SLEEP (recent study)

On Friday night, I unexpectedly slept for 11 hours!  Now for my teenage boys this may be more norm, but I have not had that much sleep (at one time) in years.  When I awoke, I was reminded of the healing power of sleep – especially because my right ear was no longer bothering me!


Then in my email inbox, wiseGEEK  had a nice entry about how “sleep is biologically fundamentally necessary” to clean and restore the human brain – and as I was waking up from my coma sleep, I was reminded of how often sleep gets taken for granted (whether napping or sleeping through the night) – and I also realized how important sleep is to overall health.

Here are some thoughts I wrote as I reflected on sleep…. (I made the sentences rhyme for flow – but this is not trying to be the poem of the century – I just like to write this way sometimes – k?)




it’s a mixed thing

often overlooked –

minimized with a sting!

how “much” one needs – depends on wiring

Type A or Type B?

or high extravert with more social swing?

Sleep needs – depends on you…

health, phase and age-

                       Different goals

                                 Different life stage

But like margins in a book, which helps words flow

Sleep is key to balanced growth!

     We can only skip sleep for so long

Until all we know is the irritability song- 

And then with sleep deprived eyes –

moods and health are compromised!


     Sleep is a mixed thing –

But RESTORATION it brings…

We can abide with less for quite a while

But the body keeps a record –  a mental file!

deprivation begins to show

  one day – we just know –

It is time to go to bed –

                       stop dead –

                               rest the head –

Cancel plans to merely sleep instead!


Dream,   t o s s,    T u R n-

dream some more, forget keeping score.

relax your mind-

forget any chore –

DARE to feel bored!

           Let God’s healing power do its work

So neurotoxic waste is unable to lurk.

Let emotions come to balance-  so no one goes berserk.

     You may not need therapy- just some sleep and R.E.M. perks!

Sleep means cleaning up the mind

     So calmness can help you carry the DAILY GRIND!


 I know, I know – we are all pretty busy

schedules that keep a lively tizzy–

and to ‘seize the day’ – at times we go light on sleep

but what about the health we keep?

And without enough sleep – your brain WILL weep!

Do you need 7 or 8 hours – Is it 6? or maybe 9?

resting needs change over time –


Make plans now

To stop the “plow”

Get some more sleep – somehow…. 

A nap is powerful, and so is resting light-

But don’t put it off,

enough fight or flight!

good night….and sleep tight. 


Teaching Tips:

ARTICLE: Check out this article about a recent study, which revealed even more about the RESTORATIVE and healing role of sleep.  The article notes:

“The brain only has limited energy at its disposal and it appears that it must choose between two different functional states — awake and aware or asleep and cleaning up.” “You can think of it like having a house party. You can either entertain the guests or clean up the house, but you can’t really do both at the same time.”

Five Ways to Get Better Sleep (adapted from Watch-well-cast) :

~1. Develop a good bedtime routine (no – it is not just for children)- but as you move through different life seasons, adjust your “winding down” routine so it can work for you.  Some people keep about 8 to 10 hand selected books on their night stand – and reading before bed calms and soothes.  Others like to journal or write on nights they do not want to read- and then some do deep-breathing exercises while saying end of the day prayers or by reciting a few Bible verses.

Side note: One lady in our small group shared that when she was having trouble sleeping – from stress and other life stuff – she calmly repeated Proverbs 3:24 until she fell fast asleep.  A she took in big breathes of air to fill her lungs – she would say, “I am a child of God and peaceful sleep is a gift…. and when I lie down, I will not be afraid -(deep breathe) my sleep will be sweet.  I am a child of God and I receive peaceful sleep, thank you, dear Lord, for the gift of sleep. I am not afraid and I am NOT stressed – (deep breathe) and my sleep will be sweet….I am a child of God and peaceful sleep is a gift…” etc.

~2. Try to go to bed around the same time every night – and try to get “some” rhythm into your internal clock.

~3. Don’t use electronics right before bed – and maybe even consider keeping your smart phone turned off – or out in the hall – yeah, really….. because your health is worth it.

