Black (student art + mini poem)


white snow with black dogJennifer’s “photo challenge” this week is the word BLACK – and of course I had to share an image of our black Labrador in the white snow (below).


I also wrote this little poem:

My favorite thing about black – is how it looks next to white.

The two together – make quite a sight.

And my favorite thing about white…  is how it looks next to black

When these two team up – there is such an impact!

Black and white together – make each other look better.

The contrast, the awe…. well they are the perfect pair –

Where two become one, while they keep their own flare!

black dog in white snowblack dog in white snow_ph

Lastly, the beautiful black and white reminded me of one of my favorite art lessons from the ART room.

Once a year we used to “work with only black and white” to explore positive and negative space  – and to learn a little bit more about color theory (black is the absence of color and white is the blending of them all…).

black and white art lesson example_priorhouse_2014
Black and white art creation samples from Mrs. Prior art classes. (2009-2010)


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17 thoughts on “Black (student art + mini poem)

    1. thanks andy – and your gravatar picture (which is cook by the way) it would go nicely on the B & W art day too.


  1. “work with only black and white”– brilliant idea, what a cool project for kids 🙂
    Love this post, Y!


  2. Love this post – your poem says it all. The black and white challenge for kids (of all ages) is a great one…I think we too often think that we need lots of color and embellishment to be creative when often some of our best work is from the simplest beginnings. Bet the kids loved it!


    1. yes, the kids enjoyed it….

      – and hey – I just noticed that your gravatar actually fits in nicely with this B&W theme. 🙂


  3. Poem is great ! Love the contrast of black Lab against the white snow. Loving it !
    P.S I see you changed the outlook of the blog a little. Loving the new header and the overall look now 🙂


    1. Thanks for noticing the change – and I actually made the changes before all the reviews started going around – lol 😉 – and it was the wandering poets blog that I was inspired by – ( – but I want to keep my blog uncluttered and simple, but I also want to a bit of pages – and actually, this is my FIFTH theme change since last July. 🙂

      thanks for the visit too. 🙂


  4. What an awesome project to do with your students. Understanding positive and negative space (and appreciating the beauty of the interaction) is a wonderful art lesson. And I love your poem. (and of course your dog!!!)


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