From My Inbox (weather, dogs, street art)

Well it is time for the November inbox share…. I put the slideshow in a short video -

1. Delancey Place highlighted some good news about gloomy weather (here):

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 8.16.05 AM

drunk tank pink



2. Here is what the lake effect snow in Buffalo, NY looked like this month:

laek effect snow2

credit – The Weather Channel


Someone in Buffalo made an outdoor beverage holder:

outdoor fridge in buffalo


lab in snow at night

3. Terrierman shared that “one of the things that sets a dog’s heart aflutter is the smell of their owners.”

terrierman blog post

click image to read more at terrierman


Terrierman also provided a site for ZIP CODE data –  go  HERE to get some “adjectives” about your neighborhood.


4. Bytes daily delivered some art by Kenny Random (HERE) into my inbox (and go here for typewriter art by Paul Smith)

kenny random silhouette art from bytesdaily


Well that’s all from moi!  Have a great day everyone – and for those in the States – I hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving.

happy thanksgiving

and for those that are still working on their novel for this month – best wishes – and keep going…. keep going…. xyabc#!#abc!






joy is… a trip to the store

To link to Kan’s challenge this week (HERE), I am sharing a couple of photos from a trip to the store. We were able to see Speedy again (here is the first post featuring a street photography shot of him).

speedy - in rva

At the store, there was a lady from Maryland in town – and her car had such an artsy feel because the leaves on the windshield matched the logo – and with the deep red color of the car it just had this rich fall feel!

cadillac car with

Also, I had just seen the commercial for the Cadillac 2015 model – where the guy is walking down the street in an artsy shirt that matches the Cadillac logo – and so maybe that is why I noticed the vibrant colors and logo on this car.  I am sharing the commercial here – but for the record I have heard that these Caddies are not the quality they used to be…. and also, I personally do not like such a loud color for a vehicle:


Joy is… a quick trip to the store – seeing Speedy again and then just not being too busy to notice rich colors in every day things.

And here is restless Jo’s Joy is post – check out her splashes….


there is no spoon (photo challenges)

Can you guess what is on this spoon?  (the answer is at the end of the post- and it is not sugar)

spoon with borax and baking soda-2 priorhouse

I had a different idea for the wpc angle challenge, but this spoon resting on an angle caught my eye! The “crystallographic lattice” has a variety of small angles…


The sparkle was purdy and so I am also linking to Narami’s texture challenge!

sppon with borax and baking soda- 1 priorhouse

When I set this spoon down for a pic, I realized the base was our old mahogany desk, and mahogany is JNW’s word of the week..

Also, for those that don’t know, the term “there is no spoon” is from an old Movie Called The Matrix – (here)

“The spoon exists only in the Matrix, which really means it doesn’t exist.

It’s a lesson for Neo, to help him realize that manipulating the Matrix isn’t about focusing on an object and trying to change it. The object doesn’t exist, so he can’t change it, he has to change himself. Metaphorically, it’s all in his head.”

there is no spoon


The spoon has borax and baking soda on it.

I dissolved some borax and baking soda in a glass of hot water to add to an alkalizing bath – but I decided to not use it and the glass and spoon sat over night – the pictures show what the spoon looked like after sitting in the dissolved mixture overnight.

Hope you have a nice rest of your Sunday!

update on bullying case

Quick update on Eric Martin Case – (part 1 is HERE) one charge was dropped and the other one might be dropped too.

For now, he is on probation and has to attend anger management classes.

I think those involved with helping Eric Martin are pleased with the outcome, especially to have the major charge dropped.

THANK you so much to those of you that signed the petition - a little bit of support can make a difference.  Yes it can.  :)

stop bullying quote by priorhouse

stop bullying quote by cat cora

throwback songs – RTZ and Boston

For a throwback Thursday post, I wanted to share a song from a band called RTZ.

Most people have heard of Boston, but you might not have heard of RTZ, which is a band that was started in ’89 by two former Boston band members (Goudreau and Delp)

Here is a song (from 92) by RTZ called Until Your Love Comes Back Around:

rtz boston brad delp -throwback thrusday

I am not a big concert goer -but years ago I went to a bunch.

When we saw RTZ in 1992 it was at a small club and there were only around 200 people.

The small crowd felt crazy to me at the time because RTZ sounded just like Boston (same singer- Brad Delp…) and Boston was so popular – they would sell out large arenas in the early-mid 80’s – but now – less than a decade later – these same musicians were barely filling up small venues.

It reminded me of quickly fame can wane.

And it reminds me now about how music is woven tightly into the fabric of our memories.

In the 80’s – we used to sit on the porch steps late at night – with friends from down the street (Kim, Darren, Sean, etc.) – and we’d listen to triple shots of music.  Hearing some of those songs now can really “bring ya back” – which is just nice sometimes.

For those that want to take a listen – here is cool song from Boston too – called Amanda.


Have a nice day!


cold November morning…


I looked around the dark room

from under the flannel

cozy and warm

appreciating home

on this cold November morn!

priorhouse - 1

The coffee downstairs

called to me…

 tiptoeing down

on chilly floors

 greeted by wagging tails

waiting to go outdoors…

Into my coffee

Went a hint of cocoa

mmm and mmm

priorhouse - 2

Then I remembered my brother’s visit

family was visiting today!

I smiled…

because I realized

This cold November morn

was actually quite WARM.

Warm indeed.

priorhouse - 3

I have been trying to write at least once a day in my paper journal during 2014 – and this was written early this morning – as I sipped some Kona java.

This post is linked to Kan’s joy is… challenge – because joy is when family stops by for a short visit while on their road trip from Buffalo down to Florida.


Have a nice Tuesday – and I hope you find a few little joys throughout your day….

kan's joy is picture

Joy is… week 16



wpc- achievement (race day shirt, Titian art)

The weekly photo challenge is “achievement” this week, and Michelle W.’s colorful photo of NYC runners reminded me of a small run I did in 2002.  I am not a major runner, but I have been doing 5K’s on and off since the 80’s. And back in 2002, I was new to town and I just quickly signed up for the 4 mile Los Gatos Great Race.

shirt on chair

great race 2002This little ol’ run turned out to be a celebrated achievement for me because not only was it a very hilly in the mountains up and down kinda run, but I also decided to take the boys along – a 2 1/2 and 4 year old –  in a double stroller!   Oh, and before the race even started – I had to walk UP many hills just to check-in…..

When I crossed the finish line that morning, with wonderful strangers cheering us on, well I knew I would NEVER run with large kids in double stroller – ever again.

The Great Race was still really fun – and I kept the t-shirt as a momento.

Part 2 – Titian art.

I wanted to include some Titian art for the second part of this achievement post because what I found inspiring about Titian was that he had some of his BEST years AFTER the age of 60.

Here is a quick slide show I made with a handful of Titian’s paintings, synced to “Times Like These” by the Foo Fighters, which was recorded in spring of 2002, which was right around the time of the race:

Jay Williams writes, “Titian, in the last 10 or 12 years of his life and secure in his renown, painted as much to please himself as to satisfy patrons. Still a vigorous personality even in his eighties, he expressed passionate feelings in his works – in an age that still tended to regard a painting as a piece of find craftsmanship rather than an outlet for personal emotions. Titian covered his late canvases with quick, broad brushstrokes, using shimmering color and a vigorous sense of drama.”

titian art collage - priorhosue

I think Titian’s later year achievements can inspire all of us – because while so many of us have small and large successes already, well – let us not forget that there is still opportunity to do some great things.

There is still time to pursue an old dream or come up with a new one.

I say this very seriously because I have seen many people feel washed up and “done” at 55.  I have seen people filled with regret and only backward thinking in their 40’s. And sure, I know there are sometimes different issues to work through  –  healing, disappointment, etc.  – but some fresh years are in front of you – and with all your life seasoning and the specialness that only “you” can contribute  – well the coming years are waiting to be embraced! 

titian color = Self-Portrait c. 1562

When Titian painted this self-portrait – he was in his 60’s and he had already achieved so much – but he still had almost 20 more years of creative working after this…

If you want to read more about Titian, check out this article from The Guardian (Here) – and scroll down to read the comments because there are some diverse views presented about this Venetian artist who achieved so much!

To see more entries for the weekly photo challenge this week on achievement  – go here.

Have a nice Sunday!


PS – One of our blogger friends just turned 60 – check out Dan’s post HERE

Dan writes, “Turning sixty is was no big deal.

As they say, “it beats the alternative” but in many ways, it’s just another marker.”

venice 1968

Venice, Italy (c. 1965)


Bullied teen – please sign/send note

I hardly ever do something like this – ask for folks to sign a petition and ask folks to send a card to a student who was bullied and beat up – but I am humbly asking for just that!

Eric’s story touched my heart from the first day I heard about it.

Also –  the 11/21 update to this post is here!


Here is the quick version:

Eric Martin was beaten up on the second day of school at a High School in Richmond, VA.

“Eric’s attackers viciously beat him, causing him to have a broken hand and a traumatic brain injury (TBI), leaving him unconscious by the end. This brain injury will permanently impact Eric’s life. He continues to receive medical treatment for his injuries seven weeks later.” 

But guess what?  The school is charging Eric with assault!!

eric martin needs help

The worse part is that when his family was in shock over this trauma – the school charged Eric with a crime – because he fought back they say it is part of their no tolerance policy… he was in the hospital when they slapped the charges on him…

This is so wrong.

 I was wondering if maybe you could take the time to sign the petition for the school to drop the charges against ERIC – here at There are already 135,000 signatures….and would like 14,000 more….

Also, if you could maybe send a note of encouragement to Eric – I know it will make difference.

Really – just one stamp, a piece of paper,  and five minutes of your time… could edify a healing boy in a big way.

Here is the address:

Letters for Eric Martin, P.O.Box 993, Sandston, Va. 23150

~~~ Here is a little more of this story….

Eric Martin started high school earlier this year as an eager student – ready to experience a new life in High School.

On his first and second day of school he was harassed and bullied by a group of students.

“On September 4th, after repeated bullying, including gay slurs and inaction from school staff, a fellow student called Eric an abusive word, then moved closer to him to continue to harass him.  Eric asked him to leave him alone, but the bully continued to verbally harass him and then threateningly postured near him.  Eric felt intimiated and that he needed to protect himself.  Eric admitted to lunging first, but only because he could sense that the bully and his friends were going to physically attack him.”

Eric was then beaten up so bad he was put in the hospital for almost two weeks- and his family is now faced with extreme medical bills because things here in the States are so grossly over priced with medical care.  (Side note, if Obama wants to really help the American people with medical care – maybe his administration should regulate the price gouging at these medical institutions instead of forcing folks to get questionable coverage plans that just passively supports the price gouging).

I also am familiar with this high school and the administration there is – well… um – let’s just say they need some accountability!

Fighting stinks – and it is worse when it involves being bullied. And then it gets even crazier when the school is cold and rude like this.

please pray for eric martin of sandston va


At a time when this family needs sympathy and at a time when this young man has been victimized mentally and physically – instead of apologizing or asking hjow they can help, this high school has a “one size fits all” plan for adding more pain to a situation they failed to prevent.

Won’t you please take a quick minute to sign the petition – HERE

and maybe even send this young boy a small note….with a word of encouragement?

Letters for Eric Martin

P.O.Box 993

Sandston, Va. 23150


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.— Winston Churchill


Have a nice day and thanks for even considering to help out here – they have a school meeting about it this week – and the signatures really make a difference. :)


Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.— Margaret Mead

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do.— Leonardo da da Vinci

Nuts on plate (wpc- minimalist)

nuts in photo minimal weekly photo challenge poriorhouse 2014

Nuts on a plate – mmmm mmmm good!

This is my minimalist photo -

it may just look like nuts on a plate

and actually – they ARE  just nuts on a plate,

which is nothing like snakes on a plane -

but sounds kinda the same

but these nuts on a plate

are a rich superfood

and seeing that I posted about tea

and coconut oil this week-

I am sticking with the superfood take

with nuts on a plate!

The potent nutrition…

of the raw, unsalted nuts on this plate

are minimally processed

meaning they have more deliciousness…

more fiber

more protein

more plant sterols

more vitamin e

more selenium

more omega 6 fat

more ellagic acid

more magnesium

and more crunch!


The nut plate is quite minimal:

gray plate minimal color

The nut container is minimal:

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 12.00.18 AM

And the price was rather minimal:

Target sells this 30 oz. jar of raw nuts for under 15 dollars -

…meaning that the nuts on this plate

cost less than fifty cents an ounce…

nuts on a plate

and while on the topic – here are some more NUTS on a plate:

blogger nuts on a plate

In Denver, Colorado they also serve nuts on a plate,

which is kind of like junk in a box -

or not

but these nuts on a plate

are called rocky mountain oysters:

rocky mountain oysters on a plate -

Well that is my take on the minimalist challenge -

just some nuts on a plate -

and for more takes on the wpc -

go HERE.

Have a great day!

and at your next party – do your guests a favor

and serve some up some nutritious

nuts on a plate! 

more nuts

more nuts on a plate….

nuts on a plate 7


And check out this wiseGEEK post about how the makers of Nutella use 25 percent of the world’s supple of hazelnuts (Here)


coconut oil – a priorhouse taste test

Coconut oil is a must have!

After hearing about coconut oil for years – and even buying some in 2008, which I just gave away…. well I have come to appreciate this wonderful “white gold.”

We have been using coconut oil for about a year now and recently tried some different brands.  I decided to do a taste test last week, while we were tasting teas, just to see if we could tell a difference.  Here is the photo to share:

priorhouse coconut oil taste test - 2014

The Wild Oats brand (D) has a slightly smoky taste, but the other brands did not.

Coconut oil is a superfood.

Great for skin.

Great for cooking.

Great for health.

You can also rinse your mouth with coconut oil, which is called oil pulling.  It conditions the gums and pulls bacteria out of the mouth.


coconut oil and green tea - wonderful healing combination - priorhosue 2014

I have come to really look forward to green tea with coconut oil, especially on a chilly day! I like to add a teaspoon of unrefined coconut oil to a large cup of green tea. It adds a slight sweetness and enhances the bitterness of well-steeped tea.

blueberry bliss tea in clear glass mug - priorhouse 2014

This clear glass mug shows the natural color of blueberry-hibiscus tea.



Here is a photo of refined and unrefined coconut oil in a clear glass bowl, which is linked to JNW’s “clear” challenge this week.

refined and unrefined coconut oil in clear glass bowl - priorhouse 2014

Basically, refined coconut oil (L) is creamier, but unrefined (R) tastes better. For more about the difference, go HERE.

HERE IS SOME INFO on coconut oil:

~ Coconut oil is unique because it has Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) – which go straight to the liver from the digestive tract, where they can have many positive effects on metabolism, cell health, blood health, and lifting heavy metals from the body.

~ The “ketone bodies” have therapeutic effects on the brain too and ketogenic diets are being used to help people heal!  The unique medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil can also kill some harmful pathogens and help the immune system.

~ “There is no difference between “extra virgin” and “virgin” when it comes to coconut oil, like there is with the olive oil industry.”  More about coconut oil HERE.


We also taste tested Sesame Tahini and Coconut Manna. The family did not really care for either one, but my husband likes Tahini in salad dressing. I like both of them straight form the container — as-is!

The Tahini is nutty and spreads on bagel chips like peanut butter (but does not have the aflatoxins that peanuts have).  The coconut manna is thick and it has to be slightly warmed in order to stir it.  It is too very sweet and so I pair it with salty organic tortilla chips.

coconut manna and sesame tahini taste test


Have a great day and if you do not use coconut oil yet, be sure to try some soon, you’ll be glad you did!


AUTHOR UPDATE:  Mum C wrote a poem inspired by this post (HERE) – woo hoo – and I had to include it here because this natural poet really knows the many wonderful properties of the coconut:


Caring is me

Overprotecting, yes, sometimes

Classy, I am

Old and golden, yes, that’s me

Not even my peelings are trash

Under no circumstance do I fail to deliver

Terrifying thirst hates my sight



I can breastfeed

Produce oil,

Work on hair like magic

Work on skin like magic

I have the soft touch, good for all

The hard touch, mm, chewy!

The hard and silker protectors good for chimneys

I help in boosting your immune system

You can bake or flake me

Boil or cook me

Make me into meat

Or rawly have me

My fatty acids have high healing powers

And of course, I can help you burn fat right

Some bacteria, viruses and fungi flee at my sight

Even I help reduce seizures and heart diseases

And I work on the brain like magic

I am coconut, the nut you pay no attention to

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014