Summer Pause

Priorhouse Blog is now on Summer Pause.

Dock to the river in West Point VA - summer 2014

West Point, VA


Please feel free to leave a comment –  I will be checking comments later in the month  – and of course checking in on some of the blogs I follow – but I am going to try and not post here until around Labor Day – :)

A quick painting inspired by sweet Abby Din, a former art student who emailed me from Syracuse, NY -

Quick video from the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center summer exhibit, which features the vibrant ocean photography by Chris Doherty:     Here is Neil Young (a.k.a. Jimmy Fallon) singing Iggy’s (and Charli’s) “Fancy


Here’s an old school song that will be in the garden with me -It is called It’s Time by  Hashim – or also called  Al Naafiysh (The Soul): 


And here are a few garden shots – BY THE WAY – why don’t you make a summer goal to get on out there and grow something? It is not too late – and some folks even start stuff in August and have plenty of goodies to enjoy.  Think about it because growing something – even one small container of cherry tomatoes or a little pot of peppers can be tasty and so enjoyable (ideas here). Also, many stores now sell veggies in pots with the trellis built right in – for around ten bucks – and they have special food int he soil that makes it easy to grow – – just water them – so at least check some out the next time you are shopping – because they are perfect for beginners or just for those who do not “want” to spend time gardening. So come on now – get out there and grow something this summer.  :)  Even one little pot of tomatoes….   ~~~~

priorhouse garden photo collage- 1 - 2014

early summer garden shots – 2014 – notice  Señor Torero


priorhouse garden photo veg collage- 2 - 2014

early summer garden shots -2014


Tea for July

Target had some bagged tea on clearance. These 3 are pretty tasty on ice for summer hydration! The nettle Leaf is the best!

I also will possibly be catching up on some Covert Affairs, which is where I heard this cool song:


And I will be reading DP’s new book – info HERE   The Next Economic DisasterWhy It's Coming and How to Avoid It


I will still be checking in on blogs later this summer.   Be safe – <3


Also, here on the east coast of the United States we have our first hurricane getting ready to make every one change their plans for the 4th of July celebrations – weather web cams here.

Happy July!

Thanks Mom!

Hey mom, thanks for everything you do! Countless things from big to small.

You have helped me through life, now you have only one child to deal with.

You don’t know I’m putting this on your blog, just my way to show I appreciate you!

-Your son.


Walking in RVA – Street Portraits #3

Do you remember the walk on Dock street last week, which was a part of the Liberty Trail?

Well today’s walk highlights a different section of  Richmond’s Liberty Trail.

This part of the trail is closer to the river and has some “interesting” artwork.

While on an hour long walk, we had the chance to meet and greet some decent folks, which added to my street portrait work.

Thanks so much to Denise, Natasha, Dvid, Gerard, Jonathan & Kelly, Lorenzo,  and Amelia and her daddy! 

The video is synced to “All the Same” by Sick Puppies, which has lyrics that match the variety of people that fortuitously came my way!

Right on.


walking in rva - June 2- priorhouse 2014

walkin in rva - 3- priorhouse 2014


walking in rva - June 1- priorhouse 2014 walking in rva - June 4- priorhouse 2014


walking in rva - June 5- priorhouse 2014

While on our little walk, I decided to grab a few street portraits – and found six wonderful folks who said, “Yes” – each has some unique East Coast Flavor!




denise and marimba - priorhouse 2014

Street Portrait #1 – Denise and Marimba!  Marimba is a rescue dog from Mexico and she has cancer, but she is doing okay right now and sometimes has to sit and rest while out on walks.  Marimba (and Denise) had such sweet personalities.


lorenzo - priorhouse 2014

Street Portrait #2 – This is Lorenzo. His wife and older children were waiting to meet up with him as they enjoyed a family summer walk.

natash and her dog rosetta- priorhouse 2014

Street Portrait #3 – Natasha and her dog, Rosetta. Natasha and her parents were visiting RVA from Virginia Beach.

jason and Amelia - priorhosue 2014

Street Portrait #4 – Jason and his sweet daughter Amelia. They were in RVA visiting from Washington D.C.  Jason and his baby girl were taking a walk so mom could finish lunch. (Amelia was nap ready.)


jonathan and kelly priorhouse 2014

Street Portrait #5 – This is Jonathan and Kelly.  They are RVA natives and that had some fun stories to share!  Jonathan and Kelly were out for a summer stroll as they held hands and soaked up life together.

DAVID AND GERARD -cycling in rva- 2014

Street Portrait #6 – This is David and Gerard. There are a lot of runners and cyclists here in RVA and as I was wrapping up my walk, they came zipping by.  These very cool dudes have been cycling friends for a year and after riding 14 miles in the morning, they were now taking a cruise along the canal walk.


walking in rva - June 6- priorhouse 2014

Street Portrait Project #3 – June 2014 – Priorhouse


This is linked to Jo’s Monday Walk  – walking-logo


Windows in RVA

I was waiting for my son.

I got out of the car for some fresh air.

When I looked around – here are a few of the windows I found.

linerging look at windows june 10 - priorhouse 2014

These windows are in “The Fan” area of RVA

This is linked to Dawn’s lingering look at windows, week 26. The one to the left was so unique, the birds are admiring my ride, and the CPA office building is classic RVA….


Also, tomorrow is my one year anniversary (of blogging regularly) and I have a couple of posts to share before my summer blog break.

See you mañana!

Street Portraits #2 – at the pump…

We were on our way to meet with the Simms – and while C was filling up the gas tank – I grabbed some quick footage of a few folks in the area. I really love people – and I also enjoy studying work – and when I saw J.C. doing such a niche job – it was inspiring….

“At the pump” video:


street photography- gas dude - JC - priorhouse 2014

J.C. is a former Marine, which is where he studied Petroleum Logistics. He shared a few things about his travels, but the audio did not come out.

Street Photography - gas dude - crystal pump - priorhouse 2014

Crystal was pumping gas into her Lexus while wearing some classic heels….

street photograhy gas dude motorcycle guy - Priorhouse 2014

This man was leaving the station, did not catch his name, but we shared smiles for a couple of miles.

street art – legs from bull’s eye target (cowbell)

The Weekly Photo challenge is CONTRAST this week.

While we were out walking on a different part of the RVA liberty walk (to join in with Jo’s walk this week, where we walked on Dock Street- video HERE) we came across some street art that connected to the prompt – legs from the target, differing art, shadows from the beams, etc.

contrast - legs from bullseye art painting street art - priorhouse 2014

bull's-eye with legs coming out - street art RVA - priorhouse 2014

contrast - legs from bullseye art painting street art 2 - priorhouse 2014

To see the Video collage from our walk with this “legs from a target art” – go HERE.

This is linked to Debbie’s look up look down challenge – week 45.

Also, the topic of a cowbell came up in the contrast post on the Travel Tales of Life blog this week, and so for fun, I had to share the SNL cowbell skit here too – ;)

“I’ve  got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell…”

There are better versions out there – but here is a short one:




Here is a modernized version:



Throwback Thursday – (Southern Cross song + pics)

For Throwback Thursday this week – I have some pics and the song Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills & Nash:


I have linked the original video –  which I guess MTV scrolled a lot back in mid 80’s (song facts HERE)


throwback Thursday - june - priorhouse 2014 old alarm

Old alarm system from a building in Florida – Feb. 2014 – wow – have we come a long way!


I was cleaning up some old digital pics this week and I had a good laugh when I found this shot from ten years ago – when my son photo bombed a picture of his classmate:

throwback Thursday - june - priorhouse 2014 - 3

throwback Thursday - june - priorhouse 2014

throwback thrusday c- 2003

My youngest son in 2003- he is a character!

And then in this shot of my step-daughter on a visit, it shows a Priorhouse tradition – face in the cake!

throwback Thursday - june - priorhouse 2014 - face in cake

And lastly, these are my two boys – in 2003-

tt- c and K - 2014

Have a nice weekend – 



From My INBOX – (stop it, dp book, puppy, writing flowers)


This video that came in from C- has a nice take as it highlights “two words” for effective counseling (ha!) – and if you are busy – at least watch first 3 minutes – although that full 6 is just fun.

stop it skit bob newhart

“Stop it.”


QUOTE of the week:

From Visitor Hugo’s Les Mis’

“Another story must begin!”

“Une autre histoire doit commencer!”


Delancey Place has a summer book release, which has just been added to my MUST READ this summer (making it 7 books on my list now). I would not normally be drawn to this topic necessarily, but I look forward to this author’s digestible and flowing writing style — AND I really “do” want to know more about HOW theRoaring Twenties, the Japanese ‘economic miracle’ of the ’80s, and the Asian boom of the ’90srelates and ties intoalmost all crises in major countries” right now…..

The Next Economic DisasterWhy It's Coming and How to Avoid It

source: amazon – click image for link


“It is a short book, and that’s intentional.

And it is definitely a challenge to conventional economic thinking. I hope you will consider ordering the book, and I further hope that it will give you much food for thought on what I consider one of the most important issues of our time.”

you can preorder the book from Amazon….




I first received an email that Starbuck’s was working in tandem with Arizona State University to offer free college to their employees, with no obligation to work for the company afterwards.  This led to a bit of a fun discussion with the hubs about how that is pretty cool – and then we talked about the state of Arizona – and how my school (NCU) is from there (which I really like NCU by the way) – and how my husband’s daughter is a serious Diamondbacks fan. My husband’s daughter lived in Arizona for many years and so my husband has MANY miles logged from trips to and from AZ to pick her up for the visitation we had to fight for…..

Anyhow, THEN this came in my inbox: Starbucks Liars

Having told the world they had made a massive grant to Arizona State to help underwrite the education of their baristas, we now learn that Starbucks is not actually funding an employee scholarship. It seems Arizona State University is simply dropping the price of admission and low-wage Starbucks workers can then apply for federal student aid. Starbucks does have a tuition assistance program, but it is not new, and it does not pay for all or even most of college. Meanwhile, at Starbucks, this how the folks behind the counter spelled “Virginia.” (more from terrierman HEREand terrierman also shared this doggie wisdom image:

“You are not getting a puppy.  You are getting a dog that will bark, sh**, piss, chew, need veterinary care, and will require both training, fencing, and exercise for the next 15 years.  Too much?  Maybe what you need is a cat.


source: terrierman


Have you taken an amazing iPhone photo recently???

Well you may want to consider entering it into the 8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards – more info HERE- and entries can be submitted HERE.


The garden newsletter from Marie Iannotti:

“And when I’m truly stuck indoors, I just bring the garden inside with me, by snipping a few flowers to put next to my desk as I try to focus on working and fight off the urge to gaze out the window. I hope you remembered to plant some flowers, just to cut and bring indoors.”  

I know a few gardeners that abhor the thought of cutting flowers from their gardens, and even though I agree that the beauty can stand as-is outside to offer refreshment as we come and go – well come on now – sometimes we need to bring some of those blooms indoors to add refreshment.

Just make sure you shake off any bugs when you bring in garden flowers!  

In 2010, I did this a lot. I would go outside and grab a few misc. blooms and just put (smush) them in a glass real quick like – and enjoy the soft touch as I wrote through the night.

writing flowers from 2010 - priorhouse 2014

In this photo, here are some of my writing flowers from 2010 – along with the Mac computer I wore down! Notice the peppermint? Well not only do herbs offer a pretty flower – but the leaves and flowers can be rubbed together to offer a potent therapy scent (which calms and even takes away a headache).  Lemon balm and lavender are also easy to grow herbs that can add beauty AND body balancing smells!!


Lastly, did you know that there is a very simple recipe for keeping fresh flowers in a vase thriving longer?

This works for quick garden picks or expensive bouquets.

Put the water in your vase (or container) and add a drop or two of bleach and a few pinches of sugar!  One feeds while the other keeps things clean – and then change the water every few days – while also pulling out the flowers that fade quicker…

Have a nice day!




weekly photo challenge – between (metal garden art)

photo challnege for between - priorhouse 2014 - garden art

Metal garden art sits BETWEEN the fence and planter. (Original photo – no editing)


This single garden photo really represents so many memories for me….

The white picket fence is from 2008, which was the major “year of the garden” for moi. 

The metal garden art, which used to sit on a table, is the only remaining piece from an entire set. 

The river rocks are leftover form a different (headache) project that we took up from around the above ground fire pit.

The large terra cotta pot, which is one of a pair, is from IKEA.  I actually gave the pair of pots away and they sat at my husband’s office for four+ years, but their office shut down and the pots somehow made it back here….

The dried leaves — are from all those trees…

In between the pot and the fence, you can also see a few plants sprouting – they are shoots coming from the other side of the fence – and the first one is Stevia, which I grow just for fun – and I think that is some Oregano in back of that, which as most know, it is great for cooking. 

Lastly, there are a few sea shells between the metal art and the pot, which remind me of different trips to the beach.  



This is linked to the DP weekly photo challenge, which is BETWEEN.

A Man and His Car (street shots #1)

I pulled into the lot -

and saw a blue VW sitting in the row -

Leo, the proud owner, had just gotten back from a show.

While we were talking, in pulled a man with a shiny blue Camaro


On the drive home, I saw a couple cruising in their Volvo

Then I grabbed a shot of some blooms, which were hanging kinda low -

and I put it all into this little ol’ slideshow

with Van Halen music to give it some flow….



leo and his 1969 vokswagon bug - priorhouse 2014

Leo and his 1969 Volkswagen Bug

old blue camaro - priorhouse 2014

magnolia blooms - priorhouse 2014

Magnolia blooms

volvo cars sure are nice = priorhouse 2014

My favorite ride – and the cute old couple in their convertible

cars in the parking lot priorhouse 2014