Happy Easter (Matt Redman Song)

For Easter today, I wanted to share a song that is out right now, it is one that has been very special to me this month….

in ways I cannot even put into words….


 Here are a few of the lyrics:

Your Grace Finds Me

by Matt Redman

It’s there in the newborn cry

It’s there in the light of every sunrise

It’s there in the shadows of this light

Your great grace

It’s there on the mountaintop

It’s there in the everyday and the mundane

There in the sorrow and the dancing

Your great grace

…Your great grace
Oh such grace
Your great grace
Oh such grace…


And to any of the atheist or agnostic readers that follow this blog- and to the bloggers of other faiths -well this is not meant for you – because I genuinely respect your beliefs and views - and I am sorry if any rude Christians have done ‘this or that’ (and believe me, many Christians are out of line and rude – even to their own!!!) 

But for those that want a good book to skim about “GRACE” – and to see a different side of faith ( and if you want to see a different view from the ‘angry’ Fox news channel) – well check out Philip Yancey’s classic gem of a book from the 1990′s – “What’s So Amazing about Grace


click image for link

There is also a Grace “Visual” edition -


click image for link

Have a nice Easter….

    “….grace is more amazing than you’ve ever dreamed.”

Philip Yancey



Glass Palette art show video….

Having spring break this week allowed me to catch up on some misc. projects.  One of my “to do” list items including making this little video from the DELL O’CEANO art reception last month (post is here).  My younger son added in a few of his iPhone photos – and well, here it is.


The song is The Simple Things by George Duke (1995)

Have a great Saturday.  :)

from the ocean






Triple Shot Friday – (asian pin, cookies, and misc.)

It’s time for a Triple Shot Friday.

And while I cannot do every challenge that I would like to, this post connects to the Round and Shiny themes that are rolling around and lighting up the blogosphere this week.

1. Asian Pin:

This was little gem was in the art bin and I gave it to my favorite nurse practitioner, Joan M.

This is a little gem from the art bin and last week I gave it to my favorite nurse practitioner, Joan M.


2. Round nougat cookies on a shiny plate.

This used to be one of my step-daughter’s favorite cookies, made my Archway.


shiny plate and round cookies_priorhouse

My son is grabbing one of the Archway nougat cookies – and this was not staged, he saw me snapping the photo and reached in – but was joking – and I went with it…


3. Mango, biscuits, and apple tart:

My older son taught us how to properly cut a mango...

My older son taught us how to properly cut a mango… (see left photo)



This is linked to A Word In Your Ear, for ROUND and to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, which is Shiny.

Have a thrice as nice Friday.  

Okay, that was cheesy, but it is triple shot Friday, so hey….


 Check out Debbie’s art take on the triple shot, a 3 headed monument to Jan Toorop, a Dutch-Indonesian artist….


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument (Richmond, Virginia)

Original photo Credit: My brother W-, 2006




There is a saying in Richmond, Virginia –

“Somewhere around here…. It is always 1865”

Because you see… history keeps this town alive.

For those who visit or reside-

Whether you walk or take a drive

Memorials thrive….

There are monuments and battle sites to see

memories linger on every street



Around town

Up and down



And while there is plenty of new

The charm of this area…

Is how the past imbues our view

Because remembering-

Is good to do….





This is linked to the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, which is monument this week.  Click here to see more entries.

This is also to participate in National Poetry Month, which is April.


(photos taken by my brother W- in 2006)


If you are in the Richmond, Virginia area – be sure to visit MONUMENT AVENUE!

visit richmond and monument avenue

On the horse is J.E.B. Stuart… click photo for RVA website





Pies, Pies, Pies (and did someone say Teebow?)

This post has three parts: Art by Thiebaud, The Profit finale, and Tim Teebow

1.  ART by Thiebaud:

Last night we watched the The Profit finale, which was a pie episode and it made me think of art by Wayne Thiebaud, which is pronounced “tee-bow” -who is often noted as the “dessert painter.”

Well Thiebaud painted more than desserts, but his classic and nostalgic versions of bakery items and confectionaries are wonderful. And his use of shadows is noteworthy – and for math in art his art works are a good option!  He is often classified as a pop artist, but his early work came before this movement and the “sweet everydayness of his cake and pie pictures looked like cousins of Andy Warhol’s soup cans.”  (more HERE ).  To share a little bit of his work, here is a short vid I made:


2. The Profit finale:

The final episode was the “Key West Key Lime Pie”  and besides drooling to try some, there was someone in the room with a wet eye when one of the employees, Tammy, received a generous salary bump photo from the profit(she was the “key” to the Key Lime pie business…).  This merge was also such a success story and I can see why this was chosen as the finale.