The Persistence of MemoryDALI
The image is a copy of Dali’s 1931 painting: The Persistence of Memory


~4. If you are having trouble getting to sleep or “staying” asleep – before you turn to medicine, why not explore any food, drink, or activity that may be “messing with” your sleep cycles.  Some people cannot have caffeine within TEN hours of sleeping – others cannot have certain foods – or activities within two hours of sleep time.

But before you medicate – take some time to EDUCATE – and find out more about YOUR body and the way it is wired – because we all need sleep – we all get tired – and sometimes little things can be adjusted to keep you rested and inspired!

~5. CREATE a “sleep mood” in your sleeping area – get a new pillow or pillow case, splurge on some high thread-count sheets, or buy a comforter that screams “relax” to you…. Also, ask, “Is my sleeping area dark enough?  Quiet enough?  Do I need a fan or should I add some white noise? Do I like where I sleep?  What can be added or removed to make my sleep area better?

One thing that I have done (in addition to simplifying our bedroom), well I also rotate the art  that hangs on the wall to the left of the window.  All of the other art in our master bedroom stays the same, because it matches the decor and it is just set – but in this one area – I like to change out the artwork a few times a year – and sometimes at night, when the nightlight is on, this seasonal art piece adds a certain richness to my winding down.  It depends on the art piece of course, but because I carefully hand pick which painting is hung in that spot, it is usually a rich piece that I like to look at, pour over and enjoy.  Art is amazing!  I also like to set out an aroma bar!  Well it is actually a jar, called Aromabar, which is filled with healing plant essential oils – and as it permeates through the air it can help calm and heal as one winds down!


So get creative and invest some time in making YOUR sleep area more customized for you – it will pay off in the long run!

6 thoughts on “SLEEP (recent study)

  1. Awaking Sleep
    I read a poem about sleep that inspired me to respond
    I wrote the first line
    In between my after sleep yawn!
    Whether it is morning, noon, day, or night
    Sleep is where the spirit is healed from life’s
    Battles and scars
    It is like my friend said
    Taking a long road trip in a car
    At some point gas is required
    Though you are not tired
    Without refueling you will
    Not get very far!
    So I see sleep as a moment alone
    With my Holy Father above
    Just a moment to remember
    What it is like to be at home
    With angels of protection
    I sleep and sometimes fight
    But I trust in Holy Father and Son Jesus
    That everything is alright
    In Jesus I find my rest and my
    Sleep gets better and better
    As I pass my awake moment tests!
    I just Woke up!
    Now it is time to Live
    There is so much to give!
    And it is summed up in one word
    By Jeffrey 10-27-2013 1:14 pm


  2. Tp reply to the other bloggers comment on cucumbers, they are a novel idea but it would not work for me as I would eat them! What works for me is a hot shower and prayer and then some more prayer. I close my eyes and literally work on slowing my brain down to match my need for sleep. Sometimes the process is immediate and sometimes not. Maybe a bowl of cucumbers would put me to sleep as eating food always has aide in my sleep process. But watch out for weight gain!


    1. you are so sweet –
      first of all – thank for reading.

      second, I believe that Jung first used extravert – with the “a” – when he presented extraversion and introversion in his initial continuum; the “o” usage evolved from there and so did ambiversion.

      Some people say there is not a difference between extravert and extrovert, but then others claim there is –

      For example, recently this blogger said she is reading a book that distinguishes all three:

      “The book tells me that the way to tell the difference between an introvert and an extravert (Myers-Briggs talk) is not how they spend their days, or how well they interact with others, or how social they are. The REAL way is to look at how people gain energy. At the end of a long day, do they seek people out (extravert) or do they retreat to calm and solitude (introvert)?”
      more here:

      In closing, I only used the “a” because it was the first one that came to mind = O_o 🙂
      thanks again and have a great day.


      1. I’m familiar with the gauge of the -vert LOL from the level of one’s energy in the given context.

        Actually, I appreciate the evolution of letters you speak of, Yvette. Apologies for having jumped the gun on that. As a former linguistics major and Classics minor (Grk and Latin) in college, I am reminded of Historical Lx 101. Thanks for enlightening me on the usages of these terms. Keep up the thoughtful blogging.



      2. well thanks again for the visit -and the comment – and I will be right over to see ya on zee ol’ blog…. 🙂


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