My PhD

A few folks wanted to know a bit more about my dissertation path.

I have decided to NOT give updates here, for a few reasons, but I will keep everyone posted when I am done.

I recently had a third Chair change – and the former one is no longer with our school.   The good news about this change is that my newest Chair is more seasoned with my type of study and she is cool.  The “not so good news” is that I lost months of work and now have to rework basic things.

But you know, without sounding cheesy optimistic, I am grateful for this Chair change even if it means a few more months of work.   I also believe it is “meant top be” and I have a story to share from during my undergrad years. Before I graduate with my undergrad degree, I had a little bit of a setback to where I had to take a French class.  I was mad because I had so many “extra” undergrad credits where it seemed ludicrous – I also was married and now pregnant – so I was just wanting to be done!  Well I ended up taking the class at Red Rocks Community College, which was a school that supplemented courses for our smaller school.  The teacher of that French class, Mary Romano, became a friend!  She gave my son his first Easter Bunny (which we still have) and we still share Christmas cards each year!  So the inconvenience back then was a God-appointment to make a friend – and for a few other things too.   So right now, well I feel “God appointment” all over this latest change.

A PhD is a marathon and not a sprint.

My motto is:

 “I will finish.  I will finish soon.  I will finish well.”

light reading

Some basic info:

I am studying I & O psychology , which is the study of work behavior – motivation, job attitudes, issues of HR (recruiting, hiring, training, performing, etc.), and organizational factors (climate, culture, leadership, etc.).

I wanted to study I & O because it is “varied” – like me!  I also think that “work” is one of the most important things for all humans.

I also chose I & O psych because it deals with leadership – and leadership in ANY and EVERY organization is SO important because it influences everything.  I have been under all types of leaders and I have had two bosses who were exceptional – especially as they modeled the art and science of managing people and business.

When you work under amazing and empowering leadership,  it is no small matter!

The first boss – Kyle Reed (in Denver, CO) – proprietor and small business owner – who was generous with his funds, creative with his leadership training, and in tune with discerning what each manager needed for motivation and perks.  Complete inspiration!

Mary VanDoozer (Arvada, CO) is the other manager (and former small business owner) who was inspiring to work for and with.  As a young college student, working under her “fair” leadership it was refreshing – and we still keep in touch.


That is it – and one day (soon) I will come back to update this post with… “finished”

In the meantime:

“I will finish.

I will finish soon.

I will finish well.”

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I believe this was appointed for my life before I was born.

I will enjoy the process, which is iterative.  :)


Thanks for reading -and  have a nice day.

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