But back to this salary adjustment for a minute, because this will not only bless this dedicated worker, but it will also allow her to have a quality of life that will then let her bring more freshness to her job – more zest – which is just “good for business.”  Lemonis says, “Although a pat on the back is often good, giving somebody financial stability goes a lot further…”

This is an example of how The Profit MODELS for us that in his 3 P’s – “People Matter” first – and when People are properly tended to, the Process and Product can then be fortified more effectively.

kwy west key lime pie the profit

credit: Key Lime Co.

I also like that the new logo left a bit of yellow in the lime, because “ripe” key limes are actually “yellowish” in hue – and the entire logo – fruit and words – give a delicious presentation of green *and* yellow!

While I think the Key Lime Pie Co. pies are lacking some visual upscale appeal (a bit boring) – the all natural, proprietary recipe is a huge perk and I like that they offer an extra tart version – and a gluten free pie as well.  The former pie recipe has won awards from The American Pie Council and is recommended by Food Network and we plan on trying this new pie in the next couple of months and I will be back to post a review.

I also noticed that they have an “under fifty dollars” option, which I think brings “pie shipping” into the realm of affordability for more people.

And having a pie shipped can sometimes mean more than giving someone flowers, cards, or even money.  Sometimes a tasty gift like a pie becomes a box of love.   And especially a key lime pie, which is hard to find and the all natural ones are packed with antioxidants. 


3. Did Someone say Teebow?

And because Thaibaud sounds like “Tee-bow” – well it makes me think of the former NFL player Tim Teebow  - and did you also know that Teebow’s  family has a very popular PIZZA PIE recipe that looks like a heart clog an athlete’s caloric delight (recipe Here ).

teebow family pie recipe


 I also wanted to share a pie joke I heard last month on national “Pi day” –  which is March 13th for π 3.14…. it does not have to do with math, but it is cute.

The story:

       A New Yorker goes to college in California and settles into his dorm.  He asks his California roommate if he wants to go out for some pie.  

His roommate replies curiously, “Pie???” and then says, “Dude – no thanks…”  

and then the roommate asks again, “Come on, my treat, we’ll grab some pie and then go to a movie…”  

And again the roommate replies, “Dude, no thanks man.  I need dinner, and I don’t really do pie…” –

well than it was obvious there was an east coast vs. west coast case of semantics here.  

You see, pie is also a name for Pizza in New York – and well, once settled – the guys went out for some PIZZA PIE…


In closing, one thing I really like about Thiebaud’s work is the texture. He painted versions of pies long before the smooth look of fondant was around, and while smooth frosting has a place, sometimes the thick texture  - whether real or implied – is a bit more tastier, like in this one:

wayne-thiebaud-cake and slices

Wayne Thiebaud, Around the Cake, 1962

art by wayne thiebaud_priorhouse

Paintings by Thiebaud


For teacher elementary lesson using Thiebaud ART go HERE
and here is a link to cool blog: wayne thiebaud’s view
For a bIble verse on wages check this one out HERE



Things in pairs – and Stephen Colbert

Well I am so excited for the final episode of The Profit tonight – featuring the Key West Key Lime Pie Company.  And I was excited to just realize that the pie company – which features ALL NATURAL ingredients – well they also offer an extra tart version of their key lime pie – (have a neighbor, Debbie, that would freak out for one of those) and have a gluten free key lime pie option -  now that is awesome.

I am wondering why they picked this show to be the grand finale – and I guess we shall soon find out….
Now I think I mentioned that my boys also love the CNBC show called Shark Tank – and that comes on before and after The Profit – and someone just tweeted that the shows are a “perfect pair

and while I totally agree – it made me sad to think that the other perfect pair on television will be breaking up – and that pair is John Stewart and Colbert Report….

perfect pairs - shark tank and profit and stewart and colbert

Now even though I do not watch Stewart and Colbert regularly (by choice), but I have to say that The Colbert Report has given us some of the BEST laughs EVER!  (tip of the hat – wag of the finger… and the Word…)

And a great light will go out to lose the Report – but maybe his new role replacing David Letterman will work out… maybe…..

Instead of writing about it – I will just link you to the Doobster’s blog, because I LOVE how he recently summed up the Colbert change HERE:  Mindful Digressions on Colbert’s Announcement



Shark Tank and The Profit…


Stewart and Colbert

at least until the end of the year……