If Emily Dickinson was on Twitter….

When we were visiting New York City we went to Max Brenner’s for chocolate and then to max brenner's chocolateStrand Bookstore down the street, which has 18 miles of books for a reading retreat.

Well that sure is a lot of books – and I am not sure which was more fun –

the chocolate shots of ganache – or exploring books by the ton.

Adventures, thrillers and informational books…srand book store in NYC

Religion, art, and those with fictional hooks.

Now many people currently debate

about genres they love and hate.

About old books, new books, classics that are over-rated…

Or about timeless treasures, which are aptly weighted.

Some argue that e-books are the ONLY way to go,

while others insist that printed text is needed for flow.

Most of us would say BOTH have their place

and it is not an “either or” case!

Yes, yes, electronic books are pretty sweet,

but “real” books will NEVER become obsolete.

And thanks to i*Kan  & Moranto‘s comments, which helped me tweak –

if Emily Dickinson lived with today’s fleet, here is likely what she’d tweet* 

Emily_DickinsonEmily Dickinson     @emilytheintrovert   8 m

There is no Frigate like a Book, To take us Lands away, Nor any Coursers like a Page, Of prancing Poetry…


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Have you read a good book this week?

I am currently reading one about the brain that has been like mental champagne….

looking down in 30rock

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*The tweet is from Emily’s poem: There is no Frigate like a Book.

There is no Frigate like a Book, To take us Lands away, Nor any Coursers like a Page, Of prancing Poetry, This Traverse may the poorest take, Without oppress of Toll, How frugal is the Chariot, That bears the Human Soul.”


** The book I am reading is Brain That Changes Itself – and it is one that cousin Larry gave to me on my Buffalo trip last November – you know, when I was enjoying those tasty hot beverages made with Kathy’s Keurig brewer.  😉


(and once again  -my note for the poetry police: this simple rhyme poem is not meant to be the poem of the century, I just like to share my stories with a little basic rhyme for flow…)




11 thoughts on “If Emily Dickinson was on Twitter….

  1. The tweet is awesome, but too long, it would have to be a series of tweets 🙂 I read, and because I spend so much of my day on the computer, I do enjoy an actual physical book to an e-reader.


    1. aw – you are right…. so let’s see — at 140 characters per tweet –

      here would be her actual tweet
      “There is no Frigate like a Book, To take us Lands away…”
      (then a link to the rest of it with maybe a photo of her room or private backyard)




    1. well thanks again for even leaving the comment like that – not to sound corny, but it really shows how “others” can make things better at times…. and I know you are busy so I am glad you have had time lately to peek in on my blog –

      also, keep me posted on the book give-away – I am not entering because right now I am backed up on my reading in a horrible way – and the brain book I have finally opened – well when Larry gave it me he was also forcing a bag of books in my car and I pulled put three and said “that’s it!” – no mas, no mas. But I also buy fifty cent books (but pass them on as well) and have recently added seven to my growing – waiting pile. But I like that waiting pile too – just have to watch how many more I add right now… ha ha
      have a nice day –


      1. I enjoy the ongoing conversation that a blog can inspire. It is one of the reasons that I enjoy looking at other people’s work, it is fun to see what they are thinking about.
        My reading list is pretty long right now too. Because I am in the middle of a semester, it is harder to find time to read just for “fun”


      2. okay, so I found one more thing missing in Emily’s tweet:



        and regarding the book drawing, I have to confess bit more here, because actually another reason I am refraining from entering is because if I am not careful – I will collect and gather and collect and gather books!!! lol – and so after cutting my library by like 70% in 2009 – well the home library collection is an area I have to monitor with care (hashtag… don’t hoard = ha ha)


  2. One of my favourite bookshops ever is “Lello” in Porto with the “Harry Potter staircase”. They sold Vintage Port wine upstairs and I sat in my little armchair and just gawped! 🙂


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