good, good, words of life you pass on to me. Peace, T


    1. wel thanks for asking – 🙂 and it is an all-time family favorite – now I am not sure if all frankincense and myrrh scents are the same, but the INDIGO WILD one is the best.

      we discovered it one year when I was buying some of their “travel kits” from lucky vitamin (an online store that used to have the greatest prices around). and well, just by chance I tossed in the frankincense and myrrh travel bag into the shopping cart and it came with little goodies – like 2 mini “sum bar” soaps – a mini oil, a shea butter – and the BEST part – a little spray bottle that lasts forever – and works powerful for bathrooms. lol
      but whole foods sometimes carries these products if you want to check out the scent ahead of time – and here is the main link:


      1. I do have a whole foods near here, next time I’m in there I’ll have to see if they have it, I’m just really curious about the smell. I’ve pulled up the link you sent to take a look at later. Thanks 🙂


